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My Top Tens For 2008.

Here are my Top Ten movies, albums, and video games from 2008. I would have done comics too but I read a million of them, and my memory isn't that good. Besides, what do you do--individual issues, story arcs, titles or what? Anyway, I'm curious to see some of your Top Ten lists for last year so feel free to share your own in the comments.


This was the easiest category to do, though I was tempted to make my number one choice take up the first five slots, because it really was that awesome.

1. The Dark Knight
2. Gran Torino
3. Iron Man
4. Burn After Reading
5. Tropic Thunder
6. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
7. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
9. Get Smart
10. Appaloosa


I had the hardest time paring this list down to a mere ten, as there was a ton of music I bought this last year. With new albums by R.E.M., Okkervil River, Tricky, Beck, Gnarls Barkley, and TV on the Radio, not to mention new artists like Fleet Foxes, Hercules and Love Affair and Bon Iver, there was a ton of wonderful shit to pick from. But I had to think about what I've enjoyed listening to the most this last year, and what I keep coming back to over and over. Here's my list.

1. Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping
2. Amanda Palmer - Who Killed Amanda Palmer
3. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - The Whole Fam Damnily
4. The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
5. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
6. Flogging Molly - Float
7. The Faint - Fasciinatiion
8. Juliana Hatfield - How to Walk Away
9. Flight of the Conchords - Flight of the Conchords
10. Weezer - Weezer (Red)


Apparently I haven't played many video games this year, as I could only think of five that I've actually played. (But coming from a guy who started playing Bioshock in January 2008 and still hasn't found the time to finish it, that's not too surprising).

1. Left 4 Dead
2. Mega Man 9
3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
4. Mario Kart Wii
5. Lego Batman


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pac-man on 02/25/2009 3:55 am

As long as you played Mega Man 9.

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greenimp on 02/25/2009 4:08 am

dude, stuff megaman 9, lego batman is where its at, that stuffs the shizz /sarcasm

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Graystreet on 02/25/2009 9:02 am

Gran Torino? Of Montreal?

You sicken me.

Gran Torino is the movie equivalent to a mentally retarded man standing naked on a street corner smashing his junk between two bricks as a way of reminding people of the importance of pants, and the man might even be more subtle. It was the same kind of blatantly manipulative crap that people ate right up like Million Dollar Baby. Clint Eastwood movies don't even tell stories, they just have 2 dimensional caricatures that we've so many times before, that random stuff happens to or that make utterly stupid decisions, merely to have the audience cry and whine.

But I'll forgive you since you mentioned Lego Batman and Left 4 Dead, those were fun.

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Icculus on 02/25/2009 10:26 am

I'd to present to the readers my top ten I-Mockery pieces and events of 2008.

I'd like to start by give an honorable mention to the San Diego Comic Con and to the Eyegore Awards because a lot of us will probably never make it there and every year there are more photos.

10. Bottled Water Guaranteed to Aid You in Your Quest to Become a Douche - RoG.
9. 50 Awesome Tattoo Ideas - Proto. I'm sure someone got one of them and we need to see it.
8. One Got Fat: A Bicycle Safety Film - RoG. This film will scare you safe.
7. 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets in Video Game History - RoG & Dr. Boogie
6. Vintage Hallowe'en Cards parts 1&2 - RoG. Some of the most terrifying images you will ever see.
5. Tales from the Long Box #25&26, U.S.1 - Proto. Best comic ever!
4. Husbandry: Chapter 1 - Max Burbank. Priceless life lessons.
3. Toxic High school Trading Cards - RoG. EGGS!
2. Geek Hierarchy - Proto. Where do you fall?
1. Megaman 9 Box Art Poster Giveaway - RoG. Because I won and gave me something shiny and now I am happy!

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Graystreet on 02/25/2009 12:19 pm

You know, I stopped reading the list after I saw Ironman ranked lower then Gran Torino, but no mention of Hancock at all? A fantastic big screen adaptation of Hawkman doesn't rank higher then a bad parody of a bad Fitzgerald story?

For shame! For shame!

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Angryhydralisk on 02/25/2009 1:20 pm

I'd imagine a music list would be harder than a comic list simply because the massive genres and opinions, but hey, anywho.

Killer list. Makes me feel guilty for not seeing Gran Torino in theaters. Eastwood's awesome.

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Major Wood on 02/25/2009 2:08 pm

Weezer? Really?

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Graystreet on 02/25/2009 3:11 pm


"He begins praying the "Hail Mary" (which was the penance assigned to him by Father Janovich in confession) and then slowly reaches into his jacket, quoting "You got a light? Me? I've got a light." Thinking Walt is going to shoot, the gang unleashes a hail of fire, riddling Walt with bullets. A shot of Walt lying dead on the ground, in a crucifix-like pose, reveals he had grabbed his 1st Cavalry Division Zippo lighter, not a gun. Thao and Sue arrive at the crime scene and ask police what happened. Speaking in Hmong to a Hmong police officer they are told that the gang has been arrested and will be imprisoned for a long time, having killed an unarmed man. Hmong neighbors who witnessed the killing break their code of silence and testify against the gang members."

Even Wikipedia knows Gran Torino is crap.

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Dimnos on 02/25/2009 3:28 pm

Proto, your a Portishead fan right? Did you check out there new album that came out in '08? Did it suck? I just recently heard about it and have yet to check it out.

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HeroliciousDeBlanc on 02/25/2009 5:25 pm

Graystreet, due to the fact that you have been having an argument against no one (three posts on torino without someone replying?) I shall argue against you.

Gran Torino was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and I can't wait to own it. it was pure awesome.


