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The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition. Or As I Like To Call It, “HOLY CRAP!”

Look! A three-headed monkey! Yes indeed, I grew up on a ton of amazing games in what people consider to be "the golden age of video gaming", but if I had to name one game as my all-time favorite, it would have to be The Secret of Monkey Island. So, it should come as no surprise that I'm excited as hell about how they just announced an upcoming Special Edition of the game (along with some new installments to the series). For the special edition, they redrew the entire game and recorded voice tracks for all the characters which actually look and sound pretty damned good. They seriously did a great job staying faithful to the original as you'll soon see. As if that's not enough, the game actually allows you to switch seamlessly between the new artwork style and the original pixelated graphics depending on which you prefer. How's that for pleasing the fans?

Check out this behind the scenes trailer from Destructoid to learn more about it:

I really couldn't be more excited about this game and I hope those of you who never had a chance to play The Secret of Monkey Island when you were younger will give it a shot. It's really the game that got me interested in making games of my own because it was the perfect blend of humor and adventure. Hell of a good soundtrack too.

Of course, we've done a few Monkey Island spoofs of our own here on I-Mockery so be sure to check 'em out as well:

-A Monkey Island Feast
-Monkey Island: The Director's Cut
-Monkey Island 2 Outtakes

So who here is as excited as I am to bust open a can of Grog and play the ultimate wannabe-pirate adventure once again?


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robo_rob on 06/01/2009 8:40 pm

Yeah dude, it's seriously awesome news. I'm hoping Maniac Mansion gets an update soon myself.

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Scorpio1976 on 06/01/2009 9:26 pm


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-RoG- on 06/01/2009 9:26 pm

That'd be great too, robo_rob. I'd be first in line to relive the glory days of seeing a hamster get microwaved on my computer screen.

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10,000 Volt Ghost on 06/01/2009 9:36 pm

Can't wait.

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captain516 on 06/01/2009 10:15 pm

This is joyus news.

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Nick on 06/01/2009 10:39 pm

I've never had the chance to play it. You can bet I'm going to play this.

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Copper on 06/01/2009 10:50 pm

Given that I had gaming systems in my youth instead of a computer, I missed this one (Okay, hell, I missed a *lot*) growing up. This presents a chance at redeeming myself *laughs*

Funny, too, that Maniac Mansion got mentioned. I was thinking about Day of the Tentacles not an hour ago *laughs*

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bazdagoff on 06/02/2009 4:08 am

Of course, it might not be available to kids, what with it being rated 'Arrr' and all...

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OxBlood on 06/02/2009 4:28 am

I actually don´t like the idea a lot. MI is perfect the way it is now. No need for voiceovers, updated visuals or the not-very-great ability to play it with a friggin pad...

It´s good that MI is introduced to a whider audience this way, sure, but I doubt, that any of the youngsters can fathom the beatuy that was Monkey Island ;)

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Lastpatriot on 06/02/2009 5:59 am


Maniac Mansion has been updated, but those were updates from 8-bit to 16-bit.

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Doctor_Who on 06/02/2009 6:32 am

Sweet, first Sam & Max get an awesome revival, and now this. My childhood is returning, and with better graphics!

User avatar

Molly on 06/02/2009 6:59 am

Now only if they would give Day Of The Tentacle this treatment..

User avatar

Julio on 06/02/2009 7:14 am

I have to agree with Copper in that, due to having gaming consoles when I was young instead of a computer, I missed this game (and a lot of great games too). If this thing comes out and it is compatible with Mac OS X you can bet that I will give it a try.

You say you will be able to choose to play with the old school graphics as well as the new kick-ass ones? This idea seems to be inspired on the latest version of Another World, another great game that, despite being so short, is awesome in its nature and didn't need any sort of voiceovers.

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Lothalis on 06/02/2009 8:48 am

While I agree with oxblood's point, that remade classics kinda mess with them this one will probably keep it's charm...kinda like the new punch out.

Lastpatriot: Maniac Mantion was remade? I am looking that up immediately!!

User avatar

TNT724 on 06/02/2009 10:46 am

Never had a chance to try this out before, can't wait. Plus there is no worries about Skynet with this game unlike that creepy Milo kid, from Microsoft Natal.

User avatar

mister buch on 06/02/2009 1:04 pm

I MUST own this! I love Monkey Island, and I've been trying to get a copy of the Secret for ages. Now here comes one with voices?! Yes!

User avatar

sjmck on 06/02/2009 2:14 pm

Oh, hells yes!

