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I-Mockery’s 2008 Halloween Season Has Begun!

Greetings, ghouls 'n goblins! Welcome to I-Mockery's 2008 Halloween season!

Yes indeedy, it's that time of year again! As most of you know, September 1st marks the beginning of our annual "2 Months of Halloween" celebration here on I-Mockery. Everything you see on this site between now and October 31st will be nothing but Halloween-oriented goodness (or badness, depending on what we happen to be covering). This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love seeing the horror movies slowly creep their way onto TV stations more frequently. I love seeing the latest Halloween candies trickle into all the stores around town. I love seeing the seasonal Halloween stores pop-up for a brief time in some shoddy old retail space that was previously home to squatters, rats and... squatters who eat rats. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm really glad that Halloween is a comin'.

We've got all sorts o' spookylicious things planned for the 2008 Halloween season here on I-Mockery, but if any of you have suggestions for things you'd like to see us cover, please let us know. It doesn't matter if it's a Halloween event taking place in your area, a horror movie, a costume, some new candy, or some completely bizarro new Halloween novelty... we wanna hear about it.

To those of you who aren't well acquainted with our admittedly over the top annual Halloween celebration here on I-Mockery, I recommend you check out some of our main Halloween attractions. And hell, even if you've been with us for years, it wouldn't hurt to look back over all that old stuff to help get in the spirit o' things.

-I-Mockery's Halloween Collection: Here you'll find quick 'n easy access to most of our Halloween material from the past. Extremely in-depth horror movie and candy reviews, product reviews, and of course the boppin' Halloween adventures of Count Pop himself.

-The Halloween Grab Bag: Much like our "Shorts" section, this is a place where you'll find our smaller Halloween articles, but often covering some of the weirdest stuff we've ever stumbled upon.

-The Greatest Horror Movie Moments: Another favorite is our ongoing quest to document some of the finest moments in horror movies. Sometimes they're moments you're well aware of, other times, it's stuff you probably never knew existed. Either way, if you're looking for some horror movies to check out this season, this is a good place to start.

-Trick-Or-Treat Adventure: Our largest Flash game to date... and it's all about Halloween. If you're a fan of classic adventure games such as Monkey Island and Space Quest, you'll feel right at home with this one as you go on an adventure to build a Halloween costume and then collect enough candies before you battle the ultimate evil! It even auto-saves your progress as you go play, so you don't have to beat the game all in one sitting.

Of course, you can still expect our regular site updates to the Blabber Blog and Weeklies section (and we have plenty of archived Halloween blog entries for you peruse), along with a whole new slew of Halloweeny articles this season. We've also got some great Halloween contests in store for you to participate in as well. I-Mockery's big 2008 Halloween season has finally begun and I hope you guys will all be here for the spooktacular ride!



Ty22 (Guest) on 09/01/2008 6:49 pm

Hooray for Halloween!!

User avatar

ISChris on 09/01/2008 7:01 pm

Halloween already? I love you Rog.

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Tom Foolery on 09/01/2008 7:16 pm

I thought Halloween would never get here.


Yo (Guest) on 09/01/2008 7:33 pm

One of the things that put a smile on my face in September is looking at good ol' Pickleman's flashing pumpkin head on the top of the site.

User avatar

Ronin S on 09/01/2008 7:42 pm

All right! Halloween! Full size chocolate bars all around! How can you not love an even that's all about candy and dressing up? Too bad it's not an official holiday where we get off of work.

But seriously, no candy corn, or that nasty brown taffy. That stuff makes me want to puke. Those are the only things I don't like about Halloween.

User avatar

Relaxing Dragon on 09/01/2008 8:12 pm

I missed this site around Halloween last year, so all this is new and completely awesome to me. I can't wait for another Spooky Movie Spotlight (personal wishlist: either a trashing of the POS Zodiac Killer or a regular review of the ever-grand People Under the Stairs. But I'll love whatever comes up), and the regular articles from around this time are always grand.

Also (and this is just me): Candy Corn = deliciousness. Seriously, I love those things, I could scarf down a bagful, no problem.

