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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Drunkards! Plus, Shamrock Shakes & Guinness Cupcakes!

Use the force, Warwick!

If you're currently able to read this, you're doing better than many people I know who are already puking up green fluids galore. So before you drown yourself in green booze or shamrock shakes, share with us some of your St. Patrick's Day plans. Or, at the very least, use this blog as a replacement for the inevitable drunk dialing you do on this day every year and then spend the next two months making apologies for. And watch out for that damned Leprechaun. Just knowing that he has a light saber now is pretty fucking scary if you ask me.

UPDATE: Shamrock Shake Located!

McDonald's Shamrock Shake and Guinness Cupcakes!

So we went out earlier today to get a genuine Shamrock Shake (aka: the only reason to ever go to McDonald's in my opinion) and we decided to stop by Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank as well. Lo and behold, they had their own St. Patrick's Day themed cupcakes. Chocolate mint chip cupcakes and, believe it or not, Guinness cupcakes. That's a meal and a drink all in one. They even had cupcakes topped with Lucky Charms. And they say Irish cuisine is awful? Pfft...


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Output on 03/17/2009 2:03 pm

First!!!! Finally!
Thanks RoG, for all you do!

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Mental Pooperscooper on 03/17/2009 3:19 pm

I've always been more afraid of leprachauns than most mythical creatures, they just creep me out, now one has a lightsaber?! my plans have just become hiding in the basement in the fetal position. I'll also be avoiding any crates, and Punching anyone not wearing green, because pinching is for pussies

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Poxpower on 03/17/2009 5:26 pm



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MeowMixMaster on 03/17/2009 6:18 pm

I already posted how to make your own St Patty's day fun but since Mr Mockery here was so polite in asking, I'll go ahead and post this anyway.

Here's what you can do to have your own happy green fun on this cute little irish holiday.

1. Sit in front of your television watching your preferred movie with irish references in it, i.e. The leprechaun.

2. Have a couple of bottles of heineken and one bowl of frosted Lucky Charms.

3. After you are nice and tanked from both the sugar of the marshmallows and the alcohol, make yourself your own little makeshift leprechaun outfit resembling Lucky from lucky charms as much as you can. Then make yourself your own sheileleigh. Once you have these, then run around your neighborhood swinging your sheileleigh screaming and mumbling for your neighbors to give you their lucky charms. See how many laugh at you, cooperate, or simply call the cops reporting you as a green drunk sheileleigh wielding lunatic. Who says St Patty's day can't be fun

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Silver on 03/17/2009 6:24 pm

Too bad we don't celebrate this in Mexico... Or maybe we do and I have been an ignorant after all?


amoriahs (Guest) on 03/17/2009 6:33 pm

Happy St. Patrick's Day, time to enjoy my once-a-year favorite, the Irish Carbomb while reading I-Mockery!
BTW-watch out for the leprechauns wielding lightsabers, they get mean if they think you're after their lucky charms...

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nutriabat on 03/17/2009 8:15 pm

I eat corned beef and cabbage. I drink Irish car bombs and shoot Jameson until I am blind stinking paralytic drunk. I do this on a very special day that is commonly known as "Friday". Friday comes early this week. Hoody-Hoo!!!


CB (Guest) on 03/17/2009 9:24 pm

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CB810 on 03/17/2009 10:12 pm

that's funny, I found this on the same site.

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Doctor_Who on 03/17/2009 11:40 pm

I used to work at McDonalds, and every year I would take advantage of the restaurant's "free food for employees" policy just to fill my freezer with Shamrock Shakes.

Just about the only thing from that place I would actually eat. Take it from someone who used to cook it: the food is garbage.

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greenimp on 03/18/2009 12:50 am

i have an irish english teacher... we had english on st pattys day, (bear in mind this teacher is really super proud of his irish-ness) he begins to write up the date on the board and stops and says "whats the date?" a student: "17th" teacher: "...i cant believe i just asked that"

much hillarity was had by all

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bountyhunterseven on 03/18/2009 3:23 am

most importantly, McDonalds STILL sells Shamrock Shakes???
holy crap...ive been missing out all these years!!!

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Angryhydralisk on 03/18/2009 9:39 am

I saw Carcass live. It was killer to say the least.


fat rodman (Guest) on 03/18/2009 11:06 am

went to albany, ny on saturday. started drinking at 8 with friends. made the BEST damn cinnamon rolls while other people made eggs and bacon for the group. drank some carbombs, and a scottish carbomb (a shot of rumplemintz in a glass of cool blue gatorade (it's now known as an "aquafresh" cause it kind of taste like brushing your teeth)) went to the parade, drank 40's while we walked down town. went to the first bar, shots and beers were had all around. went to another bar, drank some more. Blacked out in the bar and then came to a couple of hours later in the middle of a sunoco by myself and had no idea how i got there.

Luckily, the gas station attendent was a nice enough guy to use my phone to call my friends to see where they were (price chopper) and called me a cab to meet them.

It was a good st. patricks day....but i did lose my ipod as well. :(

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-RoG- on 03/18/2009 12:34 pm

bountyhunterseven, not all McDonald's sell the Shamrock Shakes on St. Patrick's Day each year, sometimes you gotta search around. I just got lucky and the first one I checked this year happened to have 'em.

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captain516 on 03/18/2009 12:51 pm

creme de menthe is superior to your pathetic shake.

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-RoG- on 03/18/2009 2:02 pm

captain516, the hell it does! Your puny creme de suck cannot compete with a mighty green shake that turns into this after sitting out for less than 24 hours:


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JJ the Jetplane on 03/18/2009 3:34 pm

I've never seen a shake with that....consistency before.

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LittleDollClaudia on 03/18/2009 9:34 pm

I made 10 pounds of cornbeef with all the trimmings and fed my gluttonous friends who drank (the alcohol they brought and made sure was empty) before they all staggered home.

Oh, we also played Rock Band. That game is nuts with all four instruments. Especially when half the group is drunk.

And that shake looks like a toxic accident. WTG, McDonald's! Too bad St. Patrick's is over. I want one now...

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Cherry Nirvana on 03/19/2009 11:35 am

Ewww...I don't think I want a Shamrock Shake now, that's just foul.


Rothgil (Guest) on 03/20/2009 4:40 pm

If it looks like that after 24 hours I can't wait to see how many days it takes to become sentient!

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Invisible on 03/21/2009 2:58 am

Our McD's had never offered that. But I am pretty sure that the shake wouldn't look near as pretty as I'm barfin it up after consuming large quanities of McCormick's vodka. Hey, I'm Irish...McCormick's is an irish name...right?????


Dude where’s my 9/11 (Guest) on 03/29/2009 1:09 pm

Hey do you guys still have Dude Where's my Car?


Mr Bletch (Guest) on 04/22/2009 9:23 am

So was Luke Skywalker trained by Leprechauns?

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