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Bravo TV’s “Even Scarier Moments”

I just wanted to chime in here real quick today. As a result of catching one of those "Hey, let's ruin your life for the next 48 hours!" flu-type things; I've been watching Bravo TV's "Even Scarier Moments" show which counts down what they consider to be the greatest, scariest scenes from horror movies. Have any of you seen this? All I can say is that it makes me want to put my fist through the TV set. The list is so far off it's not even funny and it just screams of some film studios paying off Bravo to make sure they include some of the horror movies from recent years in the top 20.

They actually rated "Hostel" as #1 on the list. Hostel. HOSTEL!?!? I'm sorry, but that movie was awful. It wasn't scary... it felt like roughly 70 minutes of some American college guys chasing tail in Slovakia, with a little "horror" thrown in at the end. I should note that I have no problem with nudity in horror movies... the two have always gone hand in hand. But come on, Hostel!? Release thy dick from thy grasp and get real for a minute. The movie honestly felt like something you'd see in Cinemax late at night rather than a bona fide horror flick. When a horror movie relies so heavily on the nudity, you know it just doesn't have a lot going for it.

Anyway, during the show, they have lots of guests (many of whom work/worked in horror movies) giving their two cents about the movies featured on the list. Eli Roth (creator of Hostel), however, seemed to be there to comment on almost every single one. Now, I don't think Eli is a bad guy. He seems like a genuine horror movie fan and I'm sure he's an ok guy in real life; but with him being on the show so much and his movie being in the #1 spot on the list, it just makes you wonder if he (or the studio he works for) had a lot of pull with Bravo in regards to what movies made the top 20. After all, they do have a sequel coming out.

When I see mediocre-at-best horror movies like "Saw" or "Hostel" ranking higher than the likes of "Dead Alive," "Phantasm," "The Thing," "The Shining" and a number of Hitchcock classics... I have no doubts that Bravo's "Even Scarier Moments" list is full of shit. Then again, I suppose this should come as no surprise considering this is the channel that brought us fantastic shows such as "Being Bobby Brown". The only thing "Even Scarier" about their list is to think that some people out there would actually agree with it. Hell, I'm sure some of you who are reading this absolutely love movies like Saw and Hostel and consider me to be a madman for speaking out against them. That's fine, to each his own. I just think some people, namely the younger audiences who perhaps haven't had a chance to see any horror films other than what's come out in the past 5 years, don't know what they're missing.

On a related note; I love flipping through all the channels on TV and seeing horror movies/shows playing on most of them throughout the day. Why can't TV be like that all year round?

Survey: If you could re-write the show and make your own list, what horror movie moments would be in your final top 10 and why?



Mr. Resistor (Guest) on 10/21/2006 3:47 pm

If it counts for anything, I absolutely hated Saw. ;)

As for most horror movies, I can't say I know too much about them. What I do know, however, is that Silent Hill harbors my three favorite movie scenes ever: The red-haired chick being skinned alive by Pyramid Head, Cybil being burned to death by the cultists, and Alyssa taking vengance on the lead cultist by method of tearing her in half with barbed wire. GOOD TIMES. :D


Ricardo (Guest) on 10/21/2006 3:57 pm

I saw that too and I disagreed with most of them. In fact, Next thursday their giving a marathon on BRAVO, its called the 100 scariest movies of all time. Maybe you should plan on seeing it. I heard the list has a lot of good ones ( and also some crappy ones).


Fathom Zero (Guest) on 10/21/2006 4:58 pm

Props to them for putting Dead Alive on the list, even though it's really... a... comedy, I guess. But last year's was the coolest thing ever. It was about 300 Greatest Horror Movie Moments of all Time. The only part that made me mad was that Jaws was #1 on the list. FUCKING JAWS. >:


Tristeza (Guest) on 10/21/2006 6:10 pm

Amen to that.
Saw and Hostel we're the upmost bollocks that I ever had to sit though. I didn't bother with the saw sequals and I wotn bother with the hostel one.

