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Halloween Infiltrates Christmas For A Change!

For as long as I can remember, I've thought Halloween has been fighting a losing battle against Christmas. I'm not saying the two holidays are at war with one another and there's certainly room for the both of 'em since I firmly believe you can never have too many excuses to take a holiday (and I happen to like a lot about Christmas too), but I do think Christmas starts popping up too early each year as if to say, "No Halloween, you're not allowed to have the spotlight all to yourself." If you've been in any retail stores, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about as many of them already have a bunch o' Christmas decorations up for sale and it's not even October yet.

So I consider it a rare thing when Halloween actually gets a chance to invade the Christmas holiday season a little bit for a change. Sure, there are always movies like "A Nightmare Before Christmas", but having worked in a video store in the past where one of the employees was completely obsessed with that movie and played it nearly every goddamned day, I grew to hate it. It's too bad too, because I actually liked that movie before I started working there. Still, there are plenty of good Christmas-themed horror movies out there such as "Jack Frost" and "Silent Night, Deadly Night" - so at least we're covered in terms of video entertainment.

You can also get a damned fine Halloween Tree and use it both in October and at Christmas time:

Bubbles make everything better

It's Radko's Shiny Brite Halloween Bubble-Brite Tree! This thing has not one but TWELVE glowing pumpkin bubble lights built right into it and I think you already know about my feelings with it comes to bubble lights. Unfortunately, the drawback of a tree like this is that it's small, and let's face it... the bigger the tree, the more room there will be more room for presents underneath it. More presents equals a happier you - or at the very least, more store credit when you take it all back because you didn't want any of that crap they bought you to begin with. So while the Halloween Bubble-Brite Tree is one hell of a cool decoration, I don't see it ever replacing a real Christmas tree for most people. Still, when I went to my local Michaels store the other day, I found some new Halloween items that could easily serve you well come Santa season.

Now most people simply know Michaels as an arts & crafts store, but the fact is, they really do go all out come Halloween each year. I always make a point to go in there a few times every year during Halloween season, if for no other reason, to check out the fantastic Lemax Spooky Town displays. If you haven't seen them before, you have no idea what you're missing out on. Sure they have a Christmas Town series too, but who wants to look at happy kids ice skating with glee when they can look at something like "Dr. Stretch N. Pull's Torture Factory" or "The Rest In Pieces Mausoleum"?

The fact that that guy looks just like the Tall Man from Phantasm makes this Mausoleum all the more badass.

Even my grandma would agree that the latter sounds far more interesting. Some day, many years from now, I swear I'm going to get a house and dedicate an entire room to having the largest "Spooky Town" display that I can possibly fit in it. For those of you who don't have a Michaels near you, check out this video which showcases some of the many Spooky Town buildings and accessories and how you can create one hell of a cool display with 'em.

So, until I have an entire room that I can dedicate to nothing but animated Halloween displays, what am I to do come Christmas time? It's quite simple really...

Jingle Jangle.
Halloween Jingle Bells!

Found these guys at Michaels the other day and they're the perfect, subtle way to have a little Halloween goodness mixed in with all of your Christmas fun. Best of all, they won't take up an entire room in your house or send you on a nosedive into crippling debt (which is something I'm sure the Spooky Town collection will one day do to me). Jingle jangle...

Survey: What are some other ways you've seen Halloween "infiltrate" the Christmas season?

Also, on a semi-unrelated note, be sure to participate in our latest Halloween contest. I got inspired by our fun horror movie posters discussion in my previous post, so I started up a contest where you guys can make your own. The horror, the horror...



Comment by (Guest) on 09/22/2007 4:49 am

Woot first comment!
I once saw an "Evil Rudolph" toy for sale..... had a little glowing pumpkin for a nose and painted on blood on its snout (?). The blood of Santa, or that sugar puff Prancer?
We may never know.
I didn't buy it though, a big bag of Skittles holds supremacy over 99p figurines.
Oh, what a fool I twas!


Kristi O. (Guest) on 09/22/2007 10:45 am

Gah! God Damn those Lemax displays, they nearly drove me mad when I worked in a Michael's store. The sheer amount of noise those things could generate when played all at once could be heard from outside the store, now imagine my horror when I'm in the next aisle unloading even more Halloween things (Every second box had something pirate related, Halloween's going to be mighty boring this year).
And of course the noise only intensified when we received all the talking Halloween baubles (Though in their defense some of them were pretty cool)

And I totally get your Halloween vs Christmas thing, after I was done setting up the Halloween aisle I proceeded to unload all of the Christmas crap that only Michael's will carry (And this was in August)


Ronin S (Guest) on 09/22/2007 10:46 am

I'm just so happy that Halloween is coming up too. I've noticed however that around my home, there seem to be fewer kids coming by as the neighbourhood matures. Does anyone have any amusing Halloween stories to share?

