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The Nike Horror Pack: Freddy Krueger Has Some Gruesome… Sneakers?

1, 2, Freddy's coming with shoes. 3, 4, better watch your floors...

I'm not sure how these slipped past my radar, but apparently Nike actually released some sneakers last year based on Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street films. I'm guessing I never knew about 'em since I'm one of those people who cares very little about shoes and buys a new pair once every... oh I dunno... ten years. From what I can tell, it was a very limited release known as "The Horror Pack", but the sneakers are undoubtedly Freddy. As you can see, the pattern on the shoes matches his infamous red and green striped sweater. I like how the Nike logo is a shiny silver just like one of Freddy's razor fingers too. There's also some blood splatters all around the borders of 'em, but I think the effect would've been a lot nicer if the blood was everywhere. These are Freddy's sneakers after all. We're talking about a guy who spends most of his time down in a grimy boiler room, so I doubt any sneakers he wears would look so clean. The real shocker here is that people wouldn't even get to see the truly best part about this set o' sneaks if you were wearing them...

*sniff* *sniff* Say, is it me or is something burning?

Yep. The inner soles look just like Freddy's burnt flesh! I would've loved to see this pattern on the outside of the sneakers in some spots, maybe in those plain tan areas or something. Seems like such a shame to waste the best part of their sneaker design on the one place that nobody would ever see when they're being worn. Still, it's a fun set of sneakers and I hope Nike releases them more widely along with some other horror icon themed pairs. I highly doubt that'll ever happen though, so if you want a pair, you'll probably have to find them on eBay.

So what other horror icons do you think they could make a set o' sneakers for? I would think they could do one based on Pinhead or any of the cenobites from the Hellraiser series pretty easily. Just some blood splattered black shoes, with ripped open fleshy parts just like their outfits, and of course the Nike logo in silver again to represent one of Pinhead's hooks.


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Dimnos on 09/18/2008 10:08 am


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wobzire on 09/18/2008 10:22 am

I'm suprised you didn't say you'd want some creature from the black lagoon shoes with dorsal fins. Or they could even be water socks or something.

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Jigby Huggletinks on 09/18/2008 10:46 am

I vote Frankenstein sneakers, that look like stitched together flesh and have bolts sticking out of the sides. Which I would probably knock together and trip over.

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poppers620 on 09/18/2008 11:34 am

ouch, i just checked ebay and the cheapest price for these shoes is $999.00! i guess i wont be buying these.... my friend actually sent me a link to thse like 6 months ago, there are Friday the 13th ones as well.


luthian69 (Guest) on 09/18/2008 12:55 pm

i found this site with other shoes like jason's

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Cult_Status on 09/18/2008 1:00 pm

These just made my day!

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Mockery on 09/18/2008 1:14 pm

Yeah Jason's shoes are awful when compared to Freddy's though. He deserves a much better set o' sneaks than that. Somebody did a nice custom job on a pair of them though... do a Google search for "nike friday the 13th" and you'll see what I mean.

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Geminate on 09/18/2008 1:17 pm

I think the idea is to let the wearer age the shoes as they see fit, from dusty to all out grimy, customizing them in a personal way.

If they loaded up the shoes with even more effects, the would just become clown shoes, and your friends would call you gay.

A style based on anything Gigeresque would be nice.


Price (Guest) on 09/18/2008 1:18 pm

Blood camouflage. Killing just got easier.


The Devil’s Demons » Blog Archive » Freddy Kreuger Shoes??? (Guest) on 09/18/2008 1:25 pm

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Lothalis on 09/18/2008 3:37 pm

They also released various other shoes:

The last ones look like Candy Corn(!)

But the Freddy ones still look the coolest...

I would love to find a Leatherface shoe...It looks like a whip-stiched foot from someone else...

That would look so bad-ass...


Sebastian Kirchoff (Guest) on 09/18/2008 4:55 pm

Wow, awesome shoes! I wish I had a pair like that, but I don't have the money, and even if I did, I wouldn't spend it on shoes. I think that they should make a pair of "Zombie Shoes" that would be green with an occasional rip that would have guts leaking out. There would even be slots where you can put raw meat to make it look and smell more realistic, but that could get costly.


Turrel (Guest) on 09/18/2008 5:40 pm

Pinhead... shoes?

I'd think it'd be more along the lines of "Pinhead leather boots."

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Terrible-D on 09/18/2008 8:15 pm

At first I thought that was real blood from the children Nikes' sweatshops employ. . . sorry, I'm a dick, I know.


KoMoDo (Guest) on 09/18/2008 9:41 pm

Duh y'all, were missing the most obvious horror related shoe you could make. The Leatherface shoe! Imagine how ghetto and horrid those would look, i'd still be proud to sport em though! I'd hope they would be all stitched poorly, made of psuedo human skin and have chainsaw edes on the heels. Ah, nice

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Dungeonbrownies on 09/19/2008 1:23 am

those are some of the most disgusting shoes ever, yet i want them. why...? =/

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greenimp on 09/19/2008 1:28 am

while the soles look mighty fine indeed, the outside looks like someone spilled ribena on them

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Hangie on 09/19/2008 5:58 am

Leather face is ghetto? He be a real street choppa?

I demand killer klown shoes!

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McFly on 09/19/2008 12:53 pm

I think that they should make shoes like the hairy hobbit feet from the Lord of the Rings. Alright, that may be a little too weird.

I think the Pinhead design would be cool with the leather idea and all. However, if you start throwing in the spikes, chains, and other masochistic stuff it may lead to some injuries a long the way.

Maybe they should come up with a Teen Wolf design. One with extra traction so the wearer can surf and dance on top of their vans.

One shoe that would be absolutely lame would be mummy shoes. Not only would there be too much thread, it would also cause the person to trip and fall on their face constantly.

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dddddddddd on 09/20/2008 7:57 am

From what we understand, the Freddy Krueger Nike Dunk SB shoes will never be "officially" released. There seems to be some licensing problems between New Line and Nike. For now, you can pick up some HIGH Quality replicas on eBay HERE or on Amazon. so im guessing the shoes you find on e bay and amazon are fakes

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resident-adam on 09/20/2008 10:33 pm

Man those Nikes are SIIIICCCKKK! I'm an avid collector of Nikes and quite honestly I'm ashamed these escaped my notice :(

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Cherry Nirvana on 09/21/2008 8:35 pm

I want...


B (Guest) on 09/22/2008 7:28 am


These haven't been released and I don't think Nike is planning to anytime soon. Word is that they got into some kind of copyright infringement and scrapped them, though it may resurface someday in a similar form. There is a "Jason" Nike Dunk SB High that released last year though. Also, don't go around telling people to go on Ebay to buy them because Ebay is flooded with fakes and we all know that fake sneakers supports terrorism...


B (Guest) on 09/22/2008 8:05 am

It won't let me post images...


I-Mockery Blabber (Guest) on 09/30/2008 12:10 pm

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XXemo_pandaXX (Guest) on 09/23/2009 9:21 am

I want to so get those. I freekin love Freddy Krueger! I've been a fan of Fred Krueger since I was little. He's my favorite villain.

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