Plot holes all over the place in both of them.

as for my top 10? Well, it would mainly consist of classics such as Nightmare on Elm, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Throw in the shining and Psycho and the hellraiser seires, life is good.


melonian (Guest) on 10/21/2006 6:35 pm

uhmmm I'd go with Alien which I know it's not a horror film, but it scared the hell out of me back in the day.
Also The Shining is a must.

Actually I enjoy ten thousand times more a suspense and "scary" movie, rather than a horror bloody gore movie. Things like Cube, Secret Window, Jennifer 8, The Others get me much more interested than the (normally) more obvious bad guys kills everyone but the main charachter, who accidentally will finish the bad guy...but not enough so there wouldn't be a sequel.


Jade Gecko (Guest) on 10/21/2006 6:46 pm

Is nobody here a Session 9 fan?! I know, I know, I'm probably pushing it too hard. :P

There is something to be said for the BBC Halloween special "Ghostwatch"--just saw it on DVD-rip and enjoyed it. According to IMDB it was cited in the British Medical Journal as being the first TV program to cause post-traumatic stress disorder in kids.


James (Guest) on 10/21/2006 7:08 pm

I agree with you fully Rog. I saw hostel like the hundreds of other sheep. And it was a complete waste of time. I don't know much about horror movies but even I was overcome by sheer terror after realizing I blew ten dollars to see that snore fest. The violence and effects were cheap looking and it was pretty much softcore porn for the whole first half.

The first two Hellraiser movies would probably be on my top ten. It was just so gorey,messed up, and terrifying to watch. I would never watch that movie in a dark room.


Richard (Guest) on 10/21/2006 8:13 pm

I couldnt stand SAW, I watched it with my sister and at the end of it i said: What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK?!! The Dead guy was wearing a mask?! HOLY SHIT! WHAT KIND OF FUCKIN CRACK DO THEY PUT IN THERE FUCKIN COFFEE?! What the fiddle-dee fuck... And it was a pointless movie, because they fucked up from the beginning. and also that guy whos cuts off his fucking foot, so that he can go and save his wife and slave(daughter) goes away, but the guy that gets out of the tub( with the key on it) some how doesnt get out? the door just automatically opens for 1 foot, & the guy wearing the "mask" but not for fucked up key-tub guy!? god im ranting... but god damn... Hostel? I didnt even bother, id watch it if a guy had to burn off the tip of his penis, because that would be fuckin hilarious.

-Richard Valentine (Evil Dead shirt guy)


Keith (Guest) on 10/21/2006 8:19 pm

Are you kidding us about Hostel and Saw? I wouldn't even consider Hostel a horror flick, let alone the best horror moment/movie/whatever. Soft core porn + absurd gore makes me laugh, not scared. But then again, a horror movie countdown on Bravo is like a best comedy movie countdown on ABC. Really, I wouldn't expect much.


n_n (Guest) on 10/21/2006 8:21 pm

... i lol'd


Aks (Guest) on 10/21/2006 8:28 pm

Id put the Elm Street flicks, A few of the Friday the 13th ones and (I know Im going to regret this) Saw. Saw would be last though cause it cant beat Freddy. I actually liked Saws plot :(


JohnEnigma (Guest) on 10/21/2006 11:44 pm

Didn't watch the show, don't watch the channel, hardly watch much more than movies, adult swim, and Discovery Channel. I can honestly say that I never lost any sleep thinking about surreal circumstances such as the ones that take place in Saw, Saw II, or Hostel. I've lost more sleep after reading Protoclown's article over the Marvel Zombies graphic novel. Now that's a comic movie that would be awesome for a Halloween release.

Anyways, my list would contain random scenes from the following movies:
Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, original Living Dead Trilogy, Friday the 13th, Phantasm, Psycho, Halloween, Child's Play, Candyman, Cujo, It, and The Shining to name a few. There are more than likely more movies that I can't think of right now off the top of my head, but regardless, I'm sure anyone else who's seen these movies can make a list all their own no problem.


