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Halloween Candy Prototypes That Never Saw The Light Of Day!

I'm sure many of you read my big piece last year about the Ultimate Guide to the Halloween Candies of 2006, and while I definitely have another one of those planned for this season with all new candies galore, there are some candies that we won't be seeing on the store shelves. Not this year or any other year for that matter, I'm sad to say. Fortunately, Dave Jupp (who designs candies and their packaging), was nice enough to contact me after reading my article to share some pics of his insanely cool candy prototypes that were unfortunately turned down by Target.

Anyway, let's get down to the good stuff with a look at some of the fantastic Halloween prototypes from the Chef Goul-R-Dee pantry of candy. If you want to see larger close-up versions of these photos, just click on any of them and they'll pop up in a new window.

click to enlarge

First up we have Scab-A-Roni. That's right, edible scabs! Who wouldn't want to peel scabs and scars straight off o' some flesh for a tasty snack? Gotta love it. I could easily see them making Fruit Roll-Ups with these on 'em for Halloween... I mean, they have countless other peel-off shapes on 'em, so why not scabs 'n scars too?

Can't hear me? Maybe you got wax in yer ears, son!
click to enlarge

Next up is the Body Bag of Parts, and while candies shaped like body parts aren't too unusual during Halloween season, it's the little details that make these ones special. Whether it's the arteries and blood vessels on the heart or the glob of earwax dripping from the ear, these candies just offer that extra special something for a truly distinguished horror candy feast.

Give 'em the finger!
click to enlarge

Now here's one that I never thought of... candy Zombie Claws! I understand that having claws can certainly help zombies tear their victims apart to get to the braiiiiiiiiins quickly, but I never knew that they were so colorful! Maybe they're born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline!

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads eat them up YUM!
click to enlarge

Last but certainly not least we have Just The Heads fish heads candies. Out of all the candies, these are definitely my favorites of the bunch, and therefore, the most heartbreaking since they were rejected. Fish heads are constantly discarded by fishermen, can't we as a society at least find a use for mock fish heads in candy form?

And there you have it, a bunch of candies that never were, but should've been. After seeing them along with what the store display would've looked like, I personally think Target made a big mistake by not going with these. On the plus side though, there will be a new and improved Box of Boogers this year. Dave assures me that this time, they'll both taste better AND look far more realistic than ever before. Really looking forward to eating those boogers! Man, now that's something I never thought I'd be typing.

Survey #1: If you were designing a novelty candy for Halloween, what would it be and how would it look?

Survey #2: Most towns have some Halloween stores popping up by now, so which of you people are going to check 'em out this weekend? Going searching for anything in particular?

Up next in the blog, The Lost Art of Quality Horror Movie Posters




wolfbane (Guest) on 09/14/2007 8:41 am

i guess if i were design a halloween candy i would have a rat and when u squeezed it a blood like jelly would come out


Tim (Guest) on 09/14/2007 11:22 am

What about Candy Kanes? Candy shaped like the WWE superstar Kane. He was supposed to be scary if my addled memory serves me. They could come in both masked and unmasked varieties :P ... Does he even still 'wrestle' anymore?

Honestly I doubt I will have time to check out a Halloween store though, my busy season is late summer/fall and I am usually too slammed with work and too tired to get out much. However, my girlfriend may drag me to one. I used to get to them every year with a few friends though. Good times.


matty (Guest) on 09/14/2007 12:08 pm

I want them to start marketing those cool Day of the Dead candy people make in Mexico. You know those extremely elaborate sugar skulls filled with red goop? That would rock.

I've already been to the local halloween shop in Lisbon, CT. Parts were cool (there were some pretty cool, yet horrifically expensive decorations, and an awesome Cthulhu mask that I want so badly I think I might sell my second born for it. Not my first born though, because I'm too attached), but for the most part it was a let down. 99% of the adult costumes were either Sexy Blanks or Hi-Lariously Funny Stupid Pieces of Shit. There is a cool line of zombie prom costumes though, but seriously, zombie prom requires a trip to the salvation army, not the halloween shop!


James (Guest) on 09/14/2007 12:54 pm

I'm checking out center stage, which is the premier costume shop in this college city. Hell, the ower of the shop is a magician, A FREAKIN' MAGICIAN. That is what really sold me the last time I got my costume there, he even went around doing gorey tricks for people as they shopped.

I'm looking for a pith hat for my costume, at that zoo thing I told you about. They want me to be the...the...hunter from Jumanji, I'm gonna wax up and handlebar my moustache!


Dan (Guest) on 09/14/2007 1:41 pm

Fish head, fish heads, rolly polly fish head, eat them up, yum.


Beff (Guest) on 09/14/2007 6:14 pm

I'm checking out to see if the spirit store is open yet so i can start drooling over the dismemebered goodness and gore, yeah! :]

love this season


doctor dumbass (Guest) on 09/14/2007 6:55 pm

how about a marzipan Burger King head?


Spooky (Guest) on 09/14/2007 9:37 pm

They're gummy zombies, and they come with an acid powder which would just be sugar powder with that stuff that would make it fizz in water, and somehow they melt into little candy bones.

"gummy flesh melters", maybe?


Aks (Guest) on 09/15/2007 12:41 am

3-d Jack o' Lantern sugar cookies with orange and black sugary frosting. Mmmm...

And as for halloween shopping, I'm going to go to Johnny Brock's Dungeon. Usually at first it kind of sucks but as it goes on, It gets better and better. It's not up yet, but when it is Spartan stuff for me!

Maybe. I have no idea what I'm going as.


