Kentucky Jones in, "Raiders Of The Lost Bark" (part 3)

(deboarding his plane pissed...)

Kentucky: And if you ever fly a plane like that again I'll snap your...

Carmen: Greetings Doctor Jones. Velcome to Germany. I am Carmen San Diablo. I zee you had an interesting flight, ya?

Kentucky: Not as interesting as you doll

Carmen: Don't flatter youself! I don't date Americans!

Kentucky: Why?

Carmen: They smell funny. Anyway, Kid's father informed me of your quest to find the Lost Bark. I will assist you with whatever you need. But first, you need your rest. You've had a long trip... come, I'll take you to the hotel.

Kentucky: OH YEAH!

Carmen: Oh brother...

(in the hotel now)

Kentucky: Whoah, nice room!

Carmen: Shut up. You want me. Let's go!

Kentucky: What? But I thought that you said that...


Kentucky: I love this job...

(ridiculous sex scene with sex music and sex sounds. sex... sex... sex...)

Kentucky: Ah man, that was incredible!

Carmen: Ach mein libergat! You stupid american men, you suck at everything. eugh!

Kentucky: Ah... forget rest. I want to find the lost bark...

Carmen: Ok, why not. Let's go...

Muckraker: Not so fast Doctor Jones!

Kentucky: MUCKRAKER!

Muckraker: I see you have something of mine. Hand over the map.

Kentucky: You'll have to kill us first...

Muckraker: Quite the contrary, I only have to kill one of you!

(his henchmen take Carmen hostage)

Carmen: Kentucky! Help!

Kentucky: Let her go!

Muckraker: First the map.

Carmen: No don't do it Kentucky!

Kentucky: I have no choice. Damnit.

(Carmen is handed over once Kentucky gives Muckraker the map)

Carmen: ahhh

Kentucky: Aw, it's alright Carmen.

Carmen: Thank you Kentucky...

Kentucky: No Problem! If he didn't have that gun I'd be sure to snap his...

Carmen: ACTUALLY, You listen to your lower half too much Doctor Jones. Right Muckraker?

Muckraker: hahahahahahah!

Kentucky: You lied to me Carmen!

Carmen: Awww, wah! Cry me a river! hahahaha!

Muckraker: Enough of this. It's time to die Doctor Jones. Goodbye. Hahahahaha!

(a loud crash is heard. fast music comes in...)

Announcer: Just then kid crashes through the ceiling knocking Muckraker and his evil henchmen unconscious. Then, Kentucky and the Kid continue their flee up to Heimlech Manur Mountins in search............ For The Lost Bark!

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