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Doc Mock Episode #9 Premieres LIVE Tonight At 10pm PST / 1am EST!

Hey guys, I'm just dropping in to give you all a quick reminder that the ninth episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum airs LIVE tonight (7/17/09) at 10pm PST / 1am EST, so be sure to catch it! You can watch the show and join in the chat room fun and either of the following two URLs:

The show goes on a one-week break after tonight (for the San Diego Comic-Con!), so don't miss this one! Hope to see ya there!

Also, if you missed our last episode from July 3rd, you can get caught up on it before the show tonight. Click here to watch Shockingly Aliens: Part 1!



kabrone (Guest) on 07/17/2009 1:03 pm

hey RoG, are you aware of the new madballs game on xbox live arcade called "Madballs in Babo: Invasion"?. maybe you and the guys at thestream could play it like ya did with ghosbusters.

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Incompetent Villain on 07/17/2009 1:55 pm

I can not wait for the episode tonight!

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-RoG- on 07/17/2009 3:19 pm

Kabrone, I was told about the game a while back and saw the funny videos of it, but didn't know it was out now. I'll see if the guys can possibly hook it up so we can play it on thestream sometime. Thanks for lettin' me know either way!

Incompetent Villain, spiffy! We'll see you in the chatroom!

By the way everybody, Protoclown is arriving here in LA tonight (all the way from Virginia), and he'll be in the studio watching the show live. If you guys ask for him during the post-show of Doc Mock, maybe he'll come say hi. Dr. Boogie will also likely be in the studio as well, so be sure to call out for them in the post-show if you wanna see 'em!

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Inuyashe on 07/17/2009 4:36 pm

Say, when does this episode air in the UK?
I live in Slovakia, which is one or two time zones away from the good ol' englishmen.

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BigMac500 on 07/17/2009 5:34 pm

Sounds like it will be a good time tonight! Maybe we can convince Protoclown into sharing some details on his new comic book. Hehe...

You wouldn't believe how much last week sucked without an episode of Doc Mock to look forward to!

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BigMac500 on 07/17/2009 5:42 pm

Oh hey, and Inuyashe, I felt kinda bored so I looked up your time zone, and for you the show starts at 7:00 AM.

Better wake up nice and early!

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Inuyashe on 07/17/2009 7:49 pm

Haaah... maybe next time... Imah feelin sleepy.

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BigMac500 on 07/18/2009 8:35 am

This was one of the best episodes yet! The movie was a blast, the chat room had a good number of people but not too many, that was a real plus.

Hal was a great guest. He was dirty, depressing, but delightfully entertaining!

Good to see some of the I-Mockery chums there as well. Although Proto didn't look too thrilled, I think hangin' with Doc Mock and Miss D isn't his can of beans. Dr. Boogie however, well he rocked the screen whenever he was on!

By the way, are you guys selling those spiffy "I-Mockery" brand pcikle hats at the ComicCon? I won't be around, but I'm sure those that do stop by will be thrilled. :)


kabrone (Guest) on 07/18/2009 12:18 pm

the show was awesome, the guest was funny and there was a managable amount of people in the chat so the mods were able to turn off the slow mode. all together it was one of the best shows and one of the best guests.

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Julio on 07/18/2009 12:56 pm

It's a shame that I missed this show. This is the first time I'm not at the chatroom. Anyway, It's good to know that the show was great and I'm looking forward to see the saved footage on TheStream.TV archive.

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-RoG- on 07/18/2009 2:13 pm

BigMac500: I have to say that I was nervous as fuck at first, and I'm sure my discomfort showed. As the night went on though I got a little more comfortable...hopefully I appeared to loosen up a little. I'm used to doing photo pieces, not being live on camera in front of shitloads of people. VERY different things there! If I ever make a second appearance on the show I think I'll be MUCH better off next time.

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IXCE on 07/20/2009 3:13 pm

I also missed the show! I'm surprised that for once I was too busy at midnight to make it home. Anyways I can't wait to see the recording!


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-RoG- on 07/20/2009 9:40 pm

The newest episode from last Friday night is now up!

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