Liz (Guest) on 09/15/2007 3:25 am

Candy wise....I'm not sure. I do kinda remember making a Jello version of a Scab for a Haunted House wrap party one year....and it was pretty tasty.

As for Halloween stores...this year I've been blessed with three shops. I've already checked out Halloween USA and Spirit for costume ideas. Hopefully I'll go to Halloween Express this weekend and get more great ideas for costumes.


Jen (Guest) on 09/15/2007 4:24 am

We don't have halloween shops over here in the UK >.


Jen (Guest) on 09/15/2007 4:24 am

We don't have halloween shops over here in the UK ,much to my annoyance. We've only just started getting things like mini fog machines and stuff in our supermarkets.
The UK is crap like that.
I quite like those lollipops that are filled with like, edible fake blood, or goo. Or the ones with little insects inside. Those are nice.


adam martin (Guest) on 09/15/2007 10:28 am

I'd make one of those spinning sucker candy/toys but have the actual sucker look like the girl from exorcist.


I’mStan (Guest) on 09/15/2007 11:22 am

I'd make a cockroach-looking candy that oozed yellow goop when bit into. That'd definitely give somebody a heart attack.


Derrick (Guest) on 09/15/2007 1:39 pm

Normally we have one of those Halloween shops popping up about now but I have yet to discover where it is. I've been planning all year to hit it up though to get props for a zombie film me and my friends have been planning.


Comment by (Guest) on 09/15/2007 4:11 pm

Yeah, the UK has no Halloween stores. It does suck. Lucky Americans.
I think that the ultimate Halloween candy would be: your own face. Like the way they take your photo and put it on the icing on b'day cakes.
Mmmmmm face-cookies, they could ooze jam "blood" when you bite into it.


MEK (Guest) on 09/15/2007 8:29 pm

Aww man, those candies look.... Sweet! Haha XD
I'm not the kinda guy to even go out, so I can't say I'll be looking for anything Halloweenish, anther tragedy is that I lost my sweet tooth too! So I don't even feel like eating sweets!
Apart from Jaffacakes.... And then only in small doses.
Oh yeah, I totally agree with Comment's Comment above me!


Marti (Guest) on 09/16/2007 12:21 am

How come there hasn't been something along the lines of Candy Intestines or something? That'd be pretty cool.
My husband and I always go to The Nick Nackery in Evansville Indiana, near my home. Not a huge place but the biggest we have in this area.


Jared (Guest) on 09/16/2007 5:57 am

'If I was to be making the candies for the childrens, I would want to make my candies look like Jesus, and he would be givings the forgiveness whenever you bite the gummy Jesus and the red licorice would pour from his hands because halloween is sin.'


The Final Beast (Guest) on 09/16/2007 11:19 am

I've been to so many stores lately. It makes me happy that there are Marc's in Ohio. We get so many things during the Halloween season that it can drive one mad on what to get first. What one Marc's gets doesn't mean another will get the same. I've already bought a 12" casket filled with six candles and three candle holders, four skeleton candle holders (show pictures if you want), a casket that opens up with Dracula in it and makes sound. I could go on with what I find there that you will barely find any where else. I think I should travel to a few today again.


Doctor Who (Guest) on 09/16/2007 10:20 pm

Realistic gummy brains. They would be packaged in gooey strawberry syrup, which you would get at by cracking open a candy skull (those sugar ones that they give out in Mexico on Dia De Los Muertos).

And the skull itself would be wrapped in foil that would be designed to resemble a face and skin, so the whole thing would look like a shrunken head.

Thus you, like a good zombie, could tear off the skin, crunch through the skull and enjoy the delicious bloody BRRRAAIINNS inside.

I bet if you wanted you could make the entire setup even more elaborate and gruesome. Marshmallow eyes in the skull's sockets? A licorice tongue?


reverend baitor (Guest) on 09/17/2007 11:34 am

we have already begun to propagate the phrase...can seesaw the booy...on our blogspot and in the upcoming end credits of our little internet`s just precious...come see us some time.


scott (Guest) on 09/18/2007 4:09 am

I remember seeing John Waters on Letterman a few years ago and he had brought a box of candy named Dingleberries. He said he had written to the company asking if they knew what the word meant but never received a reply.


Rejected Halloween Candy - BuckeyePlanet Ohio State Forums (Guest) on 09/18/2007 8:53 am

[...] Halloween Candy Candy LINK [...]


Chelsea (Guest) on 09/18/2007 6:22 pm

I'm diappointed! Zombie Fingers look awesome!


Chelsea (Guest) on 09/18/2007 6:23 pm

I'm disappointed! Zombie Fingers look awesome!


The Chin (Guest) on 09/19/2007 2:08 pm

What kid wouldn't want to have "Scab-a-Roni"?

This product would be hot with the rugrats, I betcha!

It's the adults who can't handle this kind of stuff.


Dave Jupp (Guest) on 09/24/2007 11:14 am

Hello Kids!
Father Of Chef Ghoulicious here! Do notice that those images are from almost 3 years ago when the concept began! Also take note of name and character...that was when product was in it's very early stages. We showed Target all the concepts and THEY asked us which product we felt would be best on shelves. We chose 3. Bag of Brains, Box of Boogers and Can of Worms. All sold welll, but the Box and Bag clearly did great. Look for them at Target now! The Boogers are selling out fast.....everyday Box of Boogers will be on shelves soon as well. Totally different look from the retro packaging.
Also, the Lump of Intestine was a concept I have been begging to do....just think of the fun you could have playing crazed Zombie with those!
Time will tell my friends!

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