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Maddox Appearing LIVE On Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum Friday, June 26th!

Maddox will be the guest on Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum this Friday, June 26th!

I've got a big treat for you guys on the next episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum; my good chum Maddox (author of The Alphabet of Manliness) is going to be appearing LIVE on the show at 10pm PST! So not only will we be airing another mind-mutating movie, you'll also get to interact with the most manly modern pirate on the Internet! We'll even be putting up some new Maddox merchandise for giveaway during the show. This is definitely one episode you don't want to wait to view once it's been archived online, so make sure you guys catch it live.

In the meantime, our most recent episode from last Friday night with special guest Todd Fasen is now online! Check it out!

Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum - Arm Wrestling Cyborgs: Part I:

Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum - Arm Wrestling Cyborgs: Part II:

Alright, that's all for now... see you guys this Friday night!


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Incompetent Villain on 06/22/2009 2:56 pm

I still have yet to watch Doc Mock live.

(Which I've read from previous comments is the best way to watch it.)

Can't wait for the show!


Drud (Guest) on 06/22/2009 4:17 pm

It's like a dream come true...

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Kat on 06/22/2009 4:43 pm

Hopefully I get to watch the full show live this time.

See you Friday.

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Julio on 06/22/2009 7:15 pm

I have just read who Maddox and his book are all about (hadn't done so before, despite having read his name in this website). The only thing I can expect for this upcoming show is a corny, action-packed B-Movie with machine guns, sweat, hookers and lots of blood.

I'll see you there (in Stickam).

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Coryjonc on 06/23/2009 1:00 am

I am a huge, huge fan Maddox and his work. I almost squealed when I read this blog page. I'm freaking excited and I can't wait to see this.

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Pentegarn on 06/23/2009 8:34 am

This should be interesting

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stevetothepast on 06/23/2009 9:25 am

can't wait. I haven't seen it live yet either.


Vert (Guest) on 06/23/2009 1:07 pm

Holy Ceaser's Ghost, Batman! Needless to say, I will make every effort to watch this one!

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spacebox1947 on 06/23/2009 2:33 pm

This definately has me hooked. My two favorite places to be on the internet... at the same time? Sensory overload.

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BigMac500 on 06/23/2009 8:04 pm

Holy everalasting gobstoppers...I need to catch this episode for sure!

Would anybody suggest which site is "preferred" for watching Doc Mock?
I've used previously, but it seems to be getting more traffic than it can handle lately.

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-RoG- on 06/23/2009 8:14 pm

Currently thestream is working on creating a nice widescreen player/chat that is embedded directly in their site (like it used to be), but that won't be up 'n running for a few weeks still. So for now, the two places to catch the show are:


As for which is preferred... honestly, just use whatever is working best at the time for you.

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BigMac500 on 06/23/2009 10:25 pm

Thanks RoG, I'll try out Stickam this week. Hopefully I can keep the same user name!


boosman100 (Guest) on 06/25/2009 2:17 pm

yeah, im gonna try stickam this week too. is getting waaaaay to busy nowadays and its impossible to chat. i hear stickam has a decent amount of people in it though.

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BurnPianoBurn on 06/26/2009 1:03 pm

Make sure you tell maddox that I jerked off in his Alphabet of Manliness and then Slapped my wife in the face for questioning my awesomeness. Excited to watch tonight. booya!


Vert (Guest) on 06/27/2009 1:57 am

Sorry to say this, but the episode was a disappointment. I mean, it started off well and was going well, rivaling with the best episodes so far, what with the great movie and Maddox actually being reasonably funny, but when the movie stopped mid-way...

I kept on watching for a little while, but the educational video simply wasn't cutting mustard and I gave up.


It's a massive shame.



SirDuke (Guest) on 06/27/2009 4:15 am

I thought this was a really good episode, and even with the technical difficulties that struck midway through the show it remained entertaining. I loved the Senior-Fu educational film that you used when Turkish Rambo stopped working and I thought the Q&A session at the end was particularly great.

So yeah, nice job.

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Kamrom on 06/27/2009 7:03 am

I hate to say, i did not like the episode this week. The movie was fun til it stopped working, and i'm definetly coming back next time. But Maddox was awful. all the questions were about him and all the prizes were from him. Worst of all though were his lackeys clogging the chat rooms, making it impossible for the real fans. Over and over i heard people insulting the show, even surprised you werent simply interviewing the guy! If I can make a reccomendation, maybe no more celebrities? Because really, that show was painful, one of the worst sofar. good movie though.


Grindhouse (Guest) on 06/27/2009 11:06 am

I have to agree the rabid Maddox fans kind of ruined it for the rest of us. I've been an I-Mockery fan since the website first started and have been watching the Doc Mock shows since Episode One. I couldn't believe it when they were putting the show down. I have to agree no more "celebrities" like Maddox.

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Penisaurus Rex on 06/27/2009 3:43 pm

I love I-Mockery and I love Maddox. Together they are great!

However, the people that came just for Maddox were among the most annoying fanboys I have ever encountered. The show itself was great and the on-air chemistry between Doc Mock, Maddox, and Miss D was perfect. But at the beginning of the show the chat room was filled with so many insulting and annoying comments that I just closed the chat log until later. Luckily the hate died down. Other than that, the show was the best yet.