Dana White (Guest) on 02/25/2009 5:31 pm

Top 10 movies:

1. Dark Knight
2. Iron man
3. Punisher Warzone
4. Punisher Warzone
5. Punisher Warzone
6. Punisher Warzone
7. Punisher Warzone
8. Punisher Warzone
9. Punisher Warzone
10. Punisher Warzone

Top 10 Women
1. Julie Benz
2. Julie Benz
3. Julie Benz
4. Julie Benz
5. Julie Benz
6. Julie Benz
7. Julie Benz
8. Julie Benz
9. Julie Benz
10. Julie Benz


Walt (Guest) on 02/25/2009 5:33 pm

Graystreet, I'm going to shove my M1 Garand up your ass and blow your fucking head off like Ricardo Lopez in his suicide tape to Bjork. Then I'm going to go collect my Social Security and Long Term Care Insurance and sleep on my Tempurpedic Matress.

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Pandajuice on 02/25/2009 6:20 pm

I thought Lego Batman was the weakest of the current Lego trilogy with Indiana Jones being the best (also released in 2008). It just wasn't as fun as the others and the stupid vehicle missions were so tedious.


Anonymous (Guest) on 02/25/2009 6:27 pm

The only rwo things I like on your list are The Dark Knight and that song by The Ting Tings.

The Ting Tings are awesome.

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Kat on 02/25/2009 7:37 pm

You have quite a sensational taste in movies, Proto.

Music too.

I personally have no complaints here.

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fugmunky on 02/25/2009 7:50 pm

do yourself a favor and pick up Fallout 3 - it'll make you a happier person. Although if you don't have time to finish Left 4 Dead, this one might take you til rapture to complete

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fugmunky on 02/25/2009 7:51 pm

eek - meant Bioshock not Left 4 Dead

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Protoclown on 02/25/2009 9:11 pm

Graystreet: I'm sort of gathering that you might not have enjoyed Gran Torino? I fucking loved it. Like HeroliciousDeBlanc said, it was hilarious. Clint was awesome in it, and it was a perfect movie I could go and see with my dad. But since you obviously have other ideas about what makes a good movie, why don't you share your Top Ten list. I'd love to see it. Oh, and Hancock was unoriginal and boring, which is why it didn't make my list.

Icculus: I fall into too many of those geek categories to even mention.

Major Wood: Fuck yes, Weezer.

Dimnos: I have heard the new Portishead album, and I do like it. But I wouldn't rank it as highly as some of the other stuff I've heard this year.

Dana White: You know, I never saw Punisher: Warzone so it couldn't make my list. I had intended to go see it, being a big Punisher fan and all, but I didn't have time before it disappeared from theaters.

Pandajuice: To be honest I've hardly touched Lego Batman beyond just playing around in the starting mission. But it was a game I played in 2008, and I didn't have many, so it made the list. Though I don't know enough about it to have ranked it any higher than I did.

Fugmunky: Yeah, that's my problem with Fallout 3. I know I wouldn't have time to get anywhere in it. In fact I never beat either of the first two Fallouts, so I wanted to do that before I got the third. So I restarted the first one but lost momentum and haven't played it since around the time that Fallout 3 came out, whenever that was.

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Graystreet on 02/25/2009 10:02 pm

I only saw two movies in 2008, Gran Torino and a commercial for Hancock.

I liked the commercial more, it had more natural plot progression.

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JTN on 02/25/2009 10:50 pm

Hancock would have been a lot better if it was just Will Smith playing a Super-Hobo for an hour and a half.


Ben Mark (Guest) on 02/25/2009 11:01 pm

Top Ten Stuff:

10. Paper mario: the Thousand Year Door
9: Burn Notice
8. From Russia With Love
7. 3OH!3
6. Books-A-Million
5. German Shepherd Mix
4. Good Eats with Alton Brown
3. Mike Birbiglia
2. iCarly
1. Staring at Stacy London in HD
-1. Staring at Carly in HD

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HowardC on 02/26/2009 12:13 am

The Dark Knight? Seriously, the Dark Knight?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, but in the way you enjoy a terrible popcorn summer flick, not in the way that would get it on any top 10 list. I found batman begins to be a TERRIBLE movie, with a skinny idiot that talks like he's trying to scare his 3 year old with his "boogie man" voice and villains that we given inaccurate (al-ghoul) or no (scarecrow) personalities coupled with a world and gadgets that are far too normal to be considered gotham city.

The dark knight was a huge improvment, but that is like comparing a legitimate film to dog-crap so that isn't saying much. The main fault with the film is that we are stuck with the same lame-actor as batman workign with the same uber-realistic gadgets and settings. Ledger did a fantastic job playing whoever he's supposed to be, but he did NOT play the Joker but rather some screwed up serial killing mastermind dressed up as the joker. (Unless you count the joker in "the goddammed batman" which we've already established as being crazily terrible.) Is the joker a sick serial-killing bastard? OF COURSE, but that is a secondary aspect of his personality, the primary portion of it being the fact that the joker is HILARIOUS! There is only one scene in the whole film where the joker gets to be funny (the hospital scene) and it lasts less than 30 seconds. To me, this is inexcusable and ruins the whole movie for me.

Ironman is a farily terrible movie as well. (A good popcorn movie, but not a good film.) I won't slight you for that one though as I myself got a great amount of pleasure watching a surreal hour and a half of RDJ playing RDJ sort of like watching Charlie Sheen play a womanzing drunken looser on two and a half men.

Your video game selections aren't much better either and even though you admit to not playing many last yera that doesn't excuse you from the placement (and inclusion) of them.

Left 4 Dead is a fps, that right there automatically shoots it to the bottom of the list. I bought this game as well and honestly I find it less and less enjoyable as the days go by and would have probably never bought it except for the fact that it involves zombies. (The same thing that tricked me into buying dead rising.) Mind you it is probably the best fps I've played in years and has a very distinct art style that makes it enjoyable, but being the best fps is kind of like getting a gold medal at the special olympics.

