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Beetles And Gum, Together At Last!

Let's have a stag party... a stag beetle party that is! HOORAY FOR BUG JOKES ROFLROFLROFL!

The last time I reported to you about something interesting I found at Mitsuwa Marketplace, the greatest Japanese grocery store in L.A., it was to show you that the old Orbitz novelty beverages do still exist under the guise of Capsela. Today, I wanted to share with you this little oddity that I recently found in Mitsuwa's candy aisle. Granted, I don't speak a word of Japanese, but when I see a box depicting stag beetles crawling around on it in the candy aisle, I don't ask questions... I just buy, buy, buy! So just what were these mystery stag beetle boxes all about? Let's take a closer look...

Beetlegum? Beetlejuice?

The back of the box showed one of the beetles being bent up and down, which in my wildly childish imagination, I assumed is how you got the "candy beetle guts" to pour out. Sounds reasonable enough, right? Well, after I purchased one and took it home, I noticed that they put an ingredients list sticker (written in English) on the side of the box. It confirmed that the Beetles were chewing gum, or at least something about this beetle product was edible and they weren't just haphazardly chucked into the candy aisle because the grocer had no other place to put 'em. And now it was time for the moment of truth...

All that packaging for one little Chiclet? Curses!

Damnit! As it turns out, these Japanese stag beetles are made by a company called F-Toys and it seems like they've found the perfect way to work their merchandise in with any grocer. You see, the beetles aren't the edible part, they're just realistic looking plastic bugs for you to collect (they even come with beetle fact trading cards - I got the Trypoxylus Dichotomus). However, they do include ONE Chiclet-sized piece of gum. They even individually wrapped it! That's one hell of a precious Chiclet and that's all it takes to get this product into the grocery stores. So yeah, a big box with a plastic beetle in the candy aisle... it got me all excited about having some kind of crazy edible Japanese candy bugs inside, and instead, I ended up with a Chiclet and a beetle toy. Serves me right though; one of these days I'm gonna learn to speak/read Japanese. Yeah... I'm sure that'll be easy.

Well anyway, at least the beetle will come in handy when I feel like leaving it on the ground to freak the living hell out of Re. It does look very realistic and I'm not letting such artistry go to waste. In the meantime, this beetle (whom I've named "Horace J. Tinklethunder, III") will guard that precious Chiclet with his life. I dare you to try taking it from him. Have you ever seen the 1990 movie Men At Work where Louis tells the guys, "There are several sacred things in this world that you don't ever mess with. One of them happens to be another man's fries. Now, you remember that, and you will live a long and healthy life."? Well the same thing applies to Japanese beetles and their Chiclets. Don't ever mess with another beetle's Chiclets.




Huggbees (Guest) on 03/21/2008 12:25 am


Oh man does that look awesome, how do you always find so much cool stuff RoG?

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Roggs on 03/21/2008 12:50 am

Serving size, 1.6 grams (.06 ounces)
Servings, 1

The answer was there all along.

I hate those cheap scams, though. It's like the gummy bear boxes at the movie theaters, only 1/3 filled, all of it in front of the little window on the box.

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El Sammo on 03/21/2008 3:28 am

My brother and I want to organize Rhino beetle fights. They're in the larval stage for 2-6 years species depending... Stag beetles for 4-5...this puts a major flaw in our plan.

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fiercealmond on 03/21/2008 3:48 am

Years? I believe it's months. I was just thinking of buying a beetle the other day, how odd you should post this. I'd need to buy one post-larval stage. I couldn't stand to have that huge nasty worm. Some beetle larva weigh up to 4 ounces, and really, who wants a quarter pound worm as a pet?

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blacksamster on 03/21/2008 4:05 am

I do.

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Pentegarn on 03/21/2008 6:02 am

At first when I read the title, I thought Paul and Ringo had gotten together to craft a new gum.

But this is pretty cool too.

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Colonel Flagg on 03/21/2008 8:30 am

Insect trading cards are awesome. We don't pay enough respect to our six legged friends.

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Samfucius on 03/21/2008 8:40 am

Perhaps what the front of the box is tring to say is,

"Awesome super fun-fun time plastic beetle with happy-go beetle gum!

Warning! Gum will make you into super beetle man! Happy day!"

Eat the gum, -Rog-, and the japanese will allow you and your huge carapace to fight Godzilla.

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Zounds on 03/21/2008 8:52 am

Good god! I MUST COLLECT THEM ALL! Honestly who wouldn't want a full set of stag beetles from Japan to brag about?

Reminds me of the time many years ago that I once found a male stag beetle (the sort with large pincers) on the playground in elementary school, now mind you that stag beetles as far as I know weren’t common to New Jersey but there it was in all its glory. Ahh what a day that was, alas my teacher made me throw it out the window when she spotted me playing with it during math class. Bah, philistine!

Ah yes and if memory serves what you got there is the female japanese rhinoceros beetle, seeing how males have the pincers. Just though you needed to know. Admit it, that’s gotta be one of the coolest insects out there, next to the praying mantis, pill bugs, and the cicada.

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Ronin S on 03/21/2008 9:33 am

I read in Japan that schoolboys have the same preoccupation with beetles that schoolboys in North America have with dinosaurs.

And you have a female stag beetle. Males have horns which the use to fight for mates.

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saturnknight on 03/21/2008 10:30 am

eatable beetles sounds disgusting, but delicious, and if they could be eaten and not look like the gummy bugs up here in canada, i say go for it.... but wouldn't they taste like black licorice? it's a turn off to have a sugary treet tha smells like package of asses

now if Fear Factor made beetle gum, immagine the gore with that

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Roggs on 03/21/2008 11:04 am

Better yet, maybe it's one of those Amityville Screech Beetles from Constantine where, if you shake it, it shrieks and stuns demons. Quite a find there, actually.