User avatar

Ashmodai on 09/01/2008 8:14 pm

I was so excited when I saw the seasonal Halloween stores going in...2 weeks ago!!


lisa brawner (Guest) on 09/01/2008 8:15 pm

wish it could be halloween all year :) This is first i have been here . I am enjoying it very much!


i-bobbery (Guest) on 09/01/2008 8:54 pm

whens that halloween choose your own adventure thing coming out?

User avatar

Geminate on 09/01/2008 9:10 pm

COUNT POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User avatar

Jigby Huggletinks on 09/01/2008 9:11 pm

(In the singing voice of Glenn Danzig) "I remembwah Hallowayn, this day, anythin' goes, burnin' bodies hang from poles, I remembwah Hallowayn!"

Halloween, a time for ridiculous Misfits references and of course, lots of the BEST stuff i-Mockery ever puts up. The first time I ever saw your site it was Halloween time, so you can imagine how much I love when it comes around.

Fond memories of Phantasmagoria... sigh.

User avatar

crazyozzyfan87 on 09/01/2008 9:29 pm

alright halloween is back.

User avatar

stevetothepast on 09/01/2008 9:30 pm

thank god for i-mockery's Halloween extravaganza.


David C. Gant (Guest) on 09/01/2008 9:32 pm

Been enjoying it for years Rog. Good times. Can't wait to see what Count Pop is up to.

User avatar

kenny on 09/01/2008 11:07 pm

im very excited for this years halloween section it is also my foavorite holiday and time of year. It was also around this time 2 years ago that i stumbled upon this while googling for haunted houses.

User avatar

bauhaus on 09/01/2008 11:54 pm

this is when i mockery really shines,sure it's great the other 10 months too but the double dose of halloween is what i wait for every year.
let the good times roll!

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hisholiness on 09/02/2008 1:32 am

Hooray its finally here!!! I'm still looking for them damn Nestle Tollhouse Halloween cookies, i don't think they had them in South Texas. I've got a movie review suggestion, Dead Heist. its about a bank robbery thats happening while a zombie outbreak occurs. Big Daddy Kane stars, err acts, errr bugs out his eyes in every scene he is in. Here's to a bountiful Halloween Season!!!

User avatar

NES Boy on 09/02/2008 7:41 am

I personally hope you cover Terror Toons this year.

User avatar

TGossard on 09/02/2008 8:11 am

I would like to see a retrospective of zombie films to date. Nothing fancy, just a list with a comment or two about each one. So I know which ones I need still need to see.

User avatar

J. Tithonus Pednaud on 09/02/2008 8:58 am

I visit I-Mockery and see that Halloween is in full swing. This made my day!


Jay-Tee (Guest) on 09/02/2008 9:03 am

I look forward to the choose your own adventures every year. The year the they stop being made is the year I stop living. Figuratively.

User avatar

Fatacula on 09/02/2008 9:39 am

WOOHOO!!!! bring on the greatness!

User avatar

Metal Misfit on 09/02/2008 10:13 am

YAY! About time!


goblin (Guest) on 09/02/2008 10:20 am

YESSSS!!! Two whole months of Halloweeny goodness! Thanks, I-Mockery. Halloween wouldn't be the same without ya.

User avatar

Silver on 09/02/2008 1:00 pm

Gotta love the Super Ghouls N' Ghosts theme on the top of the site. I guess it's time for me to get some red briefs and start running around chasing zombies and more hellspawn.


Holidays » Blog Archive » Halloween Search Engine Results (Guest) on 09/02/2008 2:45 pm

[...] I-Mockery’s 2008 Halloween Season Has Begun! [...]


Kon (Guest) on 09/02/2008 2:48 pm

Ooh, halloween coverage?Niiiice I've been looking forward to this :D

User avatar

Nick on 09/02/2008 2:58 pm

Best two months of the year!

User avatar

VaporTrailx1 on 09/02/2008 4:51 pm

Where's the pumpkin beer?

User avatar

Pentegarn on 09/02/2008 6:07 pm

A chance to look back at the time RoG showcased the one dollar pirate costume. One of my favorites.