In place of this game I suggest you try House of the Dead Overkill. 50% more zombies, 1000% more style and 10000% more fun.

Mega Man 9 I have no problems with, an excellent game.

Star Wars TFU is a farily generic game. Mind you it isn't bad, but it isn't really that good either. The game probably wouldn't have sold any copies if the Star Wars brand wasn't slapped on it. My guess is you bought it for that reason.

Mario Kart Wii is universally heralded as the worst mario kart ever. Mind you that still makes it a really really good game as the mario kart series is just that good, but it should probably be in the #5 slot or more like #10 (if the list went that low). I suggest buying a copy of the gamecube or n64 versions if you don't have them as they are vastly superior.

Lego Batman? Seriously Lego Batman? Mind you I loved this game as well... about 4 years ago when it was called lego star wars and was originally released. Seeing as how this is the 4th sequel and NOTHING new has been added other than franchise swaps, this genre of game has gotten real old real fast. Now if this is the first lego game you've played then ignore what I've said as it is real fun the first time, but honestly at this point you should be over it if you are a fan of the series.

I'm not trying to argue with you over your opinions as they are just that, but I'm hoping maybe this will make you realize that you need to watch more movies and play more video games. Maybe you are spendng too much time on the site and not enough time in front of the TV?

There are a better quality of entertainment out there than what you are frequenting, but by the looks of things you pick the crappiest titles, rarely picking a good one, which is probably setting the bar kind of low.

Remember my motto...

"If it is popular and sold well then it's probably crap."

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HeroliciousDeBlanc on 02/26/2009 12:59 am

HowardC, you are an angry, angry man.

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Graystreet on 02/26/2009 1:03 am

"tricked" into buying Dead Rising?

You sir, have no right to speak. It has been restricted, and deleted as confirmed by the High Order, Dead Rising was the single greatest game ever, with no flaws at all.

I agreed with the majority of Protoclown's list, Clint Eastwood movies just get my goard as they are so blatantly manipulative, with unnatural plot progression that serves only to tax any emotional energy invested into the plot.

The Joker was always perfect in DKR, they could of gotten someone half as talented and dedicated as Ledger and it still would have been the best version of the character in a format other then comics, I honestly didn't much care for more then a quarter of the movie, but The Joker is a solid singular bright spot that distills the greatest aspects from all of the stories told with the character into a single legitimate character. He was a comedian, he was a criminal mastermind and he was a serial killer. I cannot think of a single scene featuring the character that doesn't have a hilarious element, even if that element is how brilliantly his scheme is working out.

He wasn't a jester, and I think thats the problem you had with it, his jokes weren't harmless pranks, his jokes were horrific maimings, mutilations, or in one fantastic scene, his manipulation of base human elements ("We're hiring, and we've only got a few spots available.") but that Joker wouldn't work in a format that doesn't have an expectation of oscillation such as comic books.


Ben Mark (Guest) on 02/26/2009 1:42 am

So... who made Howard C the definitive "go to" guy for what good movies and games are?

I guess he knows more than we do. His opinions are better, somehow.

Until then, I'm going to play a video game 'cause I LIKE IT! Not because some jerk said not to.

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JTN on 02/26/2009 3:22 am

HowardC, judging from the rest of your post, I could have sworn your motto was something along the lines of "I hate everything", or "You aren't allowed to like anything popular".

"If it is popular and sold well then it's probably crap."

Brilliant, really.

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Pandajuice on 02/26/2009 6:59 am

That's fair Proto. If you ever do get some free time and want to play the Lego games, I definitely recommend Indiana Jones over Batman.

As for, "If it is popular and sold well then it's probably crap.", that's one of the saddest statements and personal mottos I've ever heard. Let's look at the inverse to see just how retarded that is: If everybody hates it and doesn't sell at all, it must be good!

Or maybe you're just an idiot.

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Graystreet on 02/26/2009 10:54 am

I'm pretty sure, based off that comment that HowardC has a room dedicated to the cinematic greatness of "The Hottie & The Nottie" since I'm fairly sure only twelve people saw that, and half of them downloaded it illegally thinking it was dwarf porn.

HowardC, you should be aware that you're wearing a beret in my mind, and are about one off-brand Red Bull from shouting "Viva Le Resistance! But not the game, because people liked it!"

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Tetsu Deinonychus on 02/26/2009 11:54 am

"If it is popular and sold well then it's probably crap."

I'd only agree with that if we make probably the key word. That doesn't mean something popular is definitely crap. Just means not to get your hopes up.

I can't speak for your taste in movies (and I agree, to a point, that the Joker could have been more "Jokery"), but I went to see Dark Knight fearing the worst, and was pleasantly surprised by it's awesomeness!

I'm not telling you to like it Howard. I'm just saying it's OK to like it. Disliking something just for being popular makes you just as much a slave as liking something just for being popular.

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Captain PirateFace on 02/26/2009 12:55 pm

My Top Ten Music List (as if anyone gives a shite!!!)

#1- Nine Inch Nails = The Slip
Awesome album, return to form and free to download at I say more.

#2- Arcade Fire = Neon Bible
Probably one of the best albums to come out in the last ten years. Haunting and amazing.

#3- Portishead = 3rd
The track "Machine Gun" alone makes this album fucking awesome.

#4- Kings of Leon = Only by the night
With every album KOL Just get better and better.

#5- The Bird and the Bee = Ray guns are not just the future
My god does this girl have the sexiest voice ever! The retro sound is a bonus as well.

#6- Matt and Kim = Grand
Possibly one of the most fun bands to emerge from Brooklyn.

