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Hey, Comic Nerds.

Discover the feeling... learn to read.

Now before you get your Wolverine panties in a bunch over me calling you nerds, you can rest assured that I'm one too. Now that we have that out of the way, a lot of people have inquired about what comics I read on a monthly basis. I mean, it's pretty obvious from my Longbox columns what comics I don't like, but what ones do I actually enjoy reading (or hate myself enough to keep buying)?

So I figured I'd share my "pull list", and then maybe you can show me your "pull list", and then maybe we can go somewhere private and pull each other's lists for a while.

100 Bullets
Action Comics
Amazing Spider-Man (fired)
American Virgin
Astonishing X-Men
Booster Gold
The Boys
Brave and the Bold
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Captain America
Crossing Midnight
Countdown (ugh)
Detective Comics
Fallen Angel
Fantastic Four
Gen 13
Green Arrow/Black Canary (on probation)
Immortal Iron Fist
Incredible Hulk (fired)
Jack of Fables
Justice League of America
Justice Society of America
Ms. Marvel
New Avengers (on probation)
Ultimates 3
Uncanny X-Men
Wonder Woman (shut up)
Y-The Last Man

My god, look at all the money I spend on comics. I must be insane. But I do have a lot of disposable income.

So what books are you following?


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AlliSabbah on 01/14/2008 4:17 am

Just Ghost Rider at the moment for me.


Regen (Guest) on 01/14/2008 4:23 am

The Walking Dead is the only one I read each month, oh and Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash, that's been pretty good so I've been following it too.

My problem is that I have rather limited interests when it comes to characters and I haven't regularly read a mainstream Marvel comic since the 80's, and there's so many variations. I mean, I'd like to pick an X-Men comic to get each month, but they're either so far stuck in a complicated storyline, or filled with bad characters.

I tried to follow Countdown, but it started spawning so many children, not to mention just it generally sucking. I just can't understand how it happened. 52 had the 52 greatest comics (ranked in reverse order of release.) I've ever read in my life, that's with 15 years of reading every DC comic I could afford to. I had never cared about Ralph Dibny before those issues, but felt myself nearly moved to tears by his end.

Granted, I'm a big crybaby that still cries when Yoda dies in Star Wars, but that doesn't mean 52 wasn't good.

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Nick on 01/14/2008 6:06 am

I've really dropped over the map on comics lately. I did go pick up League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, and Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies last week, though.

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-RoG- on 01/14/2008 6:24 am

Hey ladies, what Protoclown is really trying to say with that big comic book list is that he has absolutely no time for you in his life. However, he and Max Burbank have made plenty of time for each other at this little old shack in the woods where they meet a few times every month. You might've even heard about it before in a song by the B-52's.

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Doctor_Who on 01/14/2008 6:47 am

It varies depending on storyline. Usually Detective Comics, JLA, Cable & Deadpool, Countdown and Amazing Spider-Man. But I'm giving Spidey just a couple more issues to pull himself our of his slump or he's getting dumped.

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Molly on 01/14/2008 7:08 am

Wolverine may possibly be the worst character ever to slap on a pair of panties.

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Purple Man on 01/14/2008 7:20 am

No need to be so sensitive about Wondy. We all love her. There is no substitute.

I like to keep up with the Thunderbolts and Deadpool. That's 'bout it. I am looking forward to this "The Twelve" thing that JMS has been working on.

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thecatillaccat on 01/14/2008 7:23 am

I'll never be ale to listen to the B-52's again. But then, who would want to?

All I read now is Last Blood, honestly. If you don't know what that is, well, that's unfortunate.

Marvel and DC can go lay an egg.


Zbu (Guest) on 01/14/2008 9:26 am

My first response to this list: "Good God, they're still doing Gen13?? That's at least about a decade longer than most Image comics run!"

Then I realize I'm old and still think Battalion is in charge of Stormwatch and then miss Fuji. Growing old sucks, let me tell ya.

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wobzire on 01/14/2008 9:55 am

I would read a comic about those two in a shack...

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Pentegarn on 01/14/2008 9:57 am

I have not had time or disposable income for comics for year unfortunately. I do try to stay generally abreast of things through reviews such as the amusing ones here and from various forums.

