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Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for a super fun Halloween time filled with Rockabilly goodness?

For all of you who've been waiting and asking and begging and pleading and bleeding for it; the all new Count Pop Halloween adventure is here! Enjoy and then get out there and get yourselves some candy on this greatest of all holidays! I expect to hear full, detailed reports about all of your Halloween excursions whether you go Trick-or-Treating, go to costume parties, or sit on your ass and watch some of the finest horror movies money can buy! Spare no details!

On a final note, I have to say two things. 1) I'm extremely proud of what we did on I-Mockery this Halloween season. Two full months of nonstop updates. I honestly think this was the best Halloween ever on I-Mockery... no contest. Major kudos to my partners in crime: Dr. Boogie, Max Burbank and Protoclown. Also big thanks to Re for putting up with me during all this seasonal madness! And thanks to BoM and PoX for working on the surprise Halloween flash game with me! 2) Thanks to all of you who've been sending in such nice compliments about the articles and for participating in all the fun. Without you guys for an audience, we wouldn't be doing this. Ok, well, we would be because this is what we like to do to pass the time, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun!

I really hope you've all enjoyed I-Mockery's Halloween celebrations this year. I consider it a big turning point for the site and you can expect more and more new material on the site each week! For the rest of this week, I think we've all earned ourselves a break... and CANDY!



Evan (Guest) on 10/31/2006 5:41 am

Happy Halloween man. I love all of the articles and games. Keep up the outstanding work.


Devin, AKA Mr. Devco (Guest) on 10/31/2006 6:51 am

Wow What A Great Halloween season, 40 posts of pure jou came from this site right into my headcage. You guys deserver an award. My plan will be to sit on my ass and watch horror movies that someone posted online on myspace, FULL Movies, I'm Talking Monstersquad, Video Dead, Re-Animator, Pet Semetary 1&2, Stuff (filmed Near where I live), and others you reviewd plus more. Check out this guys profile you can watch full movies and add them on your myspace page, Happy Halloween Guys Your My Internet Hero's


Ty22 (Guest) on 10/31/2006 7:33 am

I can't believe it's Halloween already.


Kryten Syxx (Guest) on 10/31/2006 8:18 am

Happy Halloween from Dread Central!


Angryhydralisk (Guest) on 10/31/2006 8:35 am

This has been one of the best halloweens yet. So many articles in so little time! I can't wait to read the new Count Pop!


James (Guest) on 10/31/2006 9:34 am

Best Halloween I-Mockery season ever. What? NOOOOOO IT CANNOT BE OVER, SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Ah well, happy Halloween Rog and happy halloween to everyone else. May you enjoy snarfing down sugary treats under a full and glowing moon.


ToxinBlackheart (Guest) on 10/31/2006 9:35 am

And a Happy Halloween to you too!

RoG, thanks to you, i-mockery has really become a staple of the Halloween season for me. Thanks for putting up an awesome site that I look forward to checking everyday. Just when I think it can't get any better, you always 1UP yourself, so congrats and thank you.

Happy Halloween!!


J. Tithonus Pednaud (Guest) on 10/31/2006 10:35 am

Happy Halloween!
I am sick as a dog today with a headcold, but I still plan on going out.

ROG, thanks for the two months O' fun. I will be sure to visit often for the weekly updates.


peety (Guest) on 10/31/2006 1:20 pm

I think halloween snuck up on me this year, i barely had time to stock up on all things sugery and purchase many-a-case of eggs.


Teros (Guest) on 10/31/2006 1:41 pm

Yea Crappy halloween to all of you.
Nobody puts any effort into halloween anymore.
All the costumes are either store-bought or last years costumes.


SunnyD (Guest) on 10/31/2006 2:06 pm

i know what im going to do! go trick or treating in my REAL straitjacket from an insane asylum and then watch some good old fashioned horror movies. i plan on watching hellraiser 1 and 2, misery, audition, and whatever else the video store still has left over from all the earlier ravagings. this halloween was frickin' awesome! hell, some days had 2 new articles! and i just wish i-mockery could be this friggin' badass all year long, but i bet you anythign its a ton of work. none theless, this one kicked all the other sites and year's asses!


nuffels (Guest) on 10/31/2006 2:57 pm

thankyou for all the entertainment over the years, both at halloween and the rest of the year. halloween is my favorite holiday too, and you guys have the best halloween stuff every year. i love you guys. now get the fuck out there and get some candy!


Tim (Guest) on 10/31/2006 3:11 pm

Great, great stuff. You guys are flippin' insane and have a genuine love for all things horror and Halloween. Keep up the great work!


Doctor dumbass (Guest) on 10/31/2006 6:08 pm

ya know, I'm watching "Halloween 2" on as i'm typing this!


Rusty (Guest) on 10/31/2006 6:15 pm

stupid halloween. nobody understood my costume!

they were like, what the hell are you supposed to be? you're just wearing a dirty ill-fitting dress covered in ketchup! and you smell like you haven't showered in days!

