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I Need An Artist, Stat!


This was supposed to be a surprise to be announced shortly before the Comic-Con, but since my local artist friends are all too swamped with their own projects to meet the deadline, and without an artist these kinds of things don't happen, I turn to the internet for assistance.

I am writing a 20-page comic book that I hope to have for sale at the I-Mockery table at the San Diego Comic-Con this year (which will also be available for purchase online, after the con, for those of you who can't make it this year). However, since scripts alone aren't exactly exciting material for the average reader, I am in need of an artist to help me see this vision through.

A couple things you should know:

- I'm not going to announce the plot publicly and give it all away, but it's going to be a "superhero-related" humor book. More focused on villains than heroes. So if you want to draw a bunch of 20-somethings talking over coffee about their relationship troubles, this is probably not the project for you. However, if you like drawing cheesy characters in spandex and capes, you'll be right at home with this one.

- I cannot pay you up front. I'm going to be stretching my resources super-thin just to get this thing printed in the first place. Since I'm doing this more to get my name out there than to make money, as far as I'm concerned most of any profits generated would go to you. I'd be happy just to break even, if possible. We can work out some kind of deal, but I will make sure you are paid fairly for your work (though be aware you will not get rich self-publishing indie comics). You will also get a co-creator credit since you will be designing the visual look of the characters.

- I absolutely need to have this thing completed by the end of June, at the very latest. Which doesn't give us a lot of time. It may or may not be color, depending on time and money. So if you know full well you don't have the time to get this done by then, please don't waste my time and get my hopes up by contacting me about it.

I know we have some talented artists out there who read this site, so if you think you're the right match for this project and you would like to collaborate with me on a book, this is your chance. If you have a friend who's an artist who might not see this post, please let them know. Remember, if you're an aspiring comic artist, I will be promoting this thing at the Comic-Con, which will be a damn good way to get your name and samples of your work out there and in front of the eyes of publishers. The best way to get your foot in the door of the entertainment industry is to make your own door, they say.

The style I'm looking for here is somewhat simple and cartoony. That's what I picture in my head when I see these characters. But I'm certainly open to other possibilities. If you are interested, please send a couple samples of your work to: and I will get back to you. Please remember that time is of the essence, so things have to move fairly quickly at this point.

P.S. It is my goal to have this thing at our table in time for the Comic-Con, and I will be extremely disappointed if that doesn't happen. But I want you guys to know that either way, it WILL happen eventually. You will be able to buy a comic written by yours truly. If nothing else, I have local artist friends I can work with once their schedules clear, but at that point it would be an online-only purchase sort of thing.

P.P.S. This is why I haven't been around on here much lately.


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captain516 on 05/12/2009 9:05 am

What would you like to see as a sample?


FlameAdder (Guest) on 05/12/2009 9:17 am

Oh man, this is going to be good. I hope you get someone good, Proto, because I am already looking forward to this.

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Protoclown on 05/12/2009 9:43 am

captain516:Just any kind of sample of your art. A character sketch or something like that.


apsouthern (Guest) on 05/12/2009 10:26 am

Warren Ellis might be able to give you a little bit of publicity for it -


Bizzaro Stormy (Guest) on 05/12/2009 1:32 pm

I'm doing my part to find some artists, but don't expect any miracles. I'm no artist, but I'm flailing out across the Internet to find those that are.

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darkvare on 05/12/2009 2:16 pm

i suck at drawing wich kinda makes me sad but i wish you luck in your search


sierra dufault (Guest) on 05/12/2009 2:41 pm

i am down....I will totally do show.


sierra dufault (Guest) on 05/12/2009 2:43 pm

here is the only site that has my art on it as of right now...I am working an a web site for realzy right now.

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CodeGreen on 05/12/2009 2:44 pm

Hot damn. I'd love to do it...but, I dont live near San Diego...and I'm probably to young. XD I am somewhat of an artist though.

But, good luck in finding one.

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CodeGreen on 05/12/2009 2:46 pm

Or wherever this comic-con is taking place.
Maybe it's not in San Diego. XD I havent checked.

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Protoclown on 05/12/2009 5:56 pm

You don't have to live near San Diego, or near me. All of our communication and transfers of art would take place over the internet. Yes, it'd be nice if the artist could be there to help pimp out the book too, but not necessary. I gots mad pimpin' skillz

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fugmunky on 05/12/2009 6:54 pm

couple questions:
how many drawings/panels are you looking at for the final piece? how 'polished' would you want this art - is a sketchy look fine or do you want the whole pristine computer painted look that’s popular of late

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Protoclown on 05/12/2009 11:04 pm

If your art style is sketchy that could be fine, depending, but I'm definitely looking for the book to look "complete". I can't tell you how many panels the whole thing has--I'm still about halfway through writing it. But you figure 20 pages with probably 5-6 panels per page for the most part...

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greenimp on 05/13/2009 12:29 am

oooooh, bad timing. i could probably do you a fairly good job if it had been last year or next year. but, as it is, i have yr 12 wih all its joyous assignments and exams to wrestle with. i have a friend that might be interested tho, ill talk to him about it. no promises tho.

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Shironu-Akaineko on 05/13/2009 10:02 am

Black and white would save money on printing costs and would save me time on drawing it; B&W, I'd have time to do it, but colored, no; it takes me about a day to make a decent digitally colored comic page. A couple of hours if it's done with markers, a lil less if it stays Black and white.


TMS (Guest) on 05/13/2009 1:16 pm

When do we have to send you stuff by? I'm in Europe right now but will be back by June 1st. And how do you feel about Icebacks? (Canadians)


Toolazytologinproperly469 (Guest) on 05/13/2009 3:29 pm

I noticed that the guy who draws "warbot in accounting", Brian Clevinger's alternate webcomic, was whoring himself out recently. He didn't seem too hung up on fat stacks of cash either, just needing a little for rent or somesuch. Here's the link:

He seems to have a nice and simplistic cartoony style, so maybe he's just the bloke you're looking for.

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Mental Pooperscooper on 05/13/2009 5:11 pm

2 things,
1-If I didn't have a final in every class I'd definately be able to help you out,
2-you could do a compilation similar to the Exquisite corpse thing, have a different artist do every page, and then pay 'em with free copies

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Kat on 05/14/2009 6:43 pm

Funny, I was actually going to ask if I could draw something for you guys at I-Mockery for Comic-con.

You know, just for the fun of it. Like drawing you all as super heroes.

But screw that, I'd love to do this.

I'm actually a comic writer and artist as well, so comic writing is my passion, and I-Mockery is my passion as well. So it would be a great combination.

I'll admit I'm not the best, but I've been drawing for quite a while now and I'm versitile as far as the style goes.

One question...(Before I send you anything) Is there any way you could find an example of something that already exists that is vaguely like what you're looking for?

I'd just like to know.

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ZAKO the GREAT on 05/18/2009 9:45 pm

pick me. lol


Akktri (Guest) on 06/15/2009 9:34 pm

I saw this a little late, so I probably missed out.
Anyways, not sure I'd be too excited about doing a comic about Pickleman anyway.

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