Kenny/Riot.EXE (Guest) on 10/22/2006 2:26 am

you know there's actually supposed to be a movie channel coming out dedicated SOLELY to horroe movies? I was seeing commercials for it all day yesterday...i think the website is "" don't quote me on that one just yet... is the premiere of a new show on VH1...Celebrity Paranormal Project or some shit...basically...if anyone remembers MTV's show "Fear"...its JUST like that, except with celebrities


Ryan (Guest) on 10/22/2006 2:45 am

Yeah, that show was pretty bad, but it was just an addendum to a Top 100 scary moments list Bravo did last year. It was actually a pretty good run down. Here's their top 10:
# 10. Wait Until Dark (1967)
# 9. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
# 8. Carrie (1976)
# 7. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
# 6. The Shining (1980)
# 5. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
# 4. Psycho (1960)
# 3. The Exorcist (1973)
# 2. Alien (1979)
# 1. Jaws (1975)

And here's a link to the complete list.


Emperor Caine (Guest) on 10/22/2006 4:04 am

I look at at Hostel in the same way I look at a lot of movies that put effects or hype in front of plot or depth. You just can't dip a shit-covered stick in chocolate and call it sweet, because no matter how good it looks (and Hostel didn't even really get THAT right), it's still shit.


jack_the_ripper (Guest) on 10/22/2006 6:02 am

#1: Bathroom lady from the Shining

#2: From a movie called: I bought a vampire motorcycle, the scene where the hero's friend come's back as a talking shit

#3: Stepfather. No certain moment but the character itself. The actor who played Stepfather, is now in the Lost series...

#4: John Carpenter's Vampire movie's party slaughter

#5: Cube zero's first death scene

#6: Evil dead movies

#7: The Fly's arm wrestling scene

#8: Videodrome's "handgrenade"

#9: Freddy's death in Elmstreet 4

#10: Not really from a horror movie: Dead or Alive's scene, where guy is shot with a shotgun, spreading noodles everywhere from he's gut

That's my top 10. There are lot's of more good scenes in movies, but can't remember them now...


Turaga Nuju (Guest) on 10/22/2006 6:07 am

I don't know about a full list of ten, but I know one!

Alien: Chestburster Scene

Ooohh Baby. Sure when you know its coming it isnt so scary, but that first time.....


Gryphman (Guest) on 10/22/2006 6:16 am

Yeah, that does seem like a pretty retarded list.

On the plus side TCM has been showing some old horror films lately. When I say old, I mean oooooooooold. They showed Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey last night. It's from 1932, and subtitled. They're also supposed to be doing a midnight thing hosted by Rob Zombie. I forget when it starts though. The list of movies for that was pretty nice. I don't recall the whole list, but I do remember they're showing Freaks. I've been wanting to see that for awhile. Several old zombie movies too, of course.


D’ (Guest) on 10/22/2006 6:57 am

Bravo does have one good thing going for them, and that's Top Chef (and I only say that because my friend Mia happened to get a spot on Season 2), other than that I've never watched the channel. It's unfortunate that, of all genres, horror classics never get the recognition they deserve .. I mean look at Spike's Scream Awards? Other than a nod to Freddy or Jason (or any other "mainstream" killer) most films don't get squat.

As for the Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Moments? If I had to rewrite them (and thankfully I don't), they would look something like this. In no particular order, except for 1st place.

10 Freddy Krueger + Water Bed.
9 Jason's little "death theme" whenever he's on the prowl. It's superior in the first few movies when it wasn't over-played as much.
8 Anytime the "Zombies" start running after someone in 28 Days Later, because Zombies aren't supposed to do that.
7 Bruce "Ash" Campbell having to go into the darn basement, in that darn cabin, in those darn evil woods.
6 Klowns. Killer Klowns from Outer Space to be more exact.
5 The overall general ambiance the origianl Texas Chainsaw Massacre had.
4 Zombies from Night of the Living Dead.
3 Zombies from Day of the Dead.
2 Zombies from Dawn of the Dead.
1 Anytime the Tall Man shouted "Boooooooooooooooy!" or was on-screen.

Eh, not so much moments, as they are "stuff that scared the crap out of me as a kid before I knew better." Of course, I still don't know better and get scared from time to time ..

Also, where's Angus Scrimm's livetime achievement award for being one scary motherlover? Did anyone catch him in one of Showtime's Horror Masters (or whatever it's called) shows where he played some creepy wheel-chair not-so-bound guy? Classic.


