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In Which I Reveal My Dabbling In The Sciences.

I saw the eclipse... in the reflection of my TV screen!

Gentle Reader, what can I tell you today?

Last night, during commercial breaks in American Idol, I watched a total eclipse of the moon. I’m certain the confluence of events was informative in some way, but it hasn’t processed yet. I favor the lady with the two-tone hair and I think eclipse phenomena are overrated in general, although I enjoyed it. We are constantly being told that some astronomical function is taking place which has not happened in many years and won’t happen again in our lifetimes, but it seems as if taken as a whole they happen with unkind regularity. I can only be called upon to be amazed so many times. As an employee of a science museum, I recognize this opinion for the shameful lack of character it reveals, but there it is.

Speaking of science museums, would you like to see what I would look and sound like if I were about one and one half inches tall and existed as a series of illuminated bits of light that appear to move? Simply direct your Internet machine to these coordinates:

And you will see me behaving foolishly in a professional capacity. If you have the wherewithal, you might consider contributing to the advancement of science yourself.

I am currently at work writing about Pluto. The heavenly body, not the dog, whose body is animated and sausage like. It was a planet. It is not now. Was it ever? These questions irritate a great many people and much of that irritation comes from a misunderstanding of what a scientist means when they say something ‘is’ something. Does this make former president Bill Clinton a Scientist? Perhaps. In any case, it falls to me to make a public explanation in the near future involving a planetarium machine including all it’s various esoteric engines and personnel. It is my great good fortune that someone in a professional capacity must have had a stroke or other brain impairing moment on the level of my being asked to direct Sunday School Pageants, but it happens, gentle readers, it happens.


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wobzire on 02/21/2008 5:34 pm

Wow thats deep... Sure is shaping up to be a great season of American Idol though!

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Pihlak101 on 02/21/2008 5:45 pm

Yeah eclipes are constantly happening. But this eclipse encirculed most of the Americas.

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RaxaR on 02/21/2008 6:20 pm

awwwwww, you were serious, I was hoping you were going to talk about making genetic half human/half chicken hybrids.....the olde fashioned way


James (Guest) on 02/21/2008 7:06 pm

I missed the Eclipse *sad face*. The shadow was about half way across the face of the moon, then a huge bank of clouds rolled in.

Disappointed, I slunked off to bed.

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Tetsu Deinonychus on 02/21/2008 7:46 pm

That dinosaur vid was wonderful. It reminded me of alot of the dinosaur shows form when I was a kid.

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Colonel Flagg on 02/21/2008 8:02 pm

I don't know, Max, "woo-woo-dee-hoo-dee-dee-hoo" sounds like a dinosaur roar to me. But what do I know, I'm a chemist.

You make me want to go back to wearing glasses, so I can whip them off when framing a dramatic comment. That'll really impress the ladies, I know it!

Or is that just pathetic?

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beatpole on 02/21/2008 8:25 pm

Someday, Pluto will be a planet again, just as soon as Disney realizes the marketing opportunities, also Neptune will be renamed Mickey. This will probably happen around the time of the next McLunar eclipse.

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Ashmodai on 02/21/2008 9:30 pm

In my professional opinion as a physicist, that was definitely a dinosaur's roar.

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Spruce Moose on 02/21/2008 9:57 pm

Holy Crap! I'm happen to be hitting that exact museum later on in the year! I must look for the Burbank!

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Dungeonbrownies on 02/21/2008 10:19 pm

honestly, i dont watch american idol, and i dint see the eclipse. i did siit outside in the moonlight for a lil though. its pleasant outside at night, too bad most ppl dont realize that.

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SunnyD on 02/21/2008 11:16 pm

Huh, I always imagined your voice to be a lot deeper than that, and somewhat more I dunno, disgruntled.

Still, fun video


Frostor (Guest) on 02/22/2008 12:08 am

That almost made me want to visit the Museum of Science again...almost. I liked it when I was a kid, but then years later I went back and somehow the magic was gone. Oh well, maybe someday.

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Nick on 02/22/2008 2:40 am

Man, what a hard choice to make. American Idol or watching the eclipse.

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KillerMcGee on 02/22/2008 3:31 am

wow, was pluto ever a planet if it isn't now? intense. "back in my day pluto was mistakenly called a planet. Good thing we came to our senses." SCIENCE!!

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Pentegarn on 02/22/2008 5:27 am

My girlfriend called me up to tell me to watch the eclipse. But I was so tired and sore from work that I just slept instead.


Ray (Guest) on 02/22/2008 5:54 am

For some unkown reason when I was watching that video of you I was half expecting you to sell me something for 3 easy payments of $29.99.

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mburbank on 02/22/2008 8:46 am

SunnyD - My voice can be deeper and I am more disgruntled. Your were taken in by the magical glamour of my ACTING!

additionally I am pleased a punch to find out scientists are reading I-mockery

User avatar

Colonel Flagg on 02/22/2008 10:17 am

It's a little known fact scientists use I-Mockery nearly as much as Google for references and citations.


Eric (Guest) on 02/22/2008 10:37 am

saw the eclipse,didn't bother with idol.


Luke (Guest) on 02/22/2008 3:32 pm

At the intro I was suddenly struck, "Holy Shit he has a PhD!", but then - haha - he didn't. I think the readers from this page found that gag a lot funnier than the regular viewers.

Aren't a little worried unleashing the forces of mockery on an uploadable video? But having been involved in science popularisation myself, I understand that any level of activity is a good thing.

The kids roars are extraordinarly cute.

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Max Radical on 02/22/2008 3:34 pm

Now signed in (Luke is me, above), to add myself to the "actually a scientist" tally. Studying physics, working to get into science education, got a buddy running the school program at the local science museum.

Needless to say, *massively* interested in any future science educatory materials you share.

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Count Mek on 02/22/2008 8:35 pm

Man Max, that video was REALLY COOL!
Great acting there man :D

User avatar

incognit000 on 02/22/2008 8:57 pm

Record cold temperatures so bad my car battery froze solid?

I went out anyway. I'm a dweeb.


naardejood (Guest) on 02/23/2008 2:25 am

I totally dig the sweater, Max. Love the blood-red lab coat, too.

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homor on 02/23/2008 5:28 am

lunar eclispe's suck.

for me it's solar or nothing.


Fierce Almond (Guest) on 02/25/2008 12:29 am

Hey max, I can't believe you work at the MOS! I have a membership there and I go all the time. That's awesome. I'll keep an eye out for you next time. Or not, maybe you don't work out in the open. You better, next time I'm there >:O

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Oska_Go_Wilde on 02/26/2008 3:16 am

I actually went outside to look at the Eclipse. I grabbed the first articles of over-clothing that I could find because I had the knowledge that it was damn cold. Well, the first articles of over-clothing I could find were a giant pair of yellow rubber boots, an oversized leather jacket, and a bowler-hat. I must have looked like an idiot.

User avatar

mburbank on 02/26/2008 12:26 pm

Almond: If you come on a weekday, look me up.

Oska: No sir. If you'd had a monocle, you would have had complete IAU approved eclipse wearing gear.

User avatar

executioneer on 02/28/2008 5:24 pm

the eclipse almost made me crash my car, thanks a lot MOON >:

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