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Server Problems And A Lil’ Treat.

Hey guys, sorry the site has been acting up over the past few days. We've been working on getting some o' the problems with the server worked out along with a few coding glitches. Everything appears to be up 'n running smoothly again now, so let's hope it stays that way. If you encounter any errors on the site, please report them to me so we can get 'em taken care of pronto.

For those of you who didn't catch the live episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum last week, we actually had a lengthy post-show that was a lot of fun. The post-shows are never archived, so that's yet another reason to watch the show when it airs LIVE. However, I did manage to get a 5-minute clip from the post-post-show (yes the show after the post-show) in which my guest, Alex Berg, and I invaded the control booth to get down and boogie. You'll see the dancing start around the 1 minute clip. Good times!

Of course, if you missed episode 3 last Friday, it has now been archived online so you can view it whenever you so desire!

Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum - Ninjas, Horror & Death: Part I

Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum - Ninjas, Horror & Death: Part II

Don't forget! This Friday, May 22nd is the LAST new episode of the month so be sure to catch it LIVE at 10pm PST! The network is going on a 2-week hiatus so they can upgrade the site so that all of the shows can be viewed in widescreen! So yeah, when we return on June 12th, the show is going to look even better for all of ya!


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BigMac500 on 05/20/2009 6:57 pm

Yay, you included the part where he mentions me! Now I feel extra special.

Anyway, that was a great show, I enjoyed it more than the first two, which is pretty hard to do! Ninja Fonzie all the way... :)

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Silver on 05/21/2009 12:12 am

I really enjoyed the last live broadcast of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum on TheStream.TV, although I arrived to the show almost half-way.

I haven't seen the uploaded episode yet (I'm a tad busy this week), so I would appreciate if you, -RoG-, could tell me the name of the Turkish movie that we saw over there.


I think that the black blister on Brian's finger is nothing more than an attempt of his own body to clone itself.


dudeguy (Guest) on 05/21/2009 8:02 am

i've invented a game, lets all guess which member of UCB RoG will have over. whoever gets it right gets $5.

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J. Tithonus Pednaud on 05/21/2009 8:59 am

Last week I said my goodbyes, left the room and came back to the Doc busting a move.

I laughed me ass off.


BurnPianoBurn (Guest) on 05/21/2009 1:32 pm

You guys complete me.

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Shotgunbundy on 05/22/2009 3:01 pm

two weeks sans doc mock, NO!!!!!!!!


Bearfoot (Guest) on 06/07/2009 4:01 pm

Is it just me or does Doc Mock sound a bit like Vincent McMhaon?

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