JohnyDamage (Guest) on 10/22/2006 9:38 am

this may contain spoilers if you haven't seen these movie.

10.The Shining, Bear and the man scene (just f'n creepy)
9. Psycho, stairway kill
8. Grudge, when the creatures in the bed when she lifts the covers
7. Dawn of the Dead remake, when she leave the house to utter confusion
6. Black Christmas, Billy spying on the murder scene
5. The Shining, women in the bathtub
4. Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal's escape
3. Psycho, Shower scene
2. When a Stranger Calls, The calls are coming from inside the house
1. The Shining, tricycle part with the murder scene


nuffels (Guest) on 10/22/2006 9:49 am

not the scariest certainly, but these are my favorite horror movie moments ever:

10.Children of the Corn-When Isaac comes back from the dead and kills Malachai. I love his voice. MALACHAAAAIII!

9.Dawn of the Dead (2004)-After the end credits, when everyone dies. KICK ASS. I also like the head in the cooler.

8.The Shining-Here's Johnny!

7.Pet Sematary-The slicing of the tendon. Gives me chills in my feets.

6.Misery-Similar to the one above, I love the hobbling scene. It makes me want to hide my feet. If you can't tell, I love Stephen King.

5.Jaws-"You're gonna need a bigger boat," scene. Awesome.

4.Rear Window-The whole movie.

3.The Shining AGAIN-When Jack gets lost in the maze and starts yelling incoherently. I laughed SO hard.

2.The Exorcist-When she goes down the stairs all bent over. Freaked me out.

1.The Others-I will alawys love this movie, as I consider it to be my first horror movie that i really enjoyed, thus creating my love of all things scary. Thankyou, the others.


Ruin (Guest) on 10/22/2006 1:21 pm

10. Child's Play (Ahh, the cheeeeese)
9. An American Werewolf in London (I don't really have a scene, I just like the gore and the cheeziness in some parts)
8. The Shining (Hallway o' blood, the bathroom lady, Frosty Maze)
7. Evil Dead (Simply the fact of being surrounded by your dead, now flesh eating friends)
6. Friday the 13th-don't remember which (Any scene where Jason could be heard breathing)
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacure 1974 (Everytime Leatherface swung his chainsaw and Barely missed that blond chick)
4. Hellraiser (Pinhead, enough said)
3. Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddie's 1st kill)
2. Exorcist (Terrifying for little catholic girl)
1. Halloween (Fave. Horror movie- saw it when I was nine and couldn't sleep for weeks out of paranoia)


Steve (Guest) on 10/22/2006 1:34 pm

Well I'd have to say that the Saw series was more like a rated R mystery genre rather than a horror genre...


Keith (Guest) on 10/22/2006 4:51 pm

If everyone here can come up with a more coherent list than Bravo I think it is safe to say that Bravo was involved in some corporate "synergy" to sell more DVD's, promote the new Saw movie, and get us ready for Hostel II, which I would guess is in the works. It's a fancy infomercial. Deal with it and don't watch Bravo.


Keith (Guest) on 10/22/2006 4:59 pm

random guess and I am right-according to IMDB Hostel II is currently in the works. I'm so smart.


Mickie (Guest) on 10/22/2006 5:00 pm

Thank you, thank you for mentioning that program. I loved the original 100 scariest moments list they have run since about 2004, while not in complete agreement, it was on track and so entertaining. So I was really excited when I saw the preview for this program. Wow, what a disappointment. Not only did they include movies that made me go "what?" but the commentaries were horrible and boring. Your right is was a sale, with a few golden nuggets thrown in to keep us watching. Anyways, thanks again Rog for bringing to light the ridiculousness of this type of BS.


Richard (Guest) on 10/22/2006 6:01 pm

my brother just told me, what in his opinion, is the kill that makes him wince the most: when the guy is hung by like, 50 hooks, thats fuckin crazy.


