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We’re moving!

Back to Virginia!

Haha, just kidding...

With our current lease expiring at the end of next month, Re and I wanted to get a new place. Our current apartment is in a real nice location but it's a long commute to work for her. Now anybody who's lived here or knows anybody who's lived here will tell you that finding an apartment in LA can be really hard. Not quite as hard as getting one in NYC, but it's right up there.

So we were looking for weeks with not much luck... places were either too expensive or they were in areas where we were likely to get stabbed if we went outside to get the mail. Fortunately, we stumbled onto a place in West Hollywood listed on Craigslist and quickly contacted the guy to arrange a viewing. We immediately liked what we saw. The place is on the top floor of the building, has hardwood floors and lots of sunlight (something our current place is lacking, if you ask me). What's extra cool about this place is that every unit in the building is a condo, so the various owners have customized the units to their liking. In our case, the person knocked down one of the walls and made a ridiculously huge walk in closet. You could practically much throw down a mattress in this thing and call it another room (Re, this does not mean you can fill it up with more shoes). The previous owner also installed Bose surround sound speakers in the walls and left them there, so that'll be pretty nifty once we get that hooked up with the TV 'n all. It supposedly comes with free basic cable too, but I'll believe that when I see it.

One of my favorite things is that the place has roof access where you can go up and get an amazing view of the city, sit in the lawn chairs and have a barbeque too. It's insanely cool at night to be up there. Perhaps a future location for a West Coast I-Mockery get-together? I've always had my eyes set on the Ground Kontrol arcade up in Portland for something like that, but who knows...

Anyway, the best thing about the place, though, is that it's one block away from where Re works. She can literally walk to work every day now instead of killing 2+ hours a day for a commute in the car. That's just something that does not happen in LA... everybody has some kind of a commute here, so we got really lucky. She'll have more time to work on her own art stuff after work and we can meet up for lunch all the time... or she can come home for it! That's gonna rock so hard. We can also sell off the 2nd car now... the old Honda Civic from '93 which is still running somehow even with the 180,000+ miles on it and having drove us across the entire friggin' country. That car has definitely earned its retirement.

So yeah, we're really excited about the new place and can't wait to be all moved in. I'll post some pics of it as soon as I have the chance. The landlord is really nice and even gave us our keys over a week in advance (our lease doesn't begin 'til August 1st) so we can move some of our smaller things in early. That's proved to be a huge help because the San Diego Comic-Con is coming up this week and we're going down there for a long weekend. Then after that, Jason (Protoclown) and Macon are coming to visit us for about 5 days. So yeah, it's gonna be one hell of a busy month between all of that and moving into the new place.

So whaddaya think, will we survive yet another move or will this be the one that finally drives us mad?

Survey #1: What's the worst experience you've ever had with moving into a new place. Share all the details of your horrific story whether it's dropping a box and breaking your valuables or the moving truck breaking down or what have you...

Survey #2: Who's going to the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend? I'll be covering the event with tons of photos just like I do every year, so keep your eyes peeled for me Friday through Sunday and I'll give ya some I-Mockery stickers 'n stuff. For those of you who can't attend, I'll do my best to get you plenty o' good photos. In the meantime, check our my photo galleries from previous years:


UPDATE (7/26): I should also note to anybody attending the San Diego Comic-Con that there will be a zombie walk starting at 6pm on Friday that will end up at the convention center! You can learn the details about it here. Also, I recently provided some background info on zombie walks for an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune. It's a cool article that covers a lot of info on zombie walks in general and they even give us a nice lil' plug. Check it out here.



Tristeza (Guest) on 07/25/2007 2:44 pm

Congrats on getting such a sweet place, especally over there. I'm really glad for you two, its nice to be able to see your loved one for lunch :)


The Squtach (Guest) on 07/25/2007 3:11 pm

The worst experience I've ever had moving would have to been when the movers we hired stole the vast majority of our possessions


i-mock-you- (Guest) on 07/25/2007 4:42 pm

How about moving to a new place the day before your birthday, 1500 miles from your former home?

It would be pretty hard to get to the Comic-Con for me... being in Minnesota and all. I hope to go one of these years to live the craziness.


Aks (Guest) on 07/25/2007 4:44 pm

"The previous owner also installed Bose surround sound speakers in the walls and left them there, so that’ll be pretty nifty once we get that hooked up with the TV ‘n all."

That will rock your fucking FACE. Bose are insanely awesome. My friend down the street has em and theyre incredible. You'll enjoy that.

Anyway, congrats on the move guys!


Steve (Guest) on 07/25/2007 9:47 pm

Congrats on the find, man. Let me share some even greater news: That old ass Honda you have? The one with all of the miles on it? Well check this out: 2 years ago I sold my '91 Honda Accord that had about 170k+ miles on it, busted A/C, and no radio. And guess how much I sold it for? $2,000. No shit. So hold out for your asking price, because out here, with the need for low-maintenance cars being so high... I guarantee you'll get it. Congrats again!


Ivan (Guest) on 07/25/2007 11:09 pm

West Hollywood huh? When my father came to America, he lived in an apartment there! The apartment sounds great, and an I-mockery meet up even better!


-RoG- (Guest) on 07/25/2007 11:55 pm

Tristeza, thanks, we're definitely looking forward to it. Well I am at least. I'm sure Re dreads the thought of having to see me any more than she has to. Who could blame her?