I'm an unwashed guy in a ketchup-stained dress! HOW IS THAT NOT SCARY???

Stupid people. Hey, I put EFFORT into this. okay that's a lie, I didn't. but neither did they.

plus I have an excuse to wear a dress today. usually I'm just a weird cross-dressing dude.


Ozzie (Guest) on 10/31/2006 6:35 pm

Way to kick ass, you guys. Not only was it a great season, but the archive of articles has got to almost twice as big now. Seriously, you guys are awesome. Happy Halloween.


Shironu Akaineko (Guest) on 10/31/2006 7:14 pm

Tell protoclown he was my inspiration for this year. I took my old work uniform and messed it up with red and brown paints, had my mother zombify my face and went to work like that!
I hobbled and moaned all day, chased children, and went to annoy the clerks in other stores during ym breaks!

I went to the computer store to complain I was waiting on the new Zelda since forever, to the music store to ask for the new Jimi Hendrix album, and to the dollarstore to look at the christmas stuff and to smell the catfood.

I was the only zombie in the entire mall and one of 3 employees who actually had a disguise, which made it even better!

My manager didn't even kill me for that stunt.

Then again, I'm already dead.


Mark (Guest) on 10/31/2006 7:29 pm

Happy Halloween RoG!!! Thank you and your partners in crime for an awesome celebration of this season. I especially loved the candy and other product reviews, even bought some items after you peaked my interest. Keep up the good work and enjoy the fruits errr candy of your labor. Thanks again.


Cooper (Guest) on 10/31/2006 8:43 pm

i had a great halloween and to top it all off, i got tons of candy! it has been a great season for i-mockery and RoG what was your halloween like?


nuffels (Guest) on 10/31/2006 9:28 pm

i was hitler and i went trick-or-treating with mah buddies. no sleep tonight.


Richard (Guest) on 10/31/2006 10:10 pm

Well, my halloween wasnt bad. but i only saw 16 people. BUT GUYS THERES MORE! This would probably effect Protoclown more. Marvel Zombies got top fucking Comic. TOP FUCKING COMIC.thats bull. Civil War was there too. but i dont know if it would be anygood... XP
btw... I was Ash from Evil Dead.


Chris (Guest) on 10/31/2006 10:42 pm

Have a huge haul this year, lots of haunted houses, was awsome. I'm now waiting to be chewed out because I skipped my musical rehearsal (and I'm a lead) to go trick-or-treating for the first time in 2 or 3 years. It was worth it.


Jesse B (Guest) on 11/01/2006 12:00 am

This halloweem sucked. Barely any kids. I would feel sad, but I had

1) I-Mockery
2) Homestar Runner
3) The Kingdom of Loathing

Thank you -GaH-

Also, I never got my 13th card. I sent it in twice, but I don't want to lose my chance to win by sending in a third time.


Mr. Resistor (Guest) on 11/01/2006 12:02 am

Nice aviators. :


ViolentN8 (Guest) on 11/01/2006 4:40 am

Thank you to everyone.

Re, Rog, Proto, Max and The Doc. Anyone whom I may have forgotten thank you too.

Also the ScaryAss Trading cards were a step above and beyond this year. My favorite may be a split between Berryman and the OG killer doll lady.

Happy Halloween,


Katie (Guest) on 11/01/2006 10:32 am

Happy Halloween to you too, RoG. I had a rather crappy one. I came down with a cold, and then I was backstabbed by my best friend. And then, well. Happy Halloween, anyway. ^^


SunnyD (Guest) on 11/01/2006 11:44 am

*throws a big hi-5 to Jesse B from the good old Kingdom Of Loathing!* hey! k-mail me or something, my account is sunnyD from /radio channel


Jesse (Guest) on 11/01/2006 11:51 am

Guess what I did this halloween, a 3 hour chemistry lab! SPOOOKY!


Nicky_Salamander (Guest) on 11/01/2006 3:00 pm

Yesh ^_^ Halloween was happy indeed. You have a really awsome website, I read all the articles since halloween season started.
I had a ton of fun bothering little kids. They were all over the place, I wasn't scary or anything cause I just took this Halloween to dress up like kinda normal, But I had an actual theme. Not that anyone cares but I was LUST. yesh...So Hope everyone had an awsome Halloween filled with sugary goodness. ^_^


Chris (Guest) on 11/01/2006 3:07 pm

I-mockery's articles have made this halloween gratuitously entertaining. Thank all you guys for the righteous articles, and I look forward to future surprises from the most scrumtrulescent website on the interweb!


Ron (Guest) on 11/01/2006 5:27 pm

Fantastic lot of articles you guys did, had a great time reading and then bursting out laughing during the middle of my computing A-level class.

The Count Pop article made my birthday all the more worthwhile, thanks.


RebeccaOTool (Guest) on 11/01/2006 8:06 pm

AWSOME month of updates. I can't wait to see what happenes around christmas...:p


Doctor dumbass (Guest) on 11/01/2006 8:36 pm

i noticed that count pop took his date to a building called the "do it place". Is that a sex shop or something?