Reb (Guest) on 03/21/2008 11:14 am

Yeah... those. I live in Taiwan, so anything popular in Japan leaks over here, and you see stag beetle products everywhere, in 7-11, in Hello Kitty stores... they're also apparently immensely popular pets.

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Zounds on 03/21/2008 11:32 am

That’s it Rog, we your loyal I-mockery viewers demand that you obtain a pet stag beetle and set up a live webcam feed of it 24-7 for us to enjoy! Think of it! Some sights have cats on webcam, their offices, but only we would have a LIVE stag beetle! Woooo! Take that internet!

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IXCE on 03/21/2008 2:56 pm

Oh such a disappointment, I was hoping they would be chewy candy insects with some juicy liquid goodness inside. If it doesn't exist I guess I'll have to make them myself.


a passerby… (Guest) on 03/21/2008 3:28 pm

They do exist, its just in Japan they don't. :/


a passerby… (Guest) on 03/21/2008 3:29 pm

Oh and I think I should make a band called the "Beetles" just to piss everyone off.

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Captain Struggle on 03/21/2008 4:20 pm

Perhaps you should eat the Beetle and proudly display the gum. That will show 'em!


Eric (Guest) on 03/21/2008 6:30 pm

the gum is sugarfree...good news if a diabetic person like myself bought it.

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El Sammo on 03/22/2008 12:13 am

According to Wikipedia, the larval stage is years, and the beetle only lives for half a year. I want some candy stag beetles man, that'd be sweet.


B.T.C (Guest) on 03/22/2008 12:23 am

You should seem some of those Japanese Beatles in action. Like right here

This site is strangely addicting.

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Jaimas on 03/22/2008 2:29 am

Rather humorously, Trypoxylus Beetles are the bugs that infest and animate the Scarecrow Demons in Devil May Cry 4. So ROG has one of those guarding his chiclet.

Don't piss it off, people.


rimmie (Guest) on 03/22/2008 5:34 am

Edible beetles, like on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom only sweet like candy....I like it. I like it a lot.


BakaGaijin (Guest) on 03/22/2008 7:50 am

I can't read all of it, still learning. But the orange strip in the middle says: "Japanese Kabutomushi (rhinoceros beetle) and Kuwagata (stag beetle)." The red and white letters say "Super Real Figure".

Those toy boxes are Japanese marketing at their finest. They produce tons of different toys/series of anything from fake food, furniture, anime figures, Godzilla, cars, etc. Each box has a random figure in the series. Kids keep buying the boxes to collect them all and trade with thier friends. If you're ever in NY, there's a place on 2nd Ave. between 7th and 8th streets called Toy Tokyo which carries tons of them. I'm hooked on the Godzilla ones.


Drew (Guest) on 03/22/2008 3:00 pm

I have to visit that Mitsuwa here in the Chicago suburbs, as it does look very interesting...

*** SIDENOTE *** I love the little comments that pop up when you hover the mouse pointer over photos posted within this site. SUCH a nice extra. However, you guys (Rog, etc.) haven't been doing them lately on most movie reviews and other large special posts. Please resume if possible!

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Nick on 03/22/2008 3:57 pm


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incognit000 on 03/22/2008 5:08 pm

You're telling the truth about beetles and chiclets, man. Why do you think I only have 9 fingers?


Gryphman (Guest) on 03/22/2008 7:06 pm

"Candy toys" are huge in Japan. It's #2 in the mini toy department.

Capsule toys are the smallest, and are mostly confined to figurines. They have the widest fan-base, and are popular to people of all ages. There's a store in Tokyo that's two stories of nothing but capsule machines.

Candy toys are generally bigger than capsule toys, but are made a bit cheaper. Some are simple models. Others are more complex. Back in the 80s throughout the entire run of G1, you could get mini snap together kits of Transformers that were almost exactly like their larger counterparts. These are popular mainly with children.

Trading figures are the most expensive and elaborate. They come packed randomly in blind boxes, so you don't know what you're getting until you open it. They range from figurines, articulated action figures, to highly detailed miniature replicas (weapons, houses, furniture, cars, animals.) Many also come with components to a larger "build-a-figure", and alternately painted chase figures. Trading figures are most popular among teenagers (mostly girls) and otaku.

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Pandajuice on 03/23/2008 6:24 am

I second the demand for a beetle webcam. Make it so Rog!


MSJ (Guest) on 03/23/2008 8:49 am

While I love gum and beetles, the larvae scares the hell outa me, to the point of nightmares.

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Obscurus Lupa on 03/23/2008 11:53 pm

Joke time!

Whaddaya call a beetle that's sold to you under false pretenses of candy?

A cheatle.

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Troubleshoot on 03/24/2008 1:06 am

Bugs N gum, surprisingly not the most interesting combo I have had the horror of hearing. Ah well, as long as RoG is happy with his purchase.

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mmm_braaains on 03/24/2008 9:56 pm


I thought you'd get to eat the whole damn thing.
My dreams are cushed.

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mobo85 on 03/25/2008 4:10 pm

Maybe it's a fancy Japanese version of baseball/trading cards- instead of trading cards and a stick of gum, you get a three-dimensional insect and a piece of gum. Much better deal, in my opinion- you get less gum, but you get a THREE-DIMENSIONAL INSECT. I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of Wacky Packages.


yelinna (Guest) on 04/01/2008 11:01 pm

I like plastic bugs :)


800 Vanity (Guest) on 11/27/2009 10:28 pm

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