One thing I've noticed about Maddox is that his fans seem like the kind of people he makes fun of and would punch in the colon if he ever met them.

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Dusk on 06/27/2009 3:55 pm

That show was great, if you ask me. It's probably because I wasn't paying too much attention to the chat room, except when asking questions, and focused on the movie. Other than Turkish Rambo not working, it was great fun, even if I didn't get to sleep until 5.

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GreenPeaness on 06/27/2009 4:04 pm

Huge downer of an episode. That maddox guy, or character, whatever he's supposed to be, was an enormous tool. The Doc can do a whole lot better in the guest department. Even with the technical difficulties, the educational videos would've been alright except that the dialogue coming from that ass was so dull. Literally, watch the archive if you didn't see it. Maddox would tell a story, like about a cop giving him a ticket and then... silence. Silence for like 25 seconds. Doc, you need to get a cricket chirping sound bit to go along with "SEGA". What a finger sniffer. And all night on justintv chat, they had us in perpetual Slow Mode. Anything you typed, you couldn't type anything else for a minute or more. Yeah that's great on a LIVE video stream. Something happens and no one can comment on it for more than a minute. Defeats the purpose of streaming it in real time. Bad guest. Half a movie. Crappy chat. This was a real stinker of an episode.
However, I don't think any of that blame falls on the Doc Show as a whole. Movies crap out. Yeah, sure. He had backups that were damned odd and funny. You could've found a hobo behind a 7-11 that would've made a better guest than a guy handing out Free Punch prizes and drank vinegar. And whoever moderated the justintv chat needs to have their sack stomped.
New guest. New movie. Less restricted chat. And always, always, MOAR LICKY! LICKY 4EVA! And I'll be there every Friday night.

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IXCE on 06/27/2009 9:43 pm

Maddox was great. Like others that have already mentioned it, some of the people who were there just for him were so annoying. Sucks that there isn't really anything you can do anything about it. Its a shame the film died out but you guys did best you could with the situation.

Also props to Smiley, he played the awkward and nervous personality really well. I'd like to see Smiley and Licky interact with each other.


kabrone (Guest) on 06/27/2009 11:16 pm

I too, did not like maddox or his fans. his sense of humour is horrible and consist of him desperatly trying to sound manly, even it it is his schtik. not to mention at the end when he simply resorted to farting into the mic for laughs.

Then his fans, not only were they asking retarded questiosn, but also spamming it for hours on end until it finally was answered.then the mods had to put the chat on slow mode to combat this which meant you could only type one sentance a minute which is stupid but i can see why they had to do it.

I planned on watching this episode of stickam for once because its alot less busy but it seems thestream is having some problems with the "new layout" feature and i would have had to watch the entire show with a tiny picture.

I think it's like you said yourself in another comment section on a previous post, the show is better with just two buddies commenting on a movie rather than a boring celebrity.


kabrone (Guest) on 06/27/2009 11:18 pm

Ugh, there's alot of typo's there. Not really helping my point.


Vert (Guest) on 06/28/2009 1:06 am

Oh, and Smiley is creepy as hell and not too bad a substitute, but he lacks the wonderful personality (no joke!) of Licky, who usually makes great contributions to the show, be it with his flirting, his singing or his general Lickyness.

And to everyone complaining about the Maddox fans: the stick-cam chat room had none of their crap, it wasn't spammed at all (except for a single instance), was filled with some of the regulars (like HITLERBOT) and, overall, was pretty good. I heartily recommend switiching to Stick-cam next time.

Finally, Miss D, when you next get flooded by stupid questions, I'd recommend trying to filter them out better or even ignore them (as extreme as that may sound). Sure, one, maybe two 'who'd win' questions are ok, but variety is key!* Other than that, and so as to not end in a down note, all I can say is that your perfect for the job!

* Given my obsession with making the guests take their shirt off and/or psychoanalyzing the movie, that's more than a little hypocritical... T_T

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Coryjonc on 06/28/2009 4:39 pm

So, I loved Maddox. Though he had alot of good comments. I'm a fairly big, longtime fan so I may be a tad biased, but I can't help that. I'm not taking anything away from you, Rog, or Re, because you two are always great. I'd also like to apologize to her for spamming my question- I thought it was really good, and I just imagined she couldn't see it because of all the spam.

I was watching the Justin chatroom and I can safely say that the "Rabid fans" everyone keeps talking about weren't really too distracting. I was also upset that Licky wasn't there. I freaking missed him.

I'm really not surprised to hear that that you (Doc) have a problem with Tucker Max. There's a story there, and I really want to hear it.

User avatar

IXCE on 06/28/2009 8:46 pm

I think that the guest should be kept a secret like the film. That way we won't get those crazy fans.

I also would like to hear the story about Tucker and Doc.