The Squtach, damn, what'd you guys do? Did you call the moving company or the cops and get your stuff back or anything?

i-mock-you, yeah you should definitely check out the 'Con sometime... it's well worth the trip, and I'm sure it'd be less than 1500 miles this time... yeesh.

Aks, excellent, I look forward to having my face rocked!

Steve, wow, that much for a '91 car? Maybe I'll be able to sell it for more than a few bucks then. The A/C and radio works fine in ours still, go figure. Thanks for the head's up man, I'll definitely keep that in mind when we get rid of the old car!

Ivan, yeah West Hollywood is a crazy place. And I'm glad we'll be there before the big Halloween costume carnival on Santa Monica Blvd. It was great last year. Anyway, thanks for the congrats and if there ever is an I-Mockery meet-up in West Hollywood or up at that Ground Kontrol place, I'll be sure to let everybody know well in advance!


i-mock-you- (Guest) on 07/26/2007 9:10 am

It would actually be 1800 miles this time -RoG-. Though I hope to go if I can ever get my website idea online.


Jerry (Guest) on 07/26/2007 10:10 am

Worst moving experience....a buddy asked me to help him move. He swore that would be 7 or 8 other guys helping. I was the only fool that showed.


Jesse B (Guest) on 07/26/2007 12:29 pm

More pictures of the Kingdom of Loathing booth this time, -UcB-

Also, tell them to give Miles Tortermer something, since I named my pickle Pickleman, damnit.


Nibbins (Guest) on 07/26/2007 6:05 pm

awesome pictures dude, altho they have released word on starcraft 2 if you go to the blizzard website im sure you will see something on it :D


Chris (Guest) on 07/26/2007 8:57 pm

First off, congrats on not only the sucess of I Mockery, but your sucess in moving as well! Oddly enough, my worst experince just happened recently.I'd moved into an three story, then empty apartment, with the best landlords around. They rented out both the top and bottom apartments (yay middle apt!) to two couples, both young and unmarried. Last friday, all hell breaks loose. The wife upstairs literally pushes the husband down the stairs as their new born baby starts screaming. So we called the cops, got everything cleared up, and ended up talking to the both sets of neighboors "I'm bipolar" the upstairs nutjob proclaims "Oh really?" answers the down stairs neighboor "So am I! And I'm pregnant!" All this, and my girlfriend dumps me. Oh yes, what a stellar day THAT was. Generally, being as close to Chicago as we are, I wouldn't have thought the hicks made it to the suburbs, god was I wrong. Well, we can only hope you and Re have better luck!


Ivan (Guest) on 07/26/2007 11:54 pm

Haha, damn. A meetup in Portland? I'd probably to lazy to drive my ass up there!


Protoclown (Guest) on 07/26/2007 11:59 pm



Ivan (Guest) on 07/27/2007 10:47 am

Fuck, I wanted to meet ProtoClown :[


Jesse B (Guest) on 07/27/2007 11:34 am

Yes, a way to take out both Protoclown and -UcB-...


Nyarlathotep (Guest) on 07/27/2007 10:25 pm

Why can't there be a Comic-Con in the Central USA? I mean, there's A-Kon, but that's for the Japanophiles. Seriously, what the hell??


Alex (Guest) on 07/28/2007 3:37 pm

Hey Roger! I met you at Comic Con! I'm the guy who was bugging Tom (newgrounds) until he called you over. My plan work out excellently and I got a picture of both of you. Awesome. Hope you had a blast in San Diego.


racinjason (Guest) on 07/29/2007 12:05 am

Aren't you going to miss the Chyna sightings?


Mia (Guest) on 07/29/2007 1:36 pm

Worst moving experience? Getting out of our current lease, signing another one and the day we have to be out of our old place, the new one burns. We lived out of a hotel for 2 weeks while we scrambled around trying to find another place. We still have about 3/4 of our crap in storage, too because my friends are too smart to "volunteer" to help me move in officially. Of course.. it has been 3 years. Maybe they have been lulled into a false sense of security by now.


Heatto-kun (Guest) on 07/29/2007 4:20 pm

....Damn.I tried looking for you on Sunday,but couldnt find you.=/


Ben (Guest) on 08/14/2007 5:59 pm

Worst moving story for me is my roommates and I were all gonna move to New Orleans (she got into a master's program down there) since we had all lived in the same city our whole lives. Well I had to finish the month at my work so they packed all my stuff with theirs into a U-haul and took off for there leaving me with dreams of living in the big easy. They get there and proceed to tell me how cool and awesome it is over the next week then I get a call on Sunday from my roommate telling me to consider myself a disaster victim because of Hurricane Katrina. Here I was 2000 miles away in Seattle and I lose all my crap (except for a duffel bag full of clothes, my cat and my car that was still with me in Seattle) to that stupid hurricane. Then I had to move back into my parents house at 25. That's a bad moving experience.


Doommarine23 (Guest) on 08/15/2007 12:24 am

Move to South jersey :O


Guy (Guest) on 08/26/2007 11:17 am

My 1995 Buick LeSabre has well over 180,000 miles on it and it still runs fine, and I drove it cross-country no problem. I'm gonna see if I can get the damn thing to roll over some day.

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