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Bruce Campbell + Old Spice = Groovy

Not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but I caught this commercial on TV last night and it's pretty much one of the greatest things I've seen on the tube in a while. Whaddaya think?

It's just pillow talk, baby.
Click here to watch Bruce!

I want that painting.



the boy (Guest) on 01/09/2007 2:34 pm

Niiice. When he sits down... glorious. Ha, ha.


X (Guest) on 01/09/2007 3:54 pm

I "saw" it sometime recently, but didn't know what he said because I was listening to music with headphones on. I just happened to turn toward the tv and notice that the view had become a million times more awesomer.


Jesse B (Guest) on 01/09/2007 4:22 pm

Hail to the King, baby. I saw that last night, it confuzed the hell outta me, but Bruce Campbell, like a car wreck, you can't turn away.

That reminds me, -GaH-, did you read Make Love* (*The Bruce Campbell Way)? It one of the best books I ever read.


-RoG- (Guest) on 01/09/2007 4:47 pm

Jesse B, I haven't had a chance to read his second book yet, but his first book "If Chins Could Kill" was fantastic so I'm sure sophomore one is too.


comradecayt (Guest) on 01/09/2007 5:50 pm

It's actually based on a real painting by either Winslow Homer or James Whistler... double funny if you've actually seen the real thing.


Cpt. Beardless (Guest) on 01/09/2007 8:08 pm

I feel the urge to buy Old Spice, for some non-apparent reason..


Rabid Child (Guest) on 01/09/2007 8:50 pm

-RoG- You should buy the book as soon as possible and while your at it, buy the audio cd as well 6 discs of Bruce Reading his story, It's Awsome


NotDavid (Guest) on 01/10/2007 1:00 am

-RoG-, what is stopping you from purchasing this and reviewing it? :D


Rabid Child (Guest) on 01/10/2007 6:46 am

I allready have them and i believe you could do a better job


Rabid Child (Guest) on 01/10/2007 6:46 am

Oh my bad, i though rog was repling to my reply


Simon (Guest) on 01/10/2007 7:21 am

in semi-related news. There's going to be a prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep. woo!


Johnboy (Guest) on 01/10/2007 9:02 am

I've been hearing the Bubba Ho-Tep prequel thing for a while now, any proof??? If the Chin commands me to smell like Old Spice, then smell like Old Spice I must.


ArrowX (Guest) on 01/10/2007 11:34 am


Anyone Else notice the chainsaw beside the fireplace?


MEK (Guest) on 01/10/2007 6:11 pm

If he'd had chainsawing action and zombies in it, Old Spice would sell out in a matter of minutes.


Blodigar (Guest) on 01/10/2007 8:00 pm

Hey MEK, have you ever made a statement that doesn't make you sound like those typecasting f#@k heads Bruce Campbell never wants to talk to?


hobbsend (Guest) on 01/10/2007 8:06 pm

Oi, that was glorius, and I love the painting in the background, if only I had a huge circular room to put it in...And wear a smoking jacket...And act like Bruce!


Azrael (Guest) on 01/10/2007 10:46 pm

Did the chainsaw disappear when he sat down?


Richard (Guest) on 01/11/2007 7:11 pm

Son of a bitch! Now I have to go get old spice :\ I love painting, I also read If Chins Could Kill. I love that book so much, a teacher of mine lent it to me. I also have a question -RoG-! Was Evil Dead II a sequel or remake? My gym teacher has been asking me that non stop for a week, and if you say whats what, then its gotta be true. Thanks.


Matt (Guest) on 01/11/2007 8:44 pm

remake....obviously. The events of the first one contradict the other....unless he does the same thing twice.

if common sense isnt enough it says so in "if chins could kill"


-RoG- (Guest) on 01/12/2007 4:55 am

comradecayt, ah interesting, thanks for letting me know. Now if I can just buy 50 prints of that painting and staple them together, I might be able to replicate the one in this commercial.

Azrael, no it doesn't disappear, he's just sitting on the other side of the fire place at the end of the clip. That's not the same chair he started off sitting in.

Richard, take a look at the Wikipedia entry for the movie... it's got a section which goes into detail about whether the movie was a remake or a sequel.


Connor (Guest) on 01/12/2007 1:48 pm

I started cracking up at about the third repeat of that background painting. I'm still really glad to see Bruce Campbell on any commercial for anything. You know he'll make whatever company he's endorsing a buttload of cash. He's who I want to be like when I grow up.


comradecayt (Guest) on 01/12/2007 5:17 pm

Actually, it's by a dude named James E Buttersworth.


Jim Beam (Guest) on 01/13/2007 12:35 pm

I'd say that commercial pointed out the former racism of most rich white men.

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