#7- MGMT = Oracular Spectacular
I "hated" these guys at first but grew to love every song on their album.

#8- Joey Cape = Bridge
The singer from Lagwagon put's out an amazing accoustic album filled with emotion and charm, wearing his heart on his sleeve.

and speaking of Lagwagon...
#9- Lagwagon = I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon E.P.
What an amazing E.P., Poetic punk at it's finest and back to form.

#10- The Submarines = Honeysuckle Weeks
Just look up the song "Xavia" and you will see what I mean...yo.

Honorable Mention: This is not a band but hot damn is it entertaining... go to YouTube and check out Rock-A-Fire Explosion and check out the band take on songs by Nine Inch Nails, Arcade Fire and MGMT to name a few.


#1- The Dark Knight
no denying that "The Joker" stole the show.

#2- (proto is gonna hate me for this one...)
The Spirit
I have to say as silly and weird as that shit was, I laughed my ass off and enjoyed every strange ass second.

#3- Midnight Meat Train
Thanks to a story by Clive Barker and Director Ryuhei Kitamura, this movie is full of gore and makes me wish i had seen it in a theater when it had been released...but it never came to LV.

#4- Nick and Nora's infinite playlist
This movie is down right magical, it feels like a late night 80's comedy adventure like "Adventures in Babysitting", But also has that odd "Harold and Maude" feel to it with a kick ass Indi R

User avatar

Captain PirateFace on 02/26/2009 1:57 pm

(my last post got posted before I was ready...damnit!)

Nick and Nora cont.
Indi Rock Soundtrack to it.

#5- Rambo
Hell yesssss... is all I can say.

#6- Sexdrive
One of the most under rated funny ass movies of the year... good times all through.

#7- Choke
Best movie to book adaption... ever.

#8- Hamlet 2
Funny as all hell, under rated by a longshot.

#9- Taken
Best Steven Segall movie without Steven.
Liam Neeson is the man.

#10- Tropic Thunder
Ben Stiller, Severed Head Puppeteering, Robert Downey Junior as black man... nuff said.

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Captain PirateFace on 02/26/2009 2:54 pm

by the way... Hancock????

Biggest Piece of Shite to ever be shat out of Will Smith's over paid ass.


Adoring Fan (Guest) on 02/26/2009 5:15 pm

HowardC, I hate you with every fiber of my being.

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hoytjohnson on 02/26/2009 6:04 pm

HowardC: "There is only one scene in the whole film where the joker gets to be funny (the hospital scene) and it lasts less than 30 seconds. To me, this is inexcusable and ruins the whole movie for me."

if you don't find magic tricks with pencils or hostages set up as henchman funny, you are on the wrong website.

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Protoclown on 02/26/2009 6:38 pm

HowardC: Gee, you must be a blast at parties. This movie brought the superhero genre to a whole new level, and if you can't see that your beret might be on a little too tight.

Heath Ledger's Joker is hands down the BEST interpretation of the character I have ever seen in any medium. The Joker is best when he is not funny to anyone but HIMSELF. He should be SCARY, not some stupid clown who throws pies in people's faces for a cheap laugh (and yes, that episode of TAS was good, but ultimately it WAS a kid's show so they were limited in what they could do). His humor should be uncomfortable, and unsettling--which in TDK, it was. Despite that, at the same time I found him to be highly amusing in just about every scene he was in (the pencil trick, the hospital, the way he talked to the mobsters at their meeting, etc).

I find Left 4 Dead insanely fun. It's a game I can play with my roommates and it has immense replay value. I can't think of many other recent games that come close to matching the fun I have when I play that, so yes, it's my number one.

Since you are obviously very opinionated, I would love to see your Top Ten lists. If TDK and Iron Man were so horrible, then what movies do you feel were better?

Captain Pirateface: Neon Bible came out in 2007 so I couldn't put it on my list. But I agree that it's an amazing album, and I would rank it higher than anything I put on my 2008 list. I have The Slip but honestly I can't get into it. I like about half of it, and the rest of it just strikes me as boring filler. :/ (Oh, and I borrowed that Submarines cd from a friend a few months ago and it IS very good. I didn't realize it was a 2008 release, or it may well have made my top ten).

I haven't seen Taken or Nick and Norah yet, but I really want to. But Taken had a 2009 release date in the US, so I wouldn't have considered it for this year's list anyway. Maybe next year though!

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Pegote on 02/26/2009 7:08 pm

I thought The Dark Knight was a complete bore. Christian Bale (an otherwise respectable dude) is chuckle-worthy as Batman, and the movie as a whole struck me as taking itself too earnestly. All in all, not a terrible improvement over Batman Begins.

That said - I can't understand how anyone can argue with Heath Ledger's Joker. Truly disturbing performance, and while people might say that's not what the Joker's about, I remember being pretty creeped out by Jack Nicholson's portrayal back when I was 7. Jack is still my favorite, but you gotta admit Heath took it to a whole new level.


Wolfy (Guest) on 02/26/2009 8:17 pm

Whoa, the only thing on this entire list I've seen/heard/played is Dark Knight and thats only cause everyone was talking about it so damn much I couldn't help but be curious and was pleastantly surprised that a movie made post 80's was even tolerable to me. Megaman 9 would've been a blast to play but I don't have any of the current consoles.

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Mister Tea on 02/26/2009 9:43 pm

Proto: I just saw Taken last night. It's a fairly implausible and silly storyline, but holy shit does Liam Neeson get to kick some ass!

And I can assume Rambo was #11, right?


Eggplant Mike (Guest) on 02/26/2009 10:30 pm

My favortie movie of the year was 2girls1cup.