-RoG- (Guest) on 11/01/2006 9:36 pm

Thanks for all the compliments everybody, I'm glad you enojoyed I-Mockery's Halloween season and really appreciate all the nice things you've been saying. I really do think it was our best one ever by far. But just because Halloween is over, don't expect us to slow down. Myself and the other writers are on a new schedule and you can expect the same feverish pace of updates on the site each week from now on. We have all sorts of goodies in store for you and I'm already working on another flash game too which will hopefully be done towards the end of this month if all goes well. Anyway, onto the individual responses...

Shironu Akaineko, hehe cool, I'll pass the word onto Proto the next time we speak.

Mark, glad to hear my words inspired you to try out some of those candies. Now if I can just get my words to make people give me millions of dollars, I'll really be set. Oh well, one thing at a time, right? Baby steps...

Cooper, our Halloween was surprisingly great. I didn't know what to expect from Halloween when we moved out to California, since I never really associated this place with Halloween, but let me tell you: the people in West Hollywood know how to celebrate this holiday right! We went to the annual Halloween Costume Carnival in WeHo along with 500,000+ other people and saw some of the greatest costumes ever. Don't worry, I had a camera with me so I'll be putting up a post-Halloween photo gallery article on I-Mockery sometime this week. Keep an eye out for it!

Jesse B, still calling me the Greatest American Hero I see eh? Heheh, anyway, to answer your question, I have not sent out any of the final Scary-Ass Trading Cards (card #13) yet. Once they have all been sent out, I will post a notice about it here in the blog. So yeah, don't worry, you'll all get that card #13 and you'll all be entered into the contest if you sent in your emails! There's a lot of cards to send out, so please be patient as I'm usually juggling 50 different tasks on any given day.

ViolentN8, thanks, glad you liked the Scary-Ass Trading Cards! I'm pretty sure we'll be doing them every year from now on.

Doctor dumbass, actually, the Do-It Center is a hardware store. You gotta admit, saying "I'm going to the Do-It Center!" sounds a hell of a lot better than "I'm going to Home Depot!"

Anyway, glad to hear some of you had great Halloweens. And to those of you who didn't, well, you can always make up for it next year.


Jesse B (Guest) on 11/01/2006 10:15 pm

Well, you are the Greatest American Hero in my eyes.


DashiKun (Guest) on 11/02/2006 1:16 am

YAY COUNT POP's Back! :D Great Halloween Season Rog! now we gotta work with November and December! :3


Angryhydralisk (Guest) on 11/02/2006 10:05 am

This has been one of the most satisfying Halloween's I've been through. I will not forget it. Nowif you shall excuse me, I plan to make my 21st birthday just as good,starting with....WORK!


Vert (Guest) on 11/02/2006 12:01 pm

Big cheers and kudos for a great halloween update!

Now all we need is for the Pickleman game and the world will kneel before Zod!


Luke (Guest) on 11/02/2006 1:57 pm

Make plans to come to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando FL next year, and be bathed in Halloweeny goodness. And jello shots.


-RoG- (Guest) on 11/02/2006 7:55 pm

Jesse B, so you're saying this country is going downhill really fast, eh?

Luke, why should I come to Orlando when they do Halloween Horror Nights right here in Los Angeles too? heheh

BTW, my post-Halloween wrap-up is now online! Check out the photos of all the crazy costumes!


Luke (Guest) on 11/03/2006 11:20 pm

Good question, but I have an answer. HHN is the only thing movie studio-wise that Orlando does better than Hollywood. This was the 16th straight year for Orlando (5th or 6th non-consecutive for CA). We have more haunted houses, more event nights, more jerks trying to scare little girls, and more rides. There's always a media night in late September before the actual event comes--be great to have you there.

By the way, I have no official inviting power (since I'm just one of the aformentioned jerks), but I can get you info if you're interested.


Jesse B (Guest) on 11/04/2006 1:16 am

What? No. No. No. I mean, no. Never. No. What? No.

**Runs away**


Richard (Guest) on 11/04/2006 7:28 pm

:O PENIS 8=========D


ryan (Guest) on 11/04/2006 7:45 pm

I went to a Zombie walk in the monroeville mall, that went for a world record of zombies!

894 zombies came and 57 crates of food were donated to the Pittsburgh food bank. and I got on the local news for 30 seconds giving some sound bites about the whole thing.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 11/05/2006 2:55 am

I have no idea what's funnier.. a Steven Hawking zombie or a bunch of mummies showing up out of nowhere.. sometimes it really seems like God loves us and wants awesome i-mockery-worthy things to happen.. Like that time when a giant weasel didn't kill anyone!


Aks (Guest) on 11/05/2006 6:52 pm

YES. Halloween ruled! And My birthday is today! Its like a really scary Christmas! This has been my first full halloween on I-mockery and it was great! I am now happy.


Jesse B (Guest) on 11/06/2006 10:33 am

Whats this? MORE holiday Jones packs?

Why is it when these things come out I have no cash?


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