I have to wonder though, when you list "Toyfare" did you mean "Twisted Toyfare Theater"? If so I try never to miss an issue of that, I laugh constantly at the antics of Mego Spidey and the gang. I can't wait to see how they parody the abomination of his "deal with Mephisto". I imagine, like every other time Aunt May is about to die Spidey will just feel bored :P


steve smashstuff (Guest) on 01/14/2008 11:05 am

The bad thing about getting my comics in the U.K standard monthly compilation prints is that I get the story lines about half a year after you americans (just starting house of M now.) The good part is that this delay means they usually know what has gone down well with readers and what hasn't, so I get a quality filtered account of the Marvel and DC universes. Unfortunately, they still deemed it a good idea to send us Frank Miller's run on batman...

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Sniperwulf on 01/14/2008 11:37 am

Amazing Spider-Man- I'll take Proto's advice and just stop buying this book

New Avengers- Luke Cage is really getting on my nerves

New X-Men- I think enough members have died already

Street Fighter II (Udon comics)- So, when's the next issue coming out?
Astonishing X-Men- Astonishingly well-written, and also astonishingly delayed.

Thor- It's good to have him back

Uncanny X-Men- Another "FUCK YOU" goes out to Ed Brubaker for his retcon work, killing Banshee, and turning Cyclops and Xavier into complete bastards. On a side-note, I believe it was Quesada who planned to kill off Skin (back in the also bad Chuck Austen run)because he wanted Mr Fantasic to be "unique" with his flexibility powers.

X-Factor- My current favorite X-Book, in spite of Messiah Complex.

X-Men-I'd just send a big "FUCK YOU" out to Mike Carey for making Gambit into a complete bastard. I don't know why I've bothered with this book since Grant Morrison's run ended.

X-Men: Emperor Vulcan- As much as I hate Brudenbaker for his time in X-Men and his creation of the abomination that this miniseries was named after, I'd nonetheless like to follow the rest of this story and see Vulcan get his ass kicked.


mitchell (Guest) on 01/14/2008 11:57 am

currently im reading transmetropoliten, it's from vertigo, the same company that makes american virgin


Stonewar (Guest) on 01/14/2008 12:35 pm

i have never been a dedicated reader, but I loved reading about comics just to keep up to date on whats going on
I started picking up buffy season 8 recently and I remebered why I haven't stuck with any book. cliffhangers f***ing suck!! I just wait for the graphic novel


liquidcross (Guest) on 01/14/2008 12:44 pm

As the comics industry overall is rapidly turning into shit, I've only got a few books left, and most are guilty pleasures:

Iron Man (there's FOUR monthly books right now; ugh)
Battlestar Galactica
Sonic the Hedgehog
Transformers (G1 stuff only)
Invincible (which I pick up in TPB format)
The Immortal Iron Fist (TPBs)
X-Factor (TPBs)

If you're counting manga as well, then I've got these:

Sgt. Frog
Fullmetal Alchemist
Zatch Bell!
Hikaru no Go


Bibbo (Guest) on 01/14/2008 12:53 pm

I feel bad for not being into as many comics as the rest of you, but the ones i read as of late are:

Marvel zombies
army of darkness
action comics

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Type40 on 01/14/2008 1:16 pm

My pull list has SERIOUSLY been culled lately.

I only get;

Action Comics (Just FIRED!)
Brave and the Bold (Truly a FUN comic)
Doctor Who
Doctor Who Classics (Fired!)
Fables (trades only)
Groo (Mulch?)
Jonah Hex
Spike (trades only)
Starman Omnibus ($50. Painful to pay, but sooooo worth it)

I used to get quite a few comics, but the new trends they've taken have made me cut most. It's sad that I initially cut a few due to cost, but then cut most due to content.

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incognit000 on 01/14/2008 1:55 pm

I really tried to get into comics as a kid. I really did. But they never managed to hold my interest, and I always found the art to be weird and the plots to be bizzare.

Not saying I don't have a copy of Watchmen, or V for Vendetta, or stacks of Transmetropolitan, or Maus 1&2 (signed), or a bunch of other things, but the standard monthlies just passed me by.