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-RoG- on 02/26/2009 10:47 pm

Damn, I can't even think of ten things in each category... problem is, I'm always busy hunting down older movies, games and music that I either never tried out of haven't experienced in ages. That said, I definitely loved Gran Torino and The Dark Knight.

I will say that Cynic finally released their new album, Traced In Air, and it's easily the best thing to come out of 2008 musically. So hey, that's something.

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RedCometXIII on 02/26/2009 11:43 pm

Let's see...

1. The Dark Knight
2. Iron Man
3. The Incredible Hulk
4. Wanted
5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull >_>

1. AC/DC - Rock n' Roll Train
2. AC/DC - Rock n' Roll Train
3. AC/DC - Rock n' Roll Train
4. AC/DC - Rock n' Roll Train
5. AC/DC - Rock n' Roll Train
6. AC/DC - War Machine
7. AC/DC - War Machine
8. AC/DC - War Machine
9. AC/DC - War Machine
10. AC/DC - War Machine

Video Games:
1. Fallout 3
2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
3. Dead Space
4. Grand Theft Auto IV
6. Soul Calibur IV
7. Prince of Persia
8. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
9. Gears of War 2
10. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

User avatar

OxBlood on 02/27/2009 4:22 am

Let´s see... I can´t think of 10 things in each category and I can´t even think of one on terms of music, since I don´t listen to commercial buyable music...sooo I´ll just go with movies and videogames.

Movies in no specific order:

Hellboy 2
Iron Man
Dark Knight
Tropic Thunder
aaand...I can´t remember seeing any other noteworthy movies of 2008.


Dead Space
Fallout 3
Order of Ecclesia
The Force Unleashed
(I´ll stop here, since I don´t even remember how many games I bought last year, let alone how many of them were good)

Concerning Dark Knight...I still don´t get what the fuzz is all about. It´s an excellent movie, no doubt, but I guess I´m just not a Batman-Fan. Also...did anyone really like the Incredible Hulk? I thought the first one was WAY better.

User avatar

Captain PirateFace on 02/27/2009 9:12 am

Proto : I forgot Taken was released this year, got my 08's and 09's confused again.
And I think I thought "Neon Bible" was released in 08 because I treat it like a new album and listen to it at least once a day... Arcade Fire OVERKILL!!!
And "The Slip" from NIN, I am a superfan of Trent's and he could put out an album of him humming, hiccuping and pissing and I would most likely hail it as golden.

User avatar

Graystreet on 02/27/2009 9:46 am

Really? I hated the first one, it was boring, Ang Lee didn't really understand the character, the CGI was terrible, and the only real threat he faced was poodles. Not to mention that Eric Bana's acting skills are on par with Orson Wells, as he is now.

The incredible Hulk though, I thought it was fantastic, Edward Norton really seems to be a comic book fan, on top of being a great actor, Louis Leterrier really seemed to understand what the Hulk should be, the balance of character development, action and the perfectly integrated revised orign story was all perfect. All in all though, I'd honestly say that I enjoyed The Incredible Hulk more then Iron Man. Iron Man was fantastic, possibly even better when it came to the characters, but it really fizzled out at the end. The final fight scene was really boring, typical Hollywood stuff that could have been done a lot better. I actually asked the people I saw Iron Man with if they remembered how it ended, just a few days ago, and none of them remembered how Iron Man won, just that he did.


zibraltar (Guest) on 02/27/2009 10:58 am

Hey where's Slumdog Millionaire? That film was better than all of your choices combined. :/

User avatar

El Sammo on 02/27/2009 1:59 pm

Wow Proto, you sure do bring out the elitist douchenozzle in some folks, don't you?
Let the man have his opinion. And come on you long winded, short brained mouth breathers, where the fuck are YOUR lists? How many times Proto have to ask? Show us all what a REAL movie is and why you're so superior for having seen it.


Erik Majorwitz (Guest) on 02/27/2009 3:04 pm

Be thankful that you can shell out $20 for a movie. AAFES theaters are so terrible, you get to see a "new" movie about a week or so before it comes out on DVD.


RedCometXIII (Guest) on 02/27/2009 4:57 pm

I forgot Changeling on my movie list :(

User avatar

Graystreet on 02/27/2009 5:47 pm

My list

Movies Of 2008

10. Igor
9. Charlie Bartlett
8. Hancock
7. Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
6. Diary Of The Dead
5. Iron Man
4. The Incredible Hulk
3. The Signal
2. The Dark Knight
1. Repo The Genetic Opera

No good non-soundtrack albums came out this year in my opinion, so I've just got the one list.


zibraltar (Guest) on 02/27/2009 5:48 pm

Not all of us have seen that many movies from this year to make a Top 10 list, but out of the three I saw:

1. Slumdog Millionaire
2. The Dark Knight
3. Iron Man

User avatar

Output on 02/27/2009 6:17 pm

One of your top 10 songs should have been...
"All Summer Long"-Kid Rock

The number 1 movie for 2009...
With a close number 2...
"Star Trek"

User avatar

Graystreet on 02/27/2009 6:55 pm

No song that mutilates one of the greatest songs by one of greatest musicians ever to live, Warren Zevon, should be anything but banned and the recording artist shot out of a cannon at a wall of dildos.


Pegote (Guest) on 02/27/2009 11:12 pm

Oh yeah, the new Cynic kicks asses of all shapes and colors!


Bob (Guest) on 02/27/2009 11:37 pm

Ben Mark: I'm with ya. iCarly is my #1 favorite thing, and I can't get enough of it.

And as far as 2008 movies go, Punisher Warzone rocked my ass!

User avatar

Mister Tea on 02/27/2009 11:37 pm

I'm with Graystreet on that one; Kid Rock is the worst thing to happen to music since the invention of the synthesizer. I'm somewhat embarrassed to share a continent with such a profoundly talentless cracker.

