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Chinese water torture you say? Pfft. I survived holiday shopping.

The holidays are always a crazy time for me each year. Of course, I have to do all my xmas shopping for everybody, and that usually requires going out to a bunch of overcrowded stores in mid-December. Granted, I did get a decent amount of shopping done online this year (hooray for free shipping offers!), but still there's always a few people that I just have to go find gifts for in the real world. Ah well, most of my shopping is done now, so hopefully I won't have to leave my house any more this month except for food.

The other thing in December is that it's when I was born. Yep, I'm one of those lucky individuals whose birthday is the day after xmas. I always find it amusing that whenever I tell anybody when I was born, they always react with pity. "You were born on the 26th? Damn, my condolences man. You know, if you need someone to talk to, I'm always here..." It's not quite as bad as some people make it out to be, but there is of course the combining of the gifts. Sure, it doesn't happen with everybody, but you'll still get the occasional "This gift is your xmas AND your birthday present!" Not that I'm complaining really... hell, I consider myself fortunate to get any gifts at all. And speaking of gifts, check out this watch...

The Atari Asteroids Watch! - by Fossil

Fossil has just released several limited edition classic Atari game watches, including Asteroids, Centipede and Breakout. You can't play the games on the watches, but the animations are pretty cool and the watches themselves are nice. You can see a sample of the animations here. Reminds me of those old game watches back in the day, only these new ones aren't cheap plastic pieces of crap. That Asteroids one is going right up on my Amazon Wish List (how was that for an absolutely shameless plug, eh?).

So anyway, what do you want for xmas this year? Have any one gift you want more than anything? I would've added a private island to my wish list, but apparently doesn't sell private islands. That's too bad too, cuz I'm sure one of you would've bought it for me... right?

And last but not least, check out my latest minimock:
Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Jingle All the Way: Part 2!"

Hope you enjoy it!



Mark (Guest) on 12/13/2005 5:06 pm

i want the COMPLETE Sin City library!


Brian (Guest) on 12/13/2005 5:33 pm

Hey,at least yours isnt on December 24th like mine


Ryan Wolven (Guest) on 12/13/2005 6:00 pm

Mines on December 24th too! doesnt it rock? :P i get that "that must suck" from people to, i doesnt get why it would. its good sometimes to combine them cause you can get some big-ass shit.


Simon (Guest) on 12/13/2005 9:35 pm

My Birthday's on Thanksgiving!
alls I really want for christmas is lots and lots of money for college applications. And maybe, y'know, a Robot. one with Lazer beams. not wimpy old lasers, full blown Lazers. No, better yet: LAZARZ!!!. And it would also make tacos.


ChocloMan (Guest) on 12/13/2005 10:39 pm

Holy shit now its like a million people I know were born the day after christmas!


Jenna (Guest) on 12/13/2005 11:29 pm

I asked for one thing this year, and it is a new camera. A Nikon or a Kodak. I probably wont get it, but it was the only thing I asked for.

I also want an iPod Nano, but I'll probably wait and buy it myself in January.


Brian (Guest) on 12/14/2005 11:43 am

i really just want the book "Make love the Bruce Campbell way"and maybe some new toys.


Kyle West (Guest) on 12/14/2005 1:08 pm

I'll take a bass guitar, I thank you. That and some more Motley Cure concert tickets. I seen them twice this year and that wasn't enough! I want to see them again in '06.


raxar (Guest) on 12/14/2005 2:35 pm

all I want for christmas is for all this damn snow to melt, haveing half a foot of it outside sucks the big cardboard sandwich


Jreed (Guest) on 12/14/2005 4:40 pm

All I want for Christmas is this bad-ass t-shirt with the label, "zombie food" on front of it.


comradecayt (Guest) on 12/14/2005 6:52 pm

I'm getting "How To Rule the World: A Handbook For the Aspiring Dictator."
I know this because of the family e-mail.
Yessss for shipping notifications.


ChocloMan (Guest) on 12/14/2005 7:49 pm

What does the 'em' HTML tag do?


Simon (Guest) on 12/14/2005 8:41 pm

I don't really know what I want for Christmas, surprises are usually good.

Jingle All The Way 2 is one of the funniest minimocks you've ever done. "You are choir boy compared to me" is such a great line.


weirdguy (Guest) on 12/14/2005 11:09 pm

There's this awesome legal form of violence being sold, but I can't find it in stock. If I ever wanted something, this was it.


weirdguy (Guest) on 12/14/2005 11:10 pm

That, or the zombie survival guide. Nothing shows your love like your concern that we might be up to our armpits in undead hordes any day now.


-RoG- (Guest) on 12/15/2005 1:36 pm

Brian, I've heard that's a great book. I already read Campbell's first book, "If Chins Could Kill" and loved it. I definitely gotta pick up his new one.

Kyle West, the only reason I could see someone wanting to see Motley Crue at this point, is because of how hilariously sad and washed up they are.

ChocloMan, that tag puts emphasis on something apparently. For example: "It's like wiping your ass with silk, I love it." See?

Simon, thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed the "Jingle All the Way 2" minimock... it was a lot of fun to write hehe.

weirdguy, yeah I've seen those before. I'm just curious as to whether or not you can replace the nerf missiles with something more harmful.


orange (Guest) on 12/15/2005 2:50 pm

my aunt was born ON cristmas.


ChocloMan (Guest) on 12/15/2005 5:19 pm

-RoG-, you practice martial arts?
or that karate stuff in your wishlist just looked damned cool?


-RoG- (Guest) on 12/15/2005 6:05 pm

ChocloMan, yeah I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and attend classes a few times a week. It's really fun stuff and I gotta have some kind of exercise in my life, since I spend so much time behind a computer. o.O


Um (Guest) on 12/15/2005 8:47 pm

What do I want for Christmas? Twin bis ready to do my every bidding. Oh yeah, female only please.


Omega Avatar (Guest) on 12/15/2005 9:43 pm

All I want is a PSP. It's been out long enough for them to fix all the tehcnical errors. Plus a couple of seasons of South Park on DVD. And by the way, the Jingle All the Way 2 minimock is genius, -RoG-.


slybattery (Guest) on 12/15/2005 10:20 pm

I was born on April 30th, and all I get are rotten eggs. Though nicely colored, it is still a little insulting.

For christmas I would like Eraserhead on DVD, or clothes. I actually like getting clothes, as long as they are the kind I wear.


Dave Syndrome (Guest) on 12/16/2005 8:17 am

Three words - Remote Control Dalek.


Alex (Guest) on 12/16/2005 11:20 am

I was born on April 30th too!
I want a PSP, for the same reasons as Omega Avatar.


ChocloMan (Guest) on 12/17/2005 1:33 pm

-RoG-, is there any way you could do an AHNOLD TAWHK TRANSLATOR?


Ryan (Guest) on 12/21/2005 12:55 pm

I saw Big Top Pee-Wee in the $5.50 bin at Wal-Mart.

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