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Fluke on 01/14/2008 2:40 pm

V for Vendetta is my

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argonath on 01/14/2008 3:00 pm

I don't think I have as many titles in my entire collection as Proto has in that list. That man is a serious collector. I don't collect anymore, but the titles I collected the most were The Demon, Spider Man, Fantastic Four, and Excalibur.

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Sleazeappeal on 01/14/2008 3:35 pm

JSA rocks!

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dj boobs on 01/14/2008 4:07 pm

I never read any comics regularly before Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers(cancelled unfortunately) or Street Fighter Legends(notice a pattern here.) All of which have been on hiatus for a while. But it looks like I'll something to look forward to come this summer.

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Kyven on 01/14/2008 4:16 pm

Astonishing Wolf-Man
Black Summer
Cable & Deadpool
Detective Comics
Doktor Sleepless
New Avengers
Madman Atomic Comics
Suburban Glamour
Ultimate Human


SaveALemming (Guest) on 01/14/2008 4:36 pm

Good on you for reading Angel- Brian Lynch needs all the readers h can get right now; he's an almost completely untapped fountain of awesome.

I also read American Virgin which ends in like a month, glad to see I'm not alone on that one. It's a great book.

Buffy I've been getting, and depending on how issue 4 of Green Arrow/Black Canary turns out, I may drop it. I'm tired of this whole killing characters just to do it thing.

Only other one I read is a book called Voodoo Child that is produced by Nicolas Cage and his son. It's a six-issue run from Virgin Comics that I think everyone (specifically Louisiana folk) should check out.


That Guy (Guest) on 01/14/2008 4:51 pm

They're still doing Gen 13?! I got the collection of the first three issues out of the library, and it just seemed crazy, things happening in random order, ect.

Anyway, I haven't been reading comics for awhile, although interestingly I do have a limited edition Amazing Spiderman book from 1993 that features the Montreal Expos. Apparently it's number 5 in some kind of exclusive series and features Spidey having to save an Expos game from the Green Goblin. Kinda stupid, but oh well.

You'll also notice that this is my first post ever on this site. I like what I see so far!

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JJ the Jetplane on 01/14/2008 4:53 pm

I don't read new comics too often, just old ones that my dad owns...I'm reading through the Sandman comics by DC right now.

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Metal Misfit on 01/14/2008 5:14 pm

Avengers: The Initiative
Batman and the Outsiders
Booster Gold
Captain America
Death of the New Gods
Detective Comics
G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Green Arrow/Black Canary
Green Lantern
Hack/Slash: The Series
Incredible Hulk
Justice League of America
Justice Society of America
Marvel Zombies 2
New Avengers
Salvation Run
Teen Titans
The Mighty Avengers
Wonder Woman

I spend way too much money & apartment space on comics. =(

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mburbank on 01/14/2008 5:17 pm

Okay, listen, my 'pu;; ;ist' is sometghing totally different.

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King Credo on 01/14/2008 5:53 pm

I'm actually cancelling half my subscriptions but here's what I'll still read:

Marvel Zombies 2
Black Adam
Ghost Rider
The Sword
Lobster Johnson
Thor (may cancel that. I think it'll be all preachy about stuff.)
Iron Man
Cable & Deadpool
Captain Marvel
Omega The Unknown (I'm trying to get the original series too if any of you guys have issue you want to sell. I'll pay up to 10 dollars for an issue in good condition.)

The Hulk's dead to me because I bought every single part of the WWH storyline (like the crappy Frontline comics and whatnot) only to find that it was just made to promote 3 lame series about a red hulk and a hulk kid and hercules the C-List hero and all kinds of dumb stuff like that.

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-RoG- on 01/14/2008 5:59 pm

You guys will have to excuse Max there, he had another mid-post stroke. Happens all the time...

I'm also disappointed that nobody has mentioned Flaming Carrot or The Tick yet.

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shakaconner on 01/14/2008 6:50 pm

Just TMNT comcis.