User avatar

-RoG- on 02/28/2009 2:05 am

Pegote, glad to see somebody else here appreciates the incredible talents of Cynic.

User avatar

peh_ on 02/28/2009 7:40 am

Wow, a lot of posts. I won't make a top 10 of anything, but I just have to say...

Tonite I saw "In Bruges" and it kicked my ass....

And the three most overlooked films of last year were "Somers Town" by Shane Meadows (would love to see a review of "Dead Man's Shoes"), "My Winnipeg" by Guy Madden, And my best pic of last year..... "Let The Right One In"... Awesome movie.... Best Vampire flic in ages...

User avatar

toolz88 on 02/28/2009 10:04 am

My list in no particular order
Movies first
Dark Knight
Iron Man
Kung Fu Panda
Tropic Thunder
Zack & Miri manke a porno
Dr.Horribles Sing a long
Hellboy 2
Gnarls Barkley:The Odd Couple
Nine Inch Nails:The Slip
MC Chris:MC Chris is Dead
Slipknot:All Hope is Gone
AC/DC:Black Ice
Ashes Divide:Keep Telling Myself its Allright
Video Games
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2
Left 4 Dead
Metal Gear Solid 4
God of War:Chains of Olympus

User avatar

-RoG- on 02/28/2009 4:24 pm

peh_, I've heard a lot of good things about "Let The Right One In" actually. I'm not even a vampire movie fan really (mainly because I don't think any vampire flick can top the original Lost Boys film), but I'm curious about checking that flick out.

User avatar

Kat on 02/28/2009 6:27 pm

A lot of overactive opinion sharing going on here.

Some people just can't resist being edgy.

Not sure if I have much to say on the subject, but in favor of 'Dark Knight', I will say that I believe it became so popular because everyone loved Heath Ledger's version of the Joker. (Saying that is like saying most humans are born with two hands.)

While I believe he was very impressive, I simply loved it because all and all it was a well made movie. It had a completely different feel from 'Batman Begins' (Which boasted more of a search for justice, while Dark Knight was more about priorities/the battle of good old fashioned evil and good). While I do too believe that popular things are overrated, I can take solace simply in knowing that I liked it for a reason that 99.9% of all other people did not:

I liked Batman even before this movie came out. Unlike most who liked the film, who were simply gothic kids who fell in love with "the" Joker. Which is probably where the only things I didn't like about Dark Knight came from. They didn't follow the original Batman plot, but since it's Christopher Nolan's own interpretation, I've decided I will not eat his heart.

As for Gran Turino I can't say much because I haven't seen it. But Clint Eastwood being in it is probably enough reason to make the list. If he wasn't good in it, atleast you'd be able to laugh at it.

Personally, I believe I have nothing to proove to anyone else other than myself and the people who work at the theater who were there all three times I went to see Dark Knight in the same week.

Basically I'm happy I have more of an opinion for 2008's movies because I saw a decent amount of them. In 2007, I had no say what-so-ever.

If anyone needs me in 2009, I'll be in the dark staying on my computer until they have to pry my hands off the keyboard with a crobar. Let's hear it for social lives, where ever they may be.

User avatar

Rufus the Perturbed on 02/28/2009 8:20 pm

Okay, first off: NOT doing my own top ten list because I probably can't find ten movies I like.

Second: I'm probably gonna get some shit for this, but I agree with some of what HowardC had to say. I hated Iron Man, though I can't really put my finger on why. I just found it boring.

Third: The Dark Knight really wasn't as good as everyone seems to think. I'm not saying it was bad, I actually loved it. Heath Ledger was fucking awesome and the guy playing Harvey Dent was pretty good, but seriously, Christian Bale needed to give that Batman voice a rest. Yeah, we get it, you're trying to be intimidating, but it sounds cheesey as hell. The Dark Knight is getting way too much credit for improving a series that couldn't sink much lower. Anyone remember the ninties Batman movies? The ones with Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and who ever else they could find who had a chin? The first one: all Jack Nicholson, totally. Tim Burton may as well not have even cast anyone else. Batman Returns was barely carried by Michelle Pfeiffer in leather (not her acting, mind you, just the fact that she wore leather). I never thought that I could hate Danny DeVito, but that movie did it for me. The third one wasn't carried by anyone (I hope Tommy Lee Jones is very embarassed), and the fourth one should've been obliterated before its release date. The bat-suit should NEVER have nipples. Batman Begins was an acceptable remake, but there were still quite a few holes. Example: at the end of his training, Batman refuses to kill one prisoner, so instead he blows up the ninja's HQ, killing hundreds of people and THE FUCKING GUY HE WAS REFUSING TO KILL BEFORE, all while saving his mentor-who-was-really-his-enemy. So yeah, The Dark Knight was the best Batman movie I've seen so far, but there wasn't much competition.

P.S. - toolz88, I wasn't sure anyone else even knew who MC Chris was. I feel a little happier now.

User avatar

Mister Tea on 02/28/2009 10:34 pm

Rufus: I'm pretty sure the League of Shadows HQ was accidentally burned down, and no one died except the phony Ra's Al Ghul, but I'll probably need to watch it again.

User avatar

Kat on 03/01/2009 10:56 am

Rufus: I understand where you're coming from, but it's not like it can be ALL serious.

Sure the voice is overkill and it makes you wonder why a billionare can't just by a voice changer, but every time I hear it, it makes me laugh. So that doesn't bother me much.

And Mister Tea: I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose. He did it to escape because he wouldn't kill the man, though not even the phony Ra's Al Ghul died. All the minions made it out too, I'm pretty sure.