Here's mine. The biggest piss off for me is that a good number of the few kids that do come by my house trick or treating don't have costumes or put on a lame baseball or basketball jersey and claim to be a sports player. I didn't give them candy and threatened to turn them into frogs when they said they would egg my house (I was a witch last year).

The only exception I made was for this middle eastern girl taking her sister around the neighbourhood. The little sister was a fairy, the older sister didn't have a costume, so when I questioned her on what she was, replied 'I'm a muslim vampire'. I was so amused by this answer, I gave her a small piece.


i-mock-you- (Guest) on 09/22/2007 11:03 am

I've seen a bunch of light strands in skeleton, pumpkin, and spider varieties. Also, a bunch of spoooky stuff that resembles Christmas garland. I considered buying a bunch of it for my little tree and having a Halloween themed Christmas tree, to give Christmas a taste of it's own medicine. Personally, I hate Christmas things showing up early (I've seen some pop up as early as JUNE here) I think there should be a law that they can't put it out before Nov. 1.

I'm addicted to the Spooky Town collection- My mother has to drag me away from those displays when we find them. As for funny Halloween stories... we had a couple of college guys come to our house last year. One was a darn good zombie and the other was Where's Waldo. They both nearly ran away when I told them, "Look at the little boys going trick or treating..."

I was quite amused by them.


HowardC (Guest) on 09/22/2007 11:30 am

Well I'm kind of glad the christmas stuff gets out early because it can be used to make halloween props. Because the Xmas market is so over-saturated, you can often get full-sized, animated props cheaply, even before the season is over (or in this case has begun). You can then turn around and transform them into animatronic zombies and what-not. I'm still looking for a good set of chrome Xmas balls to turn into sentinel spheres. :)

With that being said, it frustrates me that they give more shelf space to the xmas stuff. I love both seasons, and believe me, I over decorate for both, but there are only so many dancing santa's and lawn reindeer you can carry. Halloween, on the other hand, offers unique props and yet you often have to really hunt for them because walmart thought it was more important to carry a dancing santa with gold glitter AND a santa with silver glitter!


Jen (Guest) on 09/22/2007 2:08 pm

The only kind of halloween/christmas crossovers I've seen, are fairy lights, but with pumpkin shape bulb covers, and halloween tinsel.
It's nice to see the two combined. I love both, but enjoy Halloween that little bit more 'cause I get to dress up without being called weird.


Tim (Guest) on 09/22/2007 3:37 pm

A Halloween tree? That's a new one on me, and I shall (of course) go in quest of it. And it will be staying up through New Year's, too....


Juanfer (Guest) on 09/22/2007 3:41 pm

Well I like to decorate my Christmas trees with disembodied heads, just to have some Halloween spirit put into Christmas.


Ian (Guest) on 09/22/2007 5:55 pm


LemonWitch (Guest) on 09/22/2007 6:06 pm

Goblin Nog!

That would be more interesting if I remotely like egg nog, which I do not. Specifically because it tastes like eggy butt! :D

I wanna say I've seen black and orange candy canes. too, but don't quote me on that one.


Misty (Guest) on 09/23/2007 5:26 pm

I'm not one to miss or talk about the "good ole days" but goddamn I miss back when Christmas decorations didn't go up until at LEAST November. I do NOT want to see snowmen and reindeer all over a mall with fake snow when it's still September and in the mid 90's!


Gus (Guest) on 09/23/2007 8:48 pm

halloween does get into christmas in mexico. if you go there, you can pick up some bitching handcrafted skull ornaments. Viva Los Halloween!


Jim (Guest) on 09/24/2007 12:53 am

One Halloween I couldn't bear to take down the light up plastic ghost holding a Jack-o-lantern from the front porch. So I filled the Pumpkins nose with red Glitter Glue, made it some antlers out of pipe cleaners and put a santa hat on the ghost. It stayed up untill New Year

12 years later it still has the gitter and my mom wont to put it out anymore. I don't know they they still have it.


Mighty Pinto (Guest) on 09/24/2007 4:28 pm

LemonWitch - The only time Egg Nog, or ANY kind of Nog tastes good is when someone slips high-quality brandy into it.