Jonathon (Guest) on 10/22/2006 7:01 pm

I'm have been a horror fan for as long as I can remember. I remember having Freddy nightmares when I 6 or 7 years old. I have to agree with the majority, Hostel & Saw (1, 2 & more than likely 3) are just like most "Horror" movies that came out in the past 5 years. they have a few parts that make you say "DAMN, I bet that hurt". But other than that the stories are bland & really you can't get into them. Really, what is scarier? A burnt, metal-claw handed guy that gets you in your dreams or some old guy that is killing people cause he is dying (or something, I really didn't pay much attention to the story). Speaking of Horror channels, here in Canada we have the SCREAM channel. it's pretty good, I've seen a few gems on it that brings back old memories.


Angryhydralisk (Guest) on 10/22/2006 7:10 pm

I never quite understood the Bravo! channel. I mean, what the hell is it supposed to be specifically? Once I watched it, independent movies. Another time, something that should have been on Food Network. Another time (if it was the right channel), a reality show based on Coyote Ugly.

Really, the last time I actively watched tv was when Iron Chef was actively on the air.


Frank (Guest) on 10/22/2006 8:11 pm

You can't think of this list as a definitive Top 30... It's more like a list in ascending order of scariness, of films which didn't make the original 100 either because they weren't scary enough or because they hadn't been released. Even considering that, this list fails. By my count, about 1/3 of the films are torture films which have made the list on the strength of their sadistic levels of violence.

If these films should be watched, it's certainly not for the joy of watching other people get raped and tortured, but for what they have to say about the nature of violence and sadism. As far as I can tell, the only one that has anything useful to say is Clockwork. Hostel and The Devil's Rejects look to me like sadistic movies about sadism, which lower their viewers (and creators!) to the level of their antagonists.


Bryan (Guest) on 10/22/2006 10:41 pm

I'd put Cabin Fever as my #1 favorite horror movie. Not the scariest, but by far my favorite in my collection. As a huge horror fan with many like-minded friends, I'm aware that I'm alone in this sentiment, but I don't understand why.


wheels (Guest) on 10/23/2006 1:05 am

i've been putting off seeing hostel for a while now. i've had friends telling me how good it is, usually when that happens it means whatever they are talking about blows hard. now that i ahve seen this show i don't have to worry about watching it, as it SHOWED ME THE END OF THE FUCKING MOVIE. thanks a fucking pant-load, bravo. first queer eye, now this. SHIT DICK


Jenny (Guest) on 10/23/2006 9:25 am

Yeah, don't worry, this was just an addition to the 100 Scariest Movie Moments special they did last year, which was pretty damn awesome. I don't think you'll be disappointed by that list.

This was created just to look at the most recent ones to come out. And I gotta say, I had never heard of Old Boy before this so I definitely have to see that now!


Jesse B (Guest) on 10/23/2006 9:41 am

I think Wizard Magizine is doing an top scary moments in comics this month. **flashes the Protoclown light**

Also, Did 7 and 8 of the Scary Ass Cards get put on the site when I wasn't looking?


ty22 (Guest) on 10/23/2006 12:08 pm

I think Saw was a pretty good movie but not as good as the older horror movies.


your mom (Guest) on 10/23/2006 1:15 pm

i liked saw too, it was original. much more so than a lot of the old-school horrors out there. think about it. a group of teens all go camping, drink, maybe fuck, and get killed by some guy with a grudge against humanity. that about sums up texas chainsaw massacre, most of the jason movies, and really any teen slasher. i love the old stuff, but it gets really repetitive, really....really fast.


your mom (Guest) on 10/23/2006 1:16 pm

you want a shitty movie to hate?

the grudge.


i-mock-you- (Guest) on 10/23/2006 2:18 pm

I have a problem with horror movies... they never scare me at all anymore :( and I like to be scared.

Anyway, top 5 "horror movies" I would like to re-write. (with occasional commentary by me.)

5. Jaws (one of my favorite movies, even if the shark wasn't scary enough)
4. War of The Worlds- (I would love to remake this one to be almost exactly like the book)
3.Signs- (needs more alien footage time!)
2. Jurrasic Park (i saw this when I was little and it scared the shit out of me. I saw it again a couple weeks ago, and it needs more realistic effects)
1. The Evil of the Earth- so, techincally it's not a movie yet. I just always thought that humans invading a peaceful alien planet and deciding to bring all the technology from earth and create a global warming crisis, therefore killing all the aliens. Now there's a movie I would like to see made.