As for it not making sense him doing this, maybe he just felt better not being personally responsible for the guys death. In the fire, he had a chance to get out. Even if he'd freeze to death out in the cold anyhow. You've got to admit it's atleast slightly better then chopping the man's head off in cold blood.

But hey, tell me if you disagree. I'm no movie critic. I haven't seen nearly enough of them.


8bithero (Guest) on 03/01/2009 2:24 pm

I'm sorry, but it has to be said.

The Dark Knight was a horrible, horrible movie.

It pains me to say this as a life-long Batman fan, but it was...just insipid.

The plot, the whiny Batman, the overacting, the casting. The list goes on.

The saving grace of that movie was the truly psychotic acting of Legder. Nicholson was a terrible Joker and Ledger saved the character from it's former disgrace.

But that performance alone could not stop me from walking out of that theater feeling a little violated and very ripped off.

What does Batman do in his off time now? Gargle broken glass, asbestos, and whiskey?


vdantev (Guest) on 03/01/2009 4:14 pm

Hate to urinate in anyone's butter-cream, Heath Ledger was good as the Joker, but he wasn't the Second Coming of Christ in that movie role. No one will ever get the character entirely right. Not Nicholson with his dark campiness, not Ledger with his bleakly Nth degree crazy crazy crazy- not a single actor on the planet. Ever.

Graystreet go back under the bridge and await the 3 billy goats gruff.

User avatar

Graystreet on 03/01/2009 6:21 pm

3devadam (Guest) on 03/01/2009 4:14 PM

"Graystreet go back under the bridge and await the 3 billy goats gruff."

There's a comeback to that, that I can foresee involving Little Red Riding Hood, a joke about performing oral sex on your grandmother and I just don't want to think about that, so just call me a troll next time, don't tempt me to take your cultural references to lands that you don't want to see.

User avatar

MrWarranty on 03/01/2009 6:33 pm

Play BioShock... it goes pretty quickly and you won't want to put it down.

User avatar

HeroliciousDeBlanc on 03/01/2009 7:12 pm

Well I got to saw the Dark Knight for free. Which immediately made it fantastic.

User avatar

Tetsu Deinonychus on 03/01/2009 7:51 pm

vdantev, what about Mark Hammil as the voice of the animated series Joker.

That's still my pick for best Joker (though I thought Nicholson and Ledger both did pretty good, and even Romero was good for what the 60s version was)!

User avatar

Mister Tea on 03/02/2009 1:38 am

Kat: I already said I haven't seen the movie in a while, so I'm also pretty sure there's no need for you to be such a sarcastic dickweed about it.

User avatar

Graystreet on 03/02/2009 7:34 am

Wow, you must be pretty dedicated to not taking your meds if you see sarcasm there.

User avatar

BABALITY PANCAKES on 03/02/2009 7:45 am

I really like your choice of Skeletal Lamping, I was really skeptical about Of Montreal's latest CD but then it grew on me. Not so bad.


vdantev (Guest) on 03/02/2009 8:42 am

Quite alright Graystreet, I forgive your inability to deal with a remark that consists of a full sentence. You haven't been the same since Zac Efron stopped taking your phone calls.

User avatar

Captain PirateFace on 03/02/2009 1:53 pm

This is a damn hostel posting area...

everyone, calm...... down.......



User avatar

Ant10708 on 03/02/2009 2:38 pm

Graystreet your opinion on movies means nothing if you think Gran Torino is a bad film. I loved Iron Man but it can't even be compared to the quality movie that is Gran Torino.

User avatar

EchoCharlie on 03/02/2009 3:24 pm

The best movie of 2008 is still Where Eagles Dare from 1968. Really ladies after that movie evrything else is just an "also ran".

40 years on and it still kicks the arse of any movie you can mention.

User avatar

Graystreet on 03/02/2009 5:22 pm

Where The Eagles Dare was castrated placenta fluid created by a she-male of a author that doesn't hold a candle to High School Musical 4!

Clint Eastwood isn't anywhere near as brutal as Zack Efron!

User avatar

Gato on 03/02/2009 7:01 pm

I think I liked Gran Torino because Clint Eastwood's character is basically a clone of my grandfather. I thought it was pretty awesome.


AIF (Guest) on 03/02/2009 7:12 pm

First off: arguing with one another on the internet is just asinine. Especially on I-Mockery. This is where nerds are supposed to be able to come for entertainment and camraderie. Why fight amongst ourselves when the jocks and the rich assholes already do that for us? We geeks, dweebs, nerds, and dorks will have to pull together if we're ever going to win that race/contest/striptease/other and earn the affections of the bland but popular girl/guy/farm animal/other! And perhaps, if we really try, uplifting montages set to upbeat synth music will play a part. Come on, gang!


Anyway, secondly, about Batman's voice in BB and TDK: from what I've read, there's a voice modulator in his cowl so as to intimidate criminals and prevent his voice from being recognized. Does it sound silly? Of course. But there is indeed a reason for it. Bruce Wayne is too smart to get caught for something so stupid as voice recognition.

And in regards to the folks who disliked TDK's over-realistic portrayal: go watch Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Because it sounds like cartoony absurdity is what you're into.

User avatar

Jaimas on 03/02/2009 11:32 pm

Some awards we need to hand out for movies:

1. Trailer that was the most times better than the movie it was for
2. Best moment in which something actually got blown up and not a mock-up
3. Best on-set suicide

User avatar

Graystreet on 03/03/2009 1:07 am

There's a middle ground between Batman Forever and The Dark Knight, and at times, the required nature of a superhero movie does contrast too heavily with the overly realistic portrayal, there are a lot of instances of it in Begins, but a stark instance is present in the scene where the Commissioner is killed. What kind of acid did they use that destroyed the glass he was drinking out of, but didn't tip him off to its true nature and didn't destroy the glass bottle it was stored in?
There are two explanations that I can think of, that either the glass was treated with a chemical that acted as a catalyst to the poisoned alcohol, but why didn't he notice the strange smell or dirty appearance of the glass? The second option I can think of is, that the acid only became corrosive when oxygen is introduced, but the seal was broken on the bottle when he opened it and one would assume it would betray its appearance if such a reaction was occurring within it.