Gilgongo (Guest) on 01/14/2008 8:02 pm

Monthly Pull list:

Thor - Straczynski is awesome despite the One More Day idiocy.
Moon Knight - Being followed around by an over-excitable corpse all the time can really get to a guy.
Cable & Deadpool - I'm sad it's about to end, but Cable hasn't even shown up in it's pages in months. Hopefully Deadpool will get his own solo title again soon.
Anything Hulk related - Yeah the end of World War Hulk stunk. Even so, it's been consistently good for the last few years. Hope Loeb doesn't screw that up.
Various Avengers titles.
Nova - Fantastic!
Annihilation - All the cosmic stuff has been great the last couple of years.
Iron Fist - Interesting.
Ms. Marvel - Meh. Might Drop it.
Exiles - On my pull list until I decide if these New Exiles are interesting or not.
X-Factor - Madrox!
Captain America
Captain Marvel - Good so far.
Non-Marvel: Hellblazer, Fables, Loveless, Y, Hex.

Avoid at all costs:
Spider-man - At least for now.
Ultimates - Takes the great marvel characters and makes them as unlikable and creepy as possible.
Marvel Zombies - Enough already.
Any of the DC heros - Not that I have any dislike for the characters. I just have followed Marvel since childhood and I don't have enough room left in my brain to learn 60+ years of convoluted DC history.

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Mystik Tomato on 01/14/2008 8:15 pm

Where I live sucks ass, so the only recent comics I can get are Batman.

Luckily, the local used book store sells comics, and I've gotten a few Captain America comics, a Superman comic from the death of Supes arc (the Cyborg), and 2 Batman comics.


Jonny#5 (Guest) on 01/14/2008 8:52 pm

I'm not a huge comics guy but here's what I've read in the past that I deemed didn't suck.

Ultimate Spiderman
100 Bullets

Now, I'm no stranger to being disappointed by the bastardization of stories (I can't read any Star Wars related stories published after 1999 without flying into a fit of RAGE!) but it seems that there are fewer titles coming out worth reading (save those I mentioned). Hopefully Joe Qasadia or whatever that editor's name is will keep laiz-faire (hands off) with Ultimate SPiderman or there will be hell to pay. Perferably in Canadian currency ;)


AKA (Guest) on 01/14/2008 9:30 pm

@ Protoclown-

52 titles?!?! Even subracting the ones that are "on probation" or fired, if my count is correct (and it could very well not be, as that's a large number), that's 52 titles! And some of those (Countdown) come out more than once a month. You spend over $150/month on comics? Disposable income is right!

I can't imagine even *reading* 50+ comics a month. Or storing them!

I'm sorry, but I just can't get past that. I want to know how you manage that many titles per month. I really do.

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Spruce Moose on 01/14/2008 9:38 pm

Thanks Proto, this brings me one step closer to picking some of these titles up at my local comics joint.


Tylander (Guest) on 01/14/2008 10:39 pm

-Walking Dead
-Avengers: Initiative
-New Avengers(will most likely drop this one soon)

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Entreri21 on 01/14/2008 11:35 pm

Damn you, Proto.....

Now I have to go have my local shop start pulling for me again. And I was having fun with my extra cash...

I stopped reading comics regularly shortly after the whole "House of M" fiasco....

I need to pick up Walking Dead again and finish up collecting the entire Cable & Deadpool series.

Hehehehe Cannonballs....

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puppetgeneral39 on 01/14/2008 11:55 pm

Becuase I'm unemployed(I live in MI so who isn't :P) I'm down to two comics a month.

The Boys

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Copper on 01/15/2008 12:33 am

Let's see...what I *buy* regularly and what I *read* regularly are two entirely different things, but, here goes:

Read without fail:
The D&D Novel adaptations
Laurell K. Hamiltion's Guilty Pleasures

I also pick up the X-Titles, but I'm so far behind, I wonder if I should even bother catching up *laughs*

I read Fables and Y and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when they come out in Graphic Novel format. I also read a lot of manga that I'm not going to list here, as that seems to still be in debate.

Personally, too, I prefer to be called a geek, not a nerd, hehehe.

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Protoclown on 01/15/2008 1:14 am

Thanks for the response, guys. I wish I had the time to comment back to everyone, but I'll respond to some of the questions or comments that I felt inspired to respond to.

Oh, and I forgot to put "Fell" on my list, but since it hasn't come out in forever, I guess that's no surprise. Also, I was reading "Thor" but I didn't pick up the last issue. Not sure if I'm going to continue that one or not.