Wirehead (Guest) on 10/23/2006 4:07 pm

I can't believe no one mentioned this yet but they actually spoiled the ending to OLDBOY. I know the movies has been out for 3 years but seriously, the whole fucking POINT of the movie is the ending. Way to go shitheads.


Sam (Guest) on 10/23/2006 5:37 pm

I've got a soft spot for Poltergeist, myself. The scene where the steak starts crawling just unnerved me.


shannon (Guest) on 10/23/2006 6:05 pm

TV around halloween rocks. yesterday on FUSE i watched the Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. i own them on dvd but there is something satisfying about catching them on tv where you know that at the same time as you someone is watching Ash and leatherface.......


Mario G. (Guest) on 10/23/2006 10:43 pm

The thing that bugs me is that when they mentioned Dawn Of The Dead '04 they said it was the first time the zombies ever ran. NO THE HELL IT'S NOT!!!The first time zombies ever ran was in, drum roll please, The Return Of The Living Dead. Dawn of the dead '04 sucked hard dried up turd. The most scariest part of ROTLD was the first bite that slimy guy took off of that punk. And he took a chunk of the guys brain. freakin awesome!


val (Guest) on 10/24/2006 1:01 am

im wondering if anyone knows the list that Bravo did... what were there top ten?


Katie (Guest) on 10/24/2006 11:18 am

Well first of all, Flu's suck ass. I had an awful one this summer, and second of all...FUCKING HOSTEL? Dear god. That movie was utmost shite.


Anthony (Guest) on 10/24/2006 2:22 pm

Well it should have gone like this.
#13 Scream
#12 Dracula
#11 House on Haunted Hill
#10 Dawn of the Dead
#9 Night of the Living Dead
#8 The Shining
#7 Silver bullet
#6 Saw
#5 The Thing
#4 Night of the Living Dead
#3 Alien
#2 Halloween
#1 Evil Dead 1 or 2

I don't know why the hell jurassic park, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and Jaws at #1 thats just retarded they were not scary at all i guess they just ran out of ideads.


mlvassallo (Guest) on 10/24/2006 3:16 pm

Hey Rog!

Thought of you when I saw this:


Kain (Guest) on 10/24/2006 4:09 pm

ummm most of you are putting really cheesy movies on your lists. yes HOSTEL wasnt scary at all and was a little kid show horror flick, but SAW (the first) was one of the few newer horror flicks with any creativity i consider the first to be a masterpeice. the second had good traps but sucked otherwise. i think that SAW well deserved its spot on the list but HOSTEL shudnt of even been on there, A clock work orange wasnt very scary,ore actual horror than scares imean the rape scenewas horriic notscary. im just posting to put down HOSTE and to say that SAW well deserved its spot. HAHA Dead Alive was so fucking great, im actualy watchng it in my school and evryone is laughing their asses off and puking th same tim(one kid actually puked!)


John (Guest) on 10/24/2006 5:28 pm

I dunno Saw might have been violent or whatever, but that doesn't make it a good horror movie. In terms of film I would have to put Psycho at number one followed up by probably The Shining or Silence of the Lambs.


-RoG- (Guest) on 10/24/2006 7:45 pm

mlvassallo, thanks for sharing the video. Good stuff, though I don't credit Jason with killing Freddy since a) it was the girl who distracted him when he was hurting Jason badly, b) it was the girl who severed his head in the end and c) he winks at the end so he's not "dead".

In regards to those who don't think Jaws should be atop the list; I'm not so sure about that. Perhaps it's because I spent so much of my youth sailling, or my obsession with sharks... but I definitely think Jaws deserves to be way up there if not #1. While it might look dated compared to more modern movies, you gotta remember the impact it had on people. When a movie scares them so much that they won't even go to the beach, you know it was good. I can't think of any other horror movie that had such a big effect on screwing with the minds of so many people. Besides, it had Quint. QUINT! One of the greatest characters you'll ever see on screen.


Captain PirateFace (Guest) on 10/24/2006 11:57 pm

15."Jaws" F' all of you who didn't have second thoughts about even swimmin' in a pool after watching that damn movie.

