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Neon Spray Painted Christmas Trees?


Here's a question for ya: is the intoxicating scent of a fresh pine tree worth subjecting yourself to such potentially blinding colors on a daily basis throughout the month of December? Even worse, you might blind Santa himself when he hops down that chimney and comes face to face with a neon pink spray painted Christmas tree. Not exactly the best way to stay off the naughty list.

Also, it's just weird seeing palm trees as the backdrop for a Christmas tree sales lot. Mele Kalikimaka, anyone?

Only in L.A.



Where Am I Doing All Of My Christmas Shopping? At Crazy Gideon’s!


Since I no longer live on the East Coast and Crazy Eddie is sadly a thing of the past, I've had this burning desire to find an electronics retailer with the level of insanity that I have come to expect. Fortunately, Los Angeles does not disappoint, because I've been seeing one particularly unstable individual on my TV lately who's part salesman and part madman. His name? Crazy Gideon. I imagine his electronic shop consists of nothing but battered television sets that he's destroyed during his uncontrollable daily rage-fits, and I'm dying to pay the place a visit. But this probably means very little to those of you who are unfamiliar with Crazy Gideon's, so I've put together this collection of his commercials so you can see exactly why he's making watching local television channels this holiday season far more enjoyable than usual: (more...)



Hallmark’s Pac-Man Christmas Ornament Has Arrived!

Wanna play a game, Santa? Well, you'll have to insert a quarter just like the rest of us...

If there's one thing Christmas trees have been lacking all these years, it's miniaturized versions of classic arcade game cabinets. Thankfully, the people at Hallmark have decided to fill that void in style with their new Pac-Man Christmas keepsake ornament. Not only is it a fantastic reproduction of the classic arcade cabinet (though I would've preferred the cabinet original artwork), but it actually lights up and plays sounds from the game. We're not talking cheap sounds here either, these are the original sound effects taken directly from the arcade game. At $18.50, the price tag is a bit on the steep side, but that's a small price to pay to have your tree adorned with all this illuminated retro gaming goodness isn't it? The only way they could've made this ornament better was if it played a few animations from the game itself or they actually made it playable. Hey, I can dream. Suffice it to say, until you have this new Pac-Man ornament in your possession, you can consider the arduous task of decorating your tree to be incomplete. Hit the jump to see the Pactacular ornament in action: (more...)


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