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In Which We Discuss Our Relationship.

Mind your damned business, punk!

Gentle reader, would you say that you and I were close? I like to think we are. I feel as if I can tell you anything. And I know you can trust me because I will always tell you the truth with the exception of those times when I am telling you things that are not true at all. But you won’t know, and that’s what makes our relationship ideal. That is why, over time, and with dedication, you will come to know me far, far better than the real people in my real life I owe the real truth to. My bride, my children, the many, many judges, officers of the court and law and criminal justice professionals I come before. With them, I am constrained to share only what I do, whereas with you, I can tell you who I am. (more...)



Clown Travel Agency.

Don't forget to pack the Smilex gas!

On April Fool's Day I was sitting in my office praying for a swift death when suddenly my friend Matt called to tell me to check out the website The fact that it was April 1st was in the back of my mind, but Matt's not much of a prankster, so I decided to risk getting fired for pulling up some kind of Bozo fetish porn site and checked it out. Miraculously, it was one of five sites that actually isn't blocked by my company's annoying Websense blocker, and I quickly saw that it was some kind of viral marketing site for the upcoming Batman movie. After clicking on an envelope it pulled up a list of cities and said "the trip starts today" or something along those lines. (more...)



The Public Push-Up.

Oh don't mind me... I'm just doin' some push-ups!

My friends, I come to you today with alarming news of a new phenomenon which I have witnessed twice in the past 24 hours. I was driving down Sunset Boulevard earlier today when I noticed a shirtless fellow drop to the pavement and begin to do push-ups. Mind you, he wasn't doing this in a park or some other recreational area, but on the sidewalks in front of various shops. At first, I shrugged it off, figuring it was just one of those random peculiar things you see every now 'n then while living in a big city. (more...)



The “PickleMan Begins” Beta Test Was An April Fool’s Day Gag? You Don’t Say!


So yeah, for those of you who didn't get it, the "PickleMan Begins" Flash game beta test was a complete joke. I'm sure most of you realized this fact quickly, but it never ceases to amaze me how there's always a handful of people who think these gags are the real deal. It's all part of the fun though and I gotta thank Nick (Bomtoons) for staying up with me this weekend and working on my latest absurd April Fool's Day gag. Having done fun ones in the past like the I-Grounds prank, I always feel like I need to top myself (as with most anything I work on, even though that's an unrealistic expectation much of the time), but it's always a good time brainstorming ways to screw around with people or give 'em some extra laughs come April 1st each year. (more...)


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