14."A Nightmare on Elm Street" Freddy was scary as hell before they turned him into something on the same level as Daffy Duck.

13."The Sixth Sense" Ghosts are scary

12."Night of the living dead" (O.G. Version) That opening scene "Their coming to get you Barbra!"

11."Phantasm" The Tall Man and scary ass dwarves.

10."Friday the 13th" Mamma Vorhees looking psycho and coming at you for blood. I don't give a shit she got her head cut off... she was fucking scary!

9."The Shining" Dead spooky twins and an old naked dead lady...nuff said.

8."The Exorcist" Just one small sentence to clear things up.. Backwards crab walk down the stairs and bloody vomit. Or, The masterbating with a cross thing.. yeah.

7."The Devils Rejects" The hotel room torture scene is a different kind of horror. The kind that can happen.

6."Eraserhead" If you don't agree watch it alone really late at night, then think about getting married and having kids.

5."Halloween" My favorite spooky scene is one of the shortest.. Michael Myers standing by the hanging laundry.. then "He's gone" If you have ever walked through laundry hung like that it gets spooky sometimes.

4."Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (O.G. Version) Screw all sequals and re-imaginings. Leatherface ripping open that steel door in middle of the day and clubbing a kid is scary.

3."The Ring" F' off if you don't get it... after seeing "The Ring" for the first time I came home and slept with the lights on.. and I don't scare easy... I married an Italian.

2."Reqium for a dream" Drugs scare me now and no longer look fun.

1."Sleeep Away Camp" The end of that movie made me lose an erection for a month.

here is my so lame it's scary list...
1. Forrest Gump
2. Contact
3. Aquamarina
4. High School Musical
5. Newsies
6. The Wiz
7. Nell
8. It's Pat!
9. Brokeback Mountain
10. Elmo in Grouchland


Riot (Guest) on 10/25/2006 1:29 am

Event Horizon... anyone with me on this??? no? ah!


DSB (Guest) on 10/25/2006 7:41 pm

It's a toss up in the #1 spot for me. While I've been terrified of Leatherface for years, as well as his creepy ass Grandpa, the new Hills Have Eyes scared the hell out of me. I think it was the rape scene in the trailer that did me in. I was ready to leave the theater at that point but toughed it out anyway. Terrifying... Thoughts?


Captain PirateFace (Guest) on 10/25/2006 10:50 pm

Hills Have Eyes Remake:
Good stuff... During the rape seen my wife almost left the theatre and she is a horror fan as well... my reaction during that scene was to look at my wife and give her a little "wink wink nudge nudge"...

I got punched.


Bill (Guest) on 10/28/2006 8:27 am

The person that wrote this blog obviously doesn't know that 2 years ago Bravo came out with the "100 Scariest Movie Moments." That was actually shown first. That's why the title of this show was "Even Scarier Movie Moments." All the movies he mentions are in the original 100. The new list isn't bad and has a few great modern day horror films (i.e. Wolf Creek, Saw, etc.) that will hold up over time.


Tara (Guest) on 10/28/2006 10:07 pm

How about Wolf Creek?


Shagg E (Guest) on 10/29/2006 6:56 am

10. The eyes-in-the-window from Amityville Horror
9. Admitting you like the Elm Street sequels, despite the horrible one-liners
8. The Halloween theme
7. That little girl in the attic from The Others
6. The mutilated Ron Jeremy singing Amazing Grace in Terror Firmer (a comedy, but that scene was fucked up)
5. The ending of Eraserhead (again, not horror, but...damn)
4. All of Jacob's Ladder
3. The fact that they royally fucked up the Doom movie
2. Uwe Bolle
1. The inexplicable success of movies like "Scream"


Jason (Guest) on 10/31/2006 5:34 pm

I was surprised not to see High Tension or 13 Ghosts mentioned.


Vittone (Guest) on 11/06/2006 1:10 am

I think an important thing to keep in mind is that the show is called Even Scarier Movie MOMENTS. It's not saying any movie is better than the previous and instead that they created it based on a single scene from each movie. One movie can be absolute crap yet have 5 minutes of good old fashioned horror and make a list such as this.

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