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My Life As A Zombie Sheriff.


Here's your chance to help ol' Protoclown get on the upcoming Diary of the Dead DVD. Last Saturday I got all dressed up as a zombie and spent the entire day working on a three-minute short film directed by Robert Elkins, titled "No More Room in Hell." My friend Scott (the one who looks like Rob Zombie) told me about this shoot and convinced me to come along and be in Robert's film. I've already been in a previous film of his, "The Curse of Zombie Lake", which will appear on the upcoming Zombthology DVD, but I'm wearing a mask in that so no one will actually recognize me. Fortunately, we got actual make up this time around, which for me was a lot more fun.

Robert is participating in a Diary of the Dead contest, in which the top five winners will be featured on the upcoming Diary DVD. Go here to see the film, and then (you have to be logged into Myspace) just click on the buttons below to vote on whether you like it or not. The 10 videos with the highest ratings will be viewed by George Romero himself, and then he'll pick his five favorites and put them on the upcoming DVD as extras.

Unfortunately these films are all limited to three minutes, so there was only so much we could do with that time. But hey, I got to play a zombie sheriff and I even get a special sound effect (oooh!) when I come out to attack! And you get to hear me making hungry zombie groan noises.

So go and help me out! I don't care if you like the movie or not, I just want to be on the DVD! Nah, if you honestly don't like it, you don't have to give it a "Booyah!" but I will come to your house and eat your brains. You have been warned.

Here's the rest of the zombilicious cast:

happy zombie family



User avatar

Fat_Hippo on 02/23/2008 3:53 pm

Looks really cool, hope you win! Definitley cool looking zombie makeup. Did you get to eat anyone's brains?
Also: Is there any way to watch the video without getting the DVD though? Under what name will it be on youtube (or somewhere else)?

User avatar

Protoclown on 02/23/2008 5:29 pm

If you go to the link I put in the blog entry, that will take you to the video. Then you can vote on it there.

User avatar

saturnknight on 02/23/2008 5:32 pm

good luck Proto, you are a convincing zomby sheriff


Snype (Guest) on 02/23/2008 6:12 pm

Just a little more blood on your mouth and you struck gold.

User avatar

SunnyD on 02/23/2008 6:18 pm

That dog looks like it's ready to eat the zombie's brains instead.

User avatar

Colonel Flagg on 02/23/2008 7:21 pm

If every member and guest votes for you, I'm sure you will get more votes than .... well you'll get votes, anyway.

You make an ugtastic zombie. And I do mean that in a good way.

User avatar

Nick on 02/23/2008 7:55 pm

"Just pump it or something!"

User avatar

-RoG- on 02/23/2008 8:24 pm

I love replaying the scene where he gets shot in the head... only because I've fantasized about it countless times in the past.

In all seriousness though, please help vote for it so it makes it onto the DVD. The director is far from a visionary as you can see, but it'd be awesome to be able to buy the DVD in the future and see Proto in all of his justice enforcing zombie glory on it!


Tren (Guest) on 02/23/2008 8:40 pm

Hmmm... It lacks some sound effects... it's not as scary in daylight... the lack of mike makes the voices sound ridiciously low at times... but damn, that was nice make-up. As a zombie enthusiast, I give it a thumbs up :)

Almost makes me wanna join MySpace, just so that I could vote for it.


User avatar

Durin413 on 02/23/2008 9:22 pm

It aint lookin good, the % is below 50. I thin we got a bunch of haters, perhaps with spam accounts created for the sole purpose of your demise.


Shane Skekel (Guest) on 02/24/2008 1:01 am

You look like a zombified Frank Welker, and the fat guy in the front looks like Roger C. Carmel.

User avatar

Jaimas on 02/24/2008 1:23 am

I smell a new I-Mockery game and sequel the Ivan Drago classic!

User avatar

shroomfest on 02/24/2008 1:22 pm

Great job! Your more convincing than the average zombie joe we see nowadays. Was the sound effect for the pistol lifted from a game?


Parout (Guest) on 02/24/2008 7:46 pm

It was pretty good. I dunno.....I didn't find it scary or anything. You were really good though!

User avatar

incognit000 on 02/24/2008 8:22 pm

Damn, you guys did a great job on the makeup there. Thumbs up for great justice!

User avatar

KatieLovesThe80’s on 02/24/2008 9:32 pm

yea for zombies. and i think that dog likes you.


Keith (Guest) on 02/24/2008 11:25 pm

The dog is clearly staring covetously all the way across the group at the girl with the red hair. If that old man had let go of the dog, it would have flown like a missile at her head and would have bitten her ear clean off. Though I doubt it has the mandible power to rip a hole through her skull in order to lap at her brains.

User avatar

Marthaeus Autolykos on 02/25/2008 10:56 am

I wish I had pics or videos of the zombie Mardi Gras parade I was in a couple of years ago. My makeup: a guy took a swig from a bottle of fake blood and spit it all over me. We shambled and groaned around the FQ, mobbing passing cars, and we even had designated victims, dressed like tourists hanging out in crowds of tourists...we attacked them and flung the bags of fake gore concealed under their clothes all over the tourists. We also attacked some evangelists for kicks. Afterwards, I had to go pick up a friend from her job on Bourbon St, and as any of you who've seen it around Mardi Gras, it's packed to the brim with people and you can't move around. When people saw me coming, though, they parted like the Red Sea...the drunken looks of terror were priceless.


a passerby… (Guest) on 02/25/2008 9:59 pm

The movie was just below the good level. The acting needed a bit more work, and the gunshot sounded like it was from a newgrounds flash, but in all seriousness it was good.

I upped your % by 1. Yay.


Jill (Guest) on 02/26/2008 2:09 am

lol you make me laugh...

your humor really reminds me of this other blog i go to: you have the same witty lighthearted humor that i LOVE!

ps kudos for the picture! :)


adam higgins (Guest) on 02/26/2008 3:34 am

I see many booya ratings in the tides ahead....

User avatar

Mormon_Norman on 02/26/2008 4:15 pm

You look like a zombie version of the sheriff from TWIN PEAKS

User avatar

Anti.5 on 02/27/2008 10:52 am

Ha, ha, good stuff!

User avatar

Geminate on 03/01/2008 1:34 am

Eh, so where are the other videos?



mfdoom928 (Guest) on 03/01/2008 3:25 pm

Sweet! Robert Elkins posts on deadpit and i have seen backwoods and backwoods 2! i shall vote....ALOT

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