User avatar

-RoG- on 06/29/2009 12:39 am

Thanks to those of you who watched the episode and sorry if Maddox's fans were too much for you to handle in the chat room haha. We had a lot of fun though... Maddox was an awesome guest and a really good sport to hang out so late with us even after the first movie had a glitch. I've known him for a while and it was real nice to do something with him. Hopefully we'll get to collaborate on some other fun stuff in the future.

We've got another fun guest from the UCB improv scene coming up this Friday, July 3rd, so be sure to tune in and catch that episode LIVE!

Coryjonc / IXCE, hahaha there's no "story" between Tucker and Doc. I just think of Tucker in the same way I think about Paris Hilton - an untalented asshole undeserving of any praise or recognition by the media or the general public.

User avatar

Coryjonc on 06/29/2009 10:41 am

Ah, alright. I kinda figured you met him (through Maddox I thought) and he did something drunk and stupid.

User avatar

-RoG- on 06/29/2009 1:54 pm

I did meet him and he was drunk & stupid, but I already felt that way about him before meeting him. Seeing him in person just reconfirmed those thoughts. It's kinda sad seeing somebody in that condition really.

User avatar

GreenPeaness on 06/29/2009 3:35 pm

Didn't know who this Tucker was that kept getting referred to, so I googled 'Tucker Max' from Coryjonc's above post. Went to his website and it was sort of abrasive. Like having a group of 5 friends, all basically geeky - normal - and one's a hardcore frat guy who never shuts up complaining about how hungover and tired he is but how wonderful it is to be in a fraternity. Well his site gives you the vibe that you are, for the duration of your time at his site, spending time in your friend's frat house: you're uncomfortable being out of your element, but at the same time your inner sense of self worth is bolstered because you know that everyone around you is worthless by comparison.
Anyway, I read one of his stories involving sex "in a very uncomfortable place." (Back of a Volkswagon?)
I don't believe that story for a second. Not a damned word of it. It's the little details he'll add in that make the whole thing just a damn lie. Case in point: "I met this girl, who had just moved here when she got a modeling contract." Yeah okay, this is a story where you're the smooth sexual champion and a throwaway detail is that it just happens to have happened with a professional model. Right right. And those tells run through the entire story. If you're going to lie, and then sum up the yarn you're a'spinnin' with a gross-out factor, at least, at the very damn LEAST, be a good writer. And the story? Well we just have to take ol' Tucker's word for it. Magically, even though he said this was the culmination of a 5 month sex romp where he had photos and videos, sadly none of it exists. And as Hannibal Lector put it "like the embellishment of a bad lie" he 'kicks himself' repeatedly at the end of the story for being so young and stupid that he didn't document it better.
Reminds me of the time I was magically transported to a forest of gumdrops and mystical dragons with an enchanted ring I found in a box of Trix. Too bad I lost that ring in a boxing match with the reanimated zombie boxing champion of the underworld Jimmy J. Braddock. It happened. You can look it up. But as everyone is well aware, in the midnight gloom between this world and the void, no film will develop. That just sucks. I should've taken my digital camera. Man was I stupid.
I'm no Hemingway. Never claimed to be. But good God Almighty, if you're ever feeling down about life and/or entertaining an idea that you could one day be paid to put pen to paper, visit the little dink's site. A few minutes there will do you a world of good.

User avatar

Pentegarn on 06/29/2009 4:40 pm

That's a hard site to stay with. True or not Tucker Max is just someone I would not like to meet. If all the crap he says is true he's a goddamn degenerate and I wouldn't want to be near him lest I get sucked into the venereal disease atmosphere that doubtlessly emanates from him (not to mention the contact buzz I would get from all the booze smell he would exhale) And if he's lying, I wouldn't want him around because I can't trust him.

User avatar

BigMac500 on 06/30/2009 6:33 pm

I'll admit that this episode wasn't the greatest, although once the movie crapped out much worse things could have been done to make up for it. So I suppose it wasn't a total loss.

There were only two things that I didn't like. First, and most obvious, people asking Maddox retarded questions. Something like which out of two irrelevant things would win, do you like , or will you Doc Mock?

Now you can't do much about the mindless followers of Maddox, but you didn't have to choose "Bus Nut" over "One Got Fat"! UGHH!


BigMac500 (Guest) on 06/30/2009 6:35 pm

Oh yeah, and GreenPeaness is spot on: Another Licky sequence NEVER hurts.

User avatar

Julio on 06/30/2009 8:22 pm

BigMac500: If you ask me, I would have broadcasted Skateboard Sense instead as one of the educational videos.

User avatar

Julio on 06/30/2009 8:23 pm

By the way. I'm still looking forward to watch a commercial from Crazy Gideon. Given that the show mostly airs old ones I think that watching this guy screaming at a broken TV set is quite unlikely.


… (Guest) on 07/06/2009 6:28 am

I've been into Maddox for many years now. Here's pretty much how it went down: his hardcore fans first began acting like him over the internet and forums, making the jokes about beef jerky/manliness and all that admittedly now tired stuff. A few years go by, he began to rise in popularity (even appeared on TechTV a couple times), and then it all went to hell when he stopped updating regularly and released his book.

It became "lame" to like him still, and thus now the hardcore fans typically do nothing but bash him.

Of course that's all generally speaking.

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