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Happy Halloween You Groovy Ghouls!

Happy Halloween, I-Mockers!

Hey guys, I just wanted to chime in and say thanks for sticking around with us here on I-Mockery for another rocktacular "Two Months of Halloween". Hope you all had fun! We're getting ready to head on down to West Hollywood for the big annual costume carnival (in the costumes you see up above) and I hope you'll all be going out to do some serious trick-or-treating or visiting some spookhouses tonight. If not, you guys should at least hand out candy at home and have yourselves a dandy o' horror movie marathon. Leave a comment and let us know what you're up to tonight!

Also, there's a little bit of a Halloween surprise for you after the jump, so check it out! (more...)



We Were Zombies Once… And Young.


Time was, it was easy to be a zombie back in the old days. "The glory days" we called 'em. Not so much the case now, with the advent of faster cars, better guns, and reality TV. But in the old days, things was pretty darn good for me and the crew I run around with. Back then people didn't have the kind of firepower they got now, and cars, they moved so slow, why, you could practically keep right on top of 'em with a good paced shuffle, assuming you still had both yer feet to work with. There also weren't no damned horror movies explicitly tellin' people that a head shot was a kill shot. No sir, back then it was all chest shots and clumsy extremity wounds. Well, big deal! We could deal with the discomfort! Anything for a little lunch. Besides, we learned that the more ya flailed around, the less likely they were to hit ya somewhere that mattered, on account o' their eyes being drawn to yer wildly windmillin' limbs and all. (more...)



The Latest Spooky Sodas.

What, no Creature From The Black Lagoon 'Blackberry' flavored sodas?

Man, is Halloween sneaking up on us this year or what? How the hell is it already October 30th? HOW!? I guess when you're spending your days living and breathing this season like I do, it can all blow by pretty quickly. I always have a ton of leftover stuff that I bought between September and October that I never had a chance to feature on the site. Sure, that always leaves me some extra stuff to write about the following year, but it also means I need to find a place to store it for the next 365 days, and I already have more boxes filled with Halloween goods than anybody probably should.

Well anyway, amongst my bags o' Halloween purchases, I realized I had all these new Jones Soda varieties still. It's 3am and I've gotta wake up in a few hours. Hmmm... yeah... I think that means now is the perfect time to do a soda taste test. Halloween demands that I toss out all logic and reason. (more...)



The Jumping Boo!

What the hell?

Ah cheap Halloween novelties. Sure, they're a dime a dozen around this time o' year, but every now 'n then you'll find something that was worth every penny of that whopping dollar you spent. I picked up this "Jumping Boo" and "Jumping Bat" set from the local Halloween Adventure seasonal shop and boy am I ever glad I did. At first glance, you'd think they're your basic toys that leap into the air when you give the hand-pump a squeeze. Well, yeah, they are... no doubt about that. The bat in particular is nothing we haven't seen before, but what about that other creature? Just what in the hell is a "Boo" anyway? (more...)



Dr. Giggles Splattrax With I-Mockery Coming Soon! Get The DVD Pronto!

Dr. Giggles - buy the DVD and then listen to our Splattrax commentary while watching it next week!

Just a quick head's up... I'm sure a bunch of you recall when I recorded a Splattrax for the 1988 remake of "The Blob" last Halloween season with my pal Mike over at Dread Central. Well, we really had a lot of fun doing it, so we're recording a new one for this Halloween and I thought I would tell you in advance so you can buy the DVD and have it by the time our commentary track mp3 goes live. This time, we've opted to go with Dr. Giggles, which was one of my favorite horror-comedy slashers back in high school. It stars Larry Drake (Darkman, Dark Night of the Scarecrow) as a psychotic wannabe doctor who escapes from a mental institution, kills people in hilarious ways and giggles as frequently as you and I breathe.

I was really happy when it was re-released on DVD in September of 2007, because the original DVD (which I still proudly own) had been out of print since 2001 and I thought it was a shame that this classic had slipped under many people's radars. Trust me, whether you download our Splattrax or not, this is a flick that needs to be in every horror fan's collection. I've seen it in Best Buy many times, but it's also on sale on right now for a measly $6.49, so I'd suggest ordering it from them pronto if you can't find it at a local retailer. We're planning on recording the track over the weekend, so you can expect to see it online sometime early next week. As Dr. Giggles would say, "Laughter is the best medicine."



Crank Mob’s Halloween Ride. Plus, The New Friday The 13th Teaser Trailer.

Tell me if you've heard this one... a Ninja, a Judge, and the Greatest American Psycho walk into a bar...

So this past Saturday night, I went out for the Halloween Crank Mob ride with some friends. It was just like the other bicycle rides we've done, only a bunch of us were in full costumes this go around. I decided to combine a few things to become "The Greatest American Psycho". Actually, I just wanted an excuse to buy a shiny gold Jason Voorhees mask. Seriously, can a person ever really own too many golden Voorhees masks? I think not. Anywho, I considered it a very successful ride in that I didn't kill myself while riding a bike in the middle of the night while wearing a hockey mask. Who needs peripheral vision when you're riding a bike in a completely ridiculous costume? You haven't truly lived life until you've chosen fun over safety and common sense at least once or twice.

Not too surprisingly, I ran into another Voorhees during the Halloween ride... (more...)


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