As for Christmas, I just think it's all a conspiracy. I firmly believe that Santa Claus is actually an alien being known as "Xebnorox". He wears those big mittens to hide his pincer-like claws, and the jolly red suit is a means of hiding his true form, which is comprised of thousands upon thousands of barbed tentacles capable of ripping a small child in half in mere seconds. He gives presents to children, because they are young, impressionable and perfect candidates to mold into a working slave-army, kinda like the Tall Man from Phantasm. Instead of sending them to another dimension and crushing them down to dwarf-size, he just gives them growth hormone suppressants.

This is pure, undeniable fact...well, that's what the CIA-engineered mircochip in my brain tells me, anyway...


ColdFusion (Guest) on 09/24/2007 7:09 pm

Next time I dress up for Halloween, I'm dressing up as Halloween Santa... like regular santa, but in an orange suit with black lining and green gloves. That would pwn, cuz the premise would be that I'm collecting candy for kids' stockings in 2 months.
Feel free to steal this.


Lost Pirate (Guest) on 09/25/2007 9:38 am

I love my spooky town pieces! You can put them up in time for Halloween, and then when Christmas season rolls around, you just sprinkle fake snow on your graveyard. Then you just add a Christmas tree and some festive lights to that haunted house...and it's Christmas in Spooky Town.


TL Wolf (Guest) on 09/27/2007 1:45 pm

Hey -RoG-, just wanted to leave a comment about one of last year's Greatest Horror Moments. Obviously, you remember Misery, seeing as you chose the hobbling scene for the Horror Moments list. Well, here in Bangor, Maine we have a slot machine...uh, place? It's not really a casino, just slots. Anyway, it's called "Hollywood Slots" and there, under glass, they have Kathy Bates' dress, James Caan's sweatshirt, and, you guessed it, the sledgehammer from the movie! I thought that was too cool to keep to myself. Happy Halloween.

TL Wolf


Blue Gularis (Guest) on 09/28/2007 4:59 am

Save Halloween! Here is how I struck a blow for All Hallows.

There was a photo shop across the street from a small business I worked at. I was their regular customer over the course of four years. I was into photography and I used them A Lot.

Year One: They had a Halloween window display up for the month of October. It was nothing special but kudos for trying. It stayed up until nearly the end of November. They skipped the pariah holiday of Thanksgiving, which can be useful for getting the family fights over with before Christmas. Their equally mediocre Christmas display went up the day after Thanksgiving.

Year Two: A plastic jack-o-lantern and a big non-holiday ad for Kodak paper. The jack-o-lantern was in place from October 16th to the 30th- apparently it was needed elsewhere for the big day itself. Christmas stuff went up the week before Thanksgiving- get your picture taken with Santa today!

Year Three: Fake Autumn leaves and 'Back To School' in a fall motif from the end of September to the second week of November followed by an unprecedented Christmas extravaganza complete with robotic dancing Santa. Halloween joins Thanksgiving as a victim of the photo shop holiday window display's policy of discrimination.

By the way, I'm still a pretty regular photo shop customer at this point.

Year Four: Back to school until October 19th- zero hopes for Halloween this year. The morning of October 20th and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Their big CHRISTMAS DISPLAY! It's not even Halloween yet!

Enough is enough! It was time to hurt them where it would hurt them most and punish them for their too early Christmas greed and the snub of good old Halloween- it was time to vote with dollars! I walked over there on my break to tell the manager that I wanted to cancel a print order I'd put in a couple of days before. They hadn't done any work on them yet (too busy kissing Christmas' ass) and as he gave me the film back he asked me: "Why are you canceling your order?"

I smiled broadly and replied "Because these prints were due back on October 24th, but that day apparently doesn't exist here since you people seem to think it's fucking Christmas already."

He stared at me, his expression carp-like as I walked out their door for the last time. I turned back and cried cheerily "Happy Halloween!"

The real punchline is after that I had to get my film developed at the mall- the Christmas displays had been up there since the end of August and needed dusting.