User avatar

Relaxing Dragon on 06/02/2009 2:28 pm

One of those games I've always wanted to play, but never got around to. Now I have no excuse, and will get it as soon as it comes out.

User avatar

Julio on 06/02/2009 4:08 pm

I have just read that this new version will be only available for PC and XBox 360.


James (Guest) on 06/02/2009 5:19 pm

Rog, Have you not played Curse of Monkey Island? The voices from that game are back for this.... It's great hearing Earl Boen (aka the shrink from the Terminator series) as LeChuck.

User avatar

Bavles on 06/02/2009 5:42 pm

Ah Ha Yes! One of my favorite series of all time! Although I've never gotten to play the first two, i grew up with Curse and Escape. How great is it that they got the voices back for Guybrush and LeChuck? Although why is Elaine different in every game?

User avatar

Jonny#5 on 06/03/2009 8:25 am

A remake in the works and new episodic games in the summer makes me really happy. I always loved adventure games and it warms my heart to see it get the love it deserves.

BTW, someone did a Maniac Mansion remake, called Maniac Mansion DEluxe a few years back. YOu can find it here:

User avatar

nilus on 06/03/2009 12:31 pm

Here is hoping we get an updated for the rest of the series. Monkey Island games rocked


Fast_Eddy (Guest) on 06/03/2009 1:18 pm

Hope these new ones remain true to the spirit of the series, and aren't hijacked by someone who wants to do their own thing. But aside from that, this is very good news indeed.

User avatar

Ronin S on 06/03/2009 2:52 pm

If the guys holding Space Quest, King's Quest and Police Quest were to do this too, I would be quite happy.

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Pandajuice on 06/04/2009 10:59 am

Remaking old games is a great idea if it's done faithfully, as this one seems to be. If you go back and try to play our beloved games of the past (as I have been doing recently), most of them are clunky, tedious, and ugly to our 2009 senses, even with the nostalgia factor. We just don't have the patience we used to have 20 years ago.
The original MI games and Kyrandia series are exceptions to that, but I'm all for all these old games being remade so they are more accessible, and more fun to us today.

User avatar

Pandajuice on 06/04/2009 11:00 am

Oh and Ronin S, Kings Quest 1-3 have been remade by independent developers already and they are very well done and faithful to the originals, so check them out. Death to old school parsers!

User avatar

MarioRPG on 06/04/2009 2:58 pm

Ability to switch to 8bit = GOLD.

I'm glad they got the cast from 'curse'. That's great. Wow, I'm so excited for this.

User avatar

Chojin on 06/04/2009 5:55 pm

Whenever I play Marathon 2 on the xbox, i always end up switching it back to the old graphics. For some reason, the lines in Monkey Island seem funnier to me in text, too.

Even though I can get most of what I'd get out of this for free with ScummVM, I'll still get it to support them.

User avatar

EzraSmith on 06/06/2009 7:04 am

Three new ways for people to get into a coma.

User avatar

NotDavid on 06/07/2009 3:32 am

Excited as hell... !

User avatar

Protoclown on 06/07/2009 10:18 am

Cool. Now I can finally play this classic game. I will definitely be buying this to give them my support.

User avatar

Rufus the Perturbed on 06/07/2009 7:25 pm

Holy Monkey Bladders! I truly never thought this day would come. ifupqwetrbsdlaf Sorry, I lost control of my fingers for a second. I'm just so happy I can't control myself. I can't remember the last time I felt this much joy. Sex is nothing next to a new Monkey Island game.


Yuko (Guest) on 06/09/2009 11:02 am

Holy monkey! I can't believe it, this is soooo awesome :) wait...the fighting machine has a monkey on it! wow. I can't wait.

User avatar

YukoValis on 06/09/2009 11:03 am

Pure Awesomeness

User avatar

fluffkomix on 06/11/2009 12:40 am

that trailer was orgasmic. now i've only ever played the curse of monkey island (which i regret, the originals are so much better i've heard), but i loved the graphics from it. i hope if they make more games for the monkey island series that they use the graphics from curse as those were what really got me into the game, seeing as when i played it the first time, i was too young to get all the jokes.

User avatar

Rufus the Perturbed on 06/14/2009 4:33 pm

Ronin S - Sierra On-Line, the company that made all those lovely games you mentioned as well as a few others (Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria) was unfortunately bought out by Activision. Even more unfortunately, Activision is now considering dropping Sierra. I'd love to see a new Quest for Glory game, but I don't think it's in the cards. BOO!

User avatar

Rufus the Perturbed on 06/14/2009 4:34 pm

whoops, didn't mean to do all bold like that

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