Granted, you can always say "It's a movie!" but that excuse doesn't fly in light of the intended hyper-realistic world, and it honestly really took me out of the movie for the following ten or twenty minutes.

Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the Watchmen will or do exist in that middle ground, and it is that ground that is perfect for superhero movies.

User avatar

Godzilla on 03/03/2009 1:36 am

Yea, I'm pretty sure Weezer are awesome...

User avatar

Captain PirateFace on 03/03/2009 9:21 am

I just thought the Commissioner died of Acid Reflux while enjoying a glass of the vino.

Me am so dum.


Joe (Guest) on 03/04/2009 9:31 pm

Best music 2008?

Elbow's 'The Seldom Seen Kid' and danlesac vs. scroobius pip's 'Angles'


David (Guest) on 03/04/2009 10:29 pm

Hope I'm not too late for the drama.

Iron Man was fucking terrible. Stark's character was the only one that got development and was actually entertaining. The film was just dull though, and poorly written to boot.

The Dark Knight was great. Ledger was great. Yadda yadda yadda. I just wish that Batman himself had been given a little more depth in this one and (of course) gotten rid of his awesome gravel voice. Wake up people, this isn't the best film ever made in the history of everything ever. It's great. That's all. Just great.

Fallout 3 would probably be at the top of my video games list. It's Oblivion with guns and a very, very unique setting. I guess I just fell in love with the style; the whole 'post apocolyptic 1950's' feel to the game. It was pretty awesome.

As for Proto's music list. It was awful. Of Montreal, Vampire Weekend and the fucking Ting Tings? Sorry, I just can't help but hate this hipster crap. The same goes for whoever mentioned the Kings of Leon and MGMT up there. Now, Cynic's latest effort on the other hand (as RoG mentioned) is original and diverse. It might even be better than the other album (or at least the highteneed production value makes it easier to listen to). Anyway, I know music is a touchy subject so I'll leave it there.


jake (Guest) on 03/05/2009 2:14 pm

Wow I-mockerys still a website

User avatar

Captain PirateFace on 03/05/2009 4:03 pm

so much hate here...
where all that love go yo?

User avatar

Captain PirateFace on 03/06/2009 11:31 am

MGMT and Kings of Leon may be hipster crap, but hey there fella I can't help it if they put out some hit music. God forbid these bands (especially Kings of Leon) make some $$$ on their craft and be somewhat popular with others beyond our elite-ist music snobs who abhore anything that's remotley popular.

so David... what's your top picks so's we can pick it apart brotha?


GGARAGAHAHG (Guest) on 03/13/2009 9:11 am

Weezer? You're seriously kidding right?
I've lost all respect I once had for you. Complete and utter fail.

GAH. You suck Protoclown.


Preacher (Guest) on 03/13/2009 11:03 pm

ok, for super cereal guys. in response to all dumb-ass related comments about the dark knight: it was a hell of a movie. from a true critic aspect, it was a little bit drawn out(get the comic pun?) in certain areas, but overall the message was conveyed thoroughly and there was plenty of action. the only downfall to the film was that due to the mind-blowing performance of Heath Ledger and the mediocre performance by Christian Baile, we got caught up focusing much more on the joker and not on batman. if you dont agree with this than you fail. oh, and you're a dick. Also, yes, technically the joker should have been more prankster-funny and not as dark-funny but as one of the previous people stated, all of the previous comics, and shows/movies that depicted the joker were for the most part aimed towards little kids. the new joker is how i have always imagined he should be.

Iron Man: agreed that it was a great pop-corn movie, but to a true comic fan, it was great too. it may not have followed the comic as closely as lets say Punisher: Warzone, or The Watchmen, but it was VERY accurate and never let you get bored. as for depth, meh, its a comic flick. if you want a deep comic movie watch the dark knight or the watchmen.

The Punisher: Fucking Warzone: fucking trees with tits this was a great movie. it wasn't something that would win crazy awards n shit, but it was perfect. it gave us exactly what we wanted when we wanted it. the only problem that i have with this movie was the fight scene with luny ben jim. it was way too short, and did not come close to ending how i hoped it would end.

and my top 10 things of 2008:
1-finally reading the Civil War comic lot
2-fallout 3
3-rockband 2
4-The Punisher: Warzone
5-the dark knight (not a DC fan, but damn)
6-discovering the band "A Thousand Times Repent"
7-seeing megan fox in those risque modeling pictures.
8-The ultimates(except for the hulk bullshit)
9-buying new tattoo machines
10-maybe this should be my #1- finding out that ryan renolds will be playing Deadpool in the upcoming wolverine movie, and the hope of him getting his own movie.

top 10 letdowns:
1-left4dead not having any kind of legit story
2-Bruce Banner being such a pussy in the Ultimates
4-losing my serving job because of Bennigan's CEO being an asshole.
5-As I Lay Dying's new bassist/backup singer
6-As I Lay Dying no longer being my favorite band anymore because of the previously stated letdown.
7-the force unleashed. thank God i didn't buy it.
8-seeing the further butchering of the lucas arts cooperation.
9-jessica simpson getting fat
10-having to download internet explorer for online classes.

User avatar

copacetic on 03/23/2009 11:14 am

ewww who would ever want to fuck julia roberts.

User avatar

nutriabat on 04/02/2009 9:01 pm

of montreal? you pansy ass.....oooh!! I am so angry.

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