Keep on fighting the good fight!



lette (Guest) on 10/03/2007 11:46 am

Hahahaha OMG I want that tree for christmas :) were moving into a new house and I cant think of a better way to truely make our neighbours think were nuts, I LOVE IT :)


Schrille Nacht, heidnische Nacht… - Gizmodo DE - Gizmodo DE (Guest) on 09/24/2008 9:04 am

[...] wie Weihnachten gestalten könnte. Ob dies allerdings gelingt, indem man zu Halloween einen Halloweenbaum aufstellt, ihn mit Kürbis- und Geisterglöckchen schmückt und statt einer Krippe ein Geisterhaus [...]


dave (Guest) on 10/14/2008 12:40 pm

Halloween is in full swing at our house and the yard is decorated. Can not say the same for Wally World, as they have had the Xmas decorations out for weeks already, it drives me up the wall.


Jonathan (Guest) on 11/04/2008 9:19 am

I have bought a new Artificial Christmas Tree with Halloween figures. I think Halloween and Christmas are two different holidays. One to make people scared, dress up and pick up candy, the other to be with family. I understand your point that Christmas items are to early is shops. This is the snowball effect. One shop begins and others follow. Isn't there a law that forbids something like that? That would make things more fair.


Mardhanaya (Guest) on 07/01/2009 3:10 am

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with 'we leave it to you to decide'.


Damian Smith (Guest) on 08/11/2011 6:12 am

Christmas and Halloween together, sounds creepy?!? But when I saw what it is look like, it;s not bad to mix the decor together. It was so cool as well to mix the theme of Christmas and Halloween. Great idea.


aimee (Guest) on 11/04/2011 1:11 am

Hmmm, not bad. It's cute,gives me the idea.


Katherine (Guest) on 11/06/2011 10:19 pm

It's not about Christmas or Halloween Party. It's all about gathering or uniting our family in just ONE DAY or an Special Day like Christmas and Halloween Party.

Thanks for your Idea about the Halloween Tree to Christmas tree ^_^ What a Great Idea and it is Unique ^_^


Jean Bullington (Guest) on 11/08/2011 1:19 am

I find it interesting idea.Halloween Tree to Christmas Tree. Amazing. Does anyone use this Halloween tree on the Christmas time instead of the Christmas Tree?


Robin (Guest) on 11/10/2011 12:41 am

Wow! interesting..What would be the reaction of other people if they saw something like "a halloween christmas..hahaha


Kathleen (Guest) on 11/10/2011 9:12 pm

haha.. This idea is hilarious. A halloween design for a christmas tree? This is so funny and damn cute.


Manuel Alcantar (Guest) on 11/10/2011 9:13 pm

I like this topic a lot. And i like the concept of the Halloween Christmas tree. Nice one.


ErlindaDolphin (Guest) on 11/10/2011 9:35 pm

Hahaha. It's so funny! This would be a Happy and Scary Christmas Day!^_^


Alma Myers (Guest) on 11/10/2011 9:59 pm

@Robin, They would probably state of shock or change their belief! hahaha


Joan Washington (Guest) on 11/10/2011 11:43 pm

I appreciate! This a unique idea. lol.


marna (Guest) on 11/11/2011 12:56 am

nAks! i like the scary hALLowEEn ha. really appreciate dude.


Stella (Guest) on 11/14/2011 5:30 am

@MARNA . i agree with you i like a scary halloween and also halloween in christmass.


Pat (Guest) on 11/14/2011 5:53 am

@Joan, Same here, Unique but sad to say this celebrations keeps on dying and forgotten. T_T


Alena Mitchell (Guest) on 11/14/2011 6:10 am

I want to try this concept for this coming Christmas.


Zoe (Guest) on 11/14/2011 7:46 am

This would be very funny if we do this in Christmas. :)


patrice (Guest) on 11/15/2011 4:32 am

@Alena Mitchell. also me i want to try this coming Christmas, cause i want to know how does it look


Alice Owen (Guest) on 11/15/2011 6:06 am

This is really really cool. For a change this is good. Thanks for sharing this to us.


Kathy (Guest) on 11/15/2011 11:05 am

Is there anyone can share their art and videos here? It would be nice!


Katherine (Guest) on 11/17/2011 5:32 am

@Kathy, How I suppose to submit my art and video?


Robert Key (Guest) on 11/17/2011 6:42 am

Wow! I like this concept a lot more. Wanna try it at home.Thanks for sharing. Indeed, it was really a great concept.


margaret (Guest) on 11/18/2011 5:34 am

Really cool the pictures on this site nice concept. Thank's for sharing good ideas in christmass.


Cha (Guest) on 11/18/2011 6:48 am

I super love this concept. For me, for a change i want the same concept on Christmas.It's just a concept the essence of the Christmas wouldn't be change. Thanks for sharing this to us.

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