Purple Man: I picked up the first issue of The Twelve, and though I haven't had the time to read it yet, I've flipped through it, and the art looks fantastic. Though I think this might be the kind of book I'd prefer to wait for the trade paperback and read all at once. And I've got a "thing" for Wonder Woman. But then, who doesn't?

Zbu: The new Gen13 started off confusing, but I've found it enjoyable enough to still be reading it 16 issues in. Sadly, the superior "Welcome to Tranquility" and "Stormwatch: PHD" Wildstorm books that I was enjoying got canceled.

Pentegarn: I read the monthly Toyfare magazine, but mostly for Twisted Toyfare Theater. I'm not as much of a toy geek as I used to be, but I still like to see what new stuff is coming out, because occasionally there'll be something I want.

Sniperwulf: I don't know what it is with Brubaker, but his work on Uncanny hasn't been nearly as good as his work on Cap and Daredevil. And Vulcan? God, what a boring fucking character. I'm kind of torn on Mike Carey. I LOVE his work when he does fantasy (Lucifer, Crossing Midnight), but his superhero stuff leaves something to be desired.

SaveALemming: I'm still not too sure about the new Angel book. Not convinced Brian Lynch has the characters' voices down just right, but I'm giving it a chance. And I REALLY wish that DC would give the reigns of Green Arrow over to someone other than Judd Winick for a change...

User avatar

Protoclown on 01/15/2008 1:24 am

Max Burbank: I'm actually very curious to see what comics you read on a regular basis! (You can show me your version of a "pull list" some other time).

Gilgongo: I grew up a Marvel kid myself, but sometime in the last decade or so I decided to dive on into DC continuity. You'd be surprised how quickly you pick things up, and the cartoon series for Batman, Superman, and Justice League make for great basic primers for the characters. They're putting out some great books. And I really liked Mark Millar's run on Ultimates. I'm not too sure about Jeph Loeb though. He's written so much shite over the past couple years...

Jonny#5: There's a lot of shit being published now, that's true, but I'd say there's as much if not more good stuff being published now than there ever has been in comics. A lot of it is non-superhero stuff though.

AKA: Honestly, it's becoming a problem. I'm interested in more books than I can seem to keep up with, as I rarely seem to spend any evenings at home these days. And storage is a bitch. I'm selling a good number of books on eBay, and a lot of them I'm selling with the intention of converting to trade paperbacks. I used to like the idea of saving the individual issues, but sooner or later space issues and practicality and the joy of rereading a version without ads take over. It'd be financially smarter to wait for the trade paperbacks altogether, but I like to experience the stories in a serial format as they are published too much.

Spruce Moose: Keep your eyes on the Weekly "Comics" section. Max and I will steer you toward the good stuff and away from the shit.

puppetgeneral39: You can't go wrong with those two choices! A little Ennis and Ellis to make life a bit more fun...

Copper: I prefer to be called a geek as well, but "Hey Comic Nerds" just sounds better to me. :P


Max Powers (Guest) on 01/15/2008 1:36 am

I wait until issues are collected into trade paperbacks. In the past I've read:
V for Vendetta
The Crow
Books of Magic

I'm now reading:
100 Bullets

And I collect key stuff, like my recent acquisition last weekend of the first appearance of Silver Age/Modern Two Face, from friggin Half Price Books!


T L Wolf (Guest) on 01/15/2008 1:48 am

Holy crap, Burbank, you been following the advice of Bob the Christmas Lobster again?

User avatar

Samfucius on 01/15/2008 2:45 am

As someone with an income of approximately $0.00 a day, I don't really get the chance to read that many comics, but my local comic book store owner gave me a copy of Fell, and I must say, I have been hooked beyond belief (Dog bless you, Pat).

Other than that, The Boys, Marvel Zombies, and Gunslinger Born are the only others I can afford to read.

Thank you, and good night sir.


Algertman (Guest) on 01/15/2008 7:05 am

I work part time a comicbook shop. So i pretty much read about 90% of what comes out. Also who ever runs that shop would in the pick would never get my money. Those books are not bagged and boarded. We do that to ALL of our single issues.