User avatar

teknotheef on 09/02/2008 11:31 pm

I'm already looking forward to count pop

User avatar

Autrach Sejanoz on 09/03/2008 1:05 am

Ah, Halloween.

The cool bits from horror flicks, Count Pop, & Max Burbank's trading cards. An awesome time of year.

Speaking of Max Burbank, I hope he does another article as good as last year's critical analysis of 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!'. That's the best article he's ever done(IMO, of course).

User avatar

Dungeonbrownies on 09/03/2008 1:23 am

This is my favorite holiday, Im so psyched. I'll be on the look out for freaky stuff.

User avatar

OxBlood on 09/03/2008 3:25 am

I don´t envy you Americans for much, but for Halloween I do. Even though it originated here in Europe and we do have something similar (only that the masquerading- and give-me-candy-aspects are divided between two seperate celebrations), I think it is sad that there is no time of the year here that is dedicated to the horror, fear and gruesome terror of the void itself. I mean I understand why people don´t like to be afraid, but come on...a litte fear makes us far more...basic. Reverts us to our primal selfes. And that is important.


Awesome Joe (Guest) on 09/03/2008 6:07 am

I'd love to see a review of "Mad Monster Party?"

It was just a fun little film and not many people seem to know about it.


yertle (Guest) on 09/03/2008 12:26 pm

Woop woop!! bring on halloween!!

I would love to see a "review" of the (shocking) film "Club Dread"

I also adore your top ten kills articles for freddy and jason, any chance of top ten over all films or some other killer?? pwease??


Some Guy (Guest) on 09/03/2008 2:36 pm

As awesome as this is,I'm a little dissapointed with your removal of Castlevania music on the Halloween page.
P.S.You guys convinced me to go Trick-or-Treating again this year.Thanks!

User avatar

MrWarranty on 09/05/2008 9:45 am

Let's not forget about the previous Halloween choose your own adventure stories!

Personally, my favorite Halloween feature has always been the in-depth obscure horror movies reviews with pics, because they're rarely available anywhere else and are always entertaining to read. I'd like you to bring back the funny captions (alts) for the images, though... those were always a laugh.

User avatar

MS-DOS4 on 09/05/2008 11:25 am

OH HELL YES! I can't wait for a new episode of Count Pop and all those weird candies you will probably review. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the years of entertainment.


crazy monster (Guest) on 09/06/2008 9:07 pm

I live about twenty minutes from the French Quarter in New Orleans, and you can find some weird stuff there.


Joi (Guest) on 09/08/2008 12:04 am

I was happy the other day to discover that my local grocery store has made a WONDERFUL addition to its usually good collection of candy-by-the-scoop. They already have things like gummi penguins, rock candy, etc.

But now....they stock, on a semi-permanent basis...

Gummi brains. 2 varieties. both quite tasty, and guarunteed to completely gross out your co-workers.

their regular Halloween candy is crap, but who cares, when you have gummi brains by the scoop??


AllHallowSteve (Guest) on 09/09/2008 5:43 pm

Wow I'm so excited I-Mockery is one of the first to start hardcore Halloween posting for the season.

Loved the coverage last year and can't wait for this year's! My favorite was the Ideal Haunted House board game. Awesome.

User avatar

AllHallowSteve on 09/09/2008 6:02 pm

Double post! And I'd love for you to cover the film Trick or Treat (the one with Skippy and Ozzy and Gene Simmons)... if you haven't covered it already.

User avatar

Wyldflame on 09/10/2008 1:33 pm

oh man i totally lost track of time, didn't realize it was time already. I'M SO HAPPY

I look forward to this shit all year

User avatar

DSBurroughs on 09/10/2008 2:27 pm

If I could make a suggestion... I had this really awesome Goosebumps board game when I was a kid. And you played with two characters in this graveyard that had moveable tombstones that moved some pieces below the board so that you could get opposing characters to fall into graves. It was awesome and if you know what I'm talking about, maybe a good ol' nostalgic review is in order?


coficont (Guest) on 09/18/2008 8:09 am

A review of the Rankin/Bass classic "Mad Monster Party" would be fantastic. It's well worth a look


simmons (Guest) on 10/18/2008 7:58 pm

busy searching out my threads for this year

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