User avatar

mburbank on 01/15/2008 9:54 am

Okay okay

Justice League
Justice Society
Birds o' prey
New Avengers
Both X-men books whatever the hell they currently call themselves and the Whedon X-men book which I guess is something else these days too

And then I buy stuff off the stand if it looks interesting or if I'm checking to see if a comic I have liked that started to suck got good again.


uncircumsizedfacelift (Guest) on 01/16/2008 12:40 am

i don't have the $ to buy comics regularly,or almost at all,but when i do i usually hunt do collected trades/graphic novels to save the time of hunting an etire saga down

User avatar

arg_zombies on 01/16/2008 12:35 pm

I don't buy any comic but 2000AD

User avatar

elementalblazer on 01/16/2008 6:32 pm

The twelve have the worst costumes I've ever seen I mean what's the deal with the robin shorts that guy has.

User avatar

elementalblazer on 01/16/2008 6:48 pm

Oh yeah, I'm kinda of new to comics so I'm reading some old stuff and a couple of new stuff.

World War Hulk
Astonishing X-men
Death of Captain America
Y-the Last Man
The Ultimates
Ultimate Spider-man
Ultimate X-men
Captain America:Ed Brubaker runs


Blev (Guest) on 01/17/2008 1:17 am

I really don't like to encourage Joey Quesadilla with my hard earned coin, so I limit my Marvel titles. Come to think of it, its kinda easy. This is the short version of my active comics list:

100 Bullets
Green Lantern
The Boys-pretty much anything Ennis
The Walking Dead-pretty much anything Kirkman


Nic (Guest) on 01/17/2008 2:00 am

With a few exceptions I read all the ones you do... though my heart is in silver age DC stuff. Maybe it wasn't as gritty and real as today's comics, but damnit they entertain me.

Nonetheless, I enjoy reading almost all the modern comics Marvel puts out there, a little less for DC .. but holy god stop with the spin offs and suplimentary stories...we get it already, every main storyline deserves at least 7 different minor lines spawned from it.. usually filled with boring dialougue from 2nd rate heroes and random civilians doing shitty narration.

Oh and zombie comics. Please stop with the zombie comics. Living Dead were cool. Marvel Zombies were cool. Anything with Ash is cool. That's it.

User avatar

JJ the Jetplane on 01/20/2008 4:36 pm

where did the idea to make zombie comics come from anyways... it seems like such a random thing to start writng about...

User avatar

El Oh El on 01/20/2008 5:40 pm

Exiles,Ultimate: Spiderman, ironman and xmen the Ultimates and Marvel Zombies


MisterCark (Guest) on 01/20/2008 11:10 pm

I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying Doktor Sleepless--looks like Ellis has created for himself a science bastard for the new century to take up the Jerusalem mantle.

The Boys is strangely compelling. I don't know why, but I never fail to get a kick out of underwear perverts behaving badly.


Daddy (Guest) on 01/20/2008 11:26 pm

Shaolin Cowboy- Burlyman Ent.

Unfortunatley, I can only buy comics when I do have disposable income. However, I can't believe no one has mentioned this one. Written and masterfully illustrated by Geof Darrow. Each issue has a humorous foreword written by the Wachowski bros. (of Matrix fame).
It's time you guys branch out of your Marvel/DC safety zone. Let this be your gateway drug.

User avatar

LuC on 01/21/2008 10:12 pm

Hey Protoclown, if you really want to repel ladies that badly, why don't you just smear feces on your face?

User avatar

Jaimas on 01/22/2008 11:45 am

I used to read Spawn, before it covalesced into a giant flaming pile of stupid. To be fair, I kept reading it anyway, because it often had some dark humor that kept me amused, and because the only alternatives, at the time, sucked.

...And then the comic store closed. :(

Unfortunately the noted lack of comic and hobby stores in my area means the only comics we get now are the "safe" ones that are on virtually every "god this comic sucks" list.

That and the Goddamned Batman, which is the best "funny for all the wrong reasons" thing I've seen since Captain Planet.


Chuck (Guest) on 02/19/2008 12:34 am

Zombies. It has a guy with a samurai sword. Need I say more?

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