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Sooooooooo Busy!

We've been insanely busy at Comic-Con ever since we arrived and it's been an absolute blast. Unfortunately, by the end of every day, I'm also absolutely exhausted so I haven't had much of a chance to post in the blog. So, until we get back into town after the con and post another huge collection of pics of the big event, here's a few quick booth photos from early on.

I-Mockery's table at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con!

I-Mockery's table at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con!

I-Mockery's table at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con!

I'm not sure, but I think that guy in the foreground was a real zombie. Sure looks like it.

We seriously have an amazing spot in the convention center with lots of space for the crowds to come by and we have some awesome booth neighbors. Thanks to all of you guys who've already stopped by and said hi, bought our merchandise, proudly worn our pickle hats, and tried out our brand new parody flash game demo! It's been great meeting you all and we're looking forward to seeing more of you over the next two days! If you're gonna be at the convention this weekend, be sure to come stop by our spot (table #A10) and say hey!

Alright, onward I go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.



AIF (Guest) on 07/25/2009 5:43 am

I think I might actually be first. FIRST time ever. Har.

Man, I wish I could have come to Comic Con. Not only did I really want to meet you and Max, but I hear tell The Mighty Boosh is there as well.


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Lothalis on 07/25/2009 6:14 am

Looks good RoG, man I wish I was there...

I need one of these Pickleman shirts...

Will you be selling any of them after the Con?

Have you run into "that guy" yet this year? You know which guy, Wow what a picture!

P.S. there is no level of mesurement for how awesome you are for hooking a NES up on your booth, What game is playing in the first pic? Its driving me nuts...

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Colonel Flagg on 07/25/2009 6:14 am

Looks like you guys are having a rocking good time. Just remember your brethren who still have bills to pay back home! :(

@Zombie in the orange shirt - Catch many flies like that?

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10,000 Volt Ghost on 07/25/2009 8:04 am

:lol That guy in the orange shirt looks hauntingly ridiculous.

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BigMac500 on 07/25/2009 8:56 am

I think the authentic Gedney pickle hat has been cryogenically frozen in RoG's basement, to enusure people will enjoy it for at least another 10,000 generations. At least.

Looks like a blast either way guys, good to see the orange-shirted zombies are keeping you busy!

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GreenPeaness on 07/25/2009 12:18 pm

What's that poster lying on your table? You've got one hanging on the front of your booth table too. I'm intrigued!


Kat (Guest) on 07/25/2009 2:57 pm


It was just pooring salt in the wound that I couldn't go when I found out all the stuff you guys were doing from the list you put up in the previous blog.

I read down the list, and my heart died a little more with each mention.

I was SURE I was just going to see "EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, KAT." at the bottom.

Still, have some fun. Some day I might have my own booth there for my comics, so I'll get even.

Also, I seem to have forgotten my I-Mockery password(Since I never had to log out before)... Anyone know how I'd go about recovering it?


Bizzaro Stormy (Guest) on 07/25/2009 3:23 pm

You think you've got it bad, Kat, but I very well could've gone to Comic-Con this year if I wasn't busy spending almost every waking moment doing various construction jobs. It's one thing if you have no chance of getting there; it's quite another when you very well could've had you started preparations, like, a day earlier.

Put some of that stuff up for online sale, will ya? >_

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HeroliciousDeBlanc on 07/25/2009 6:37 pm

Kat, happens to me all the time(see description). Just try to log in without it and it will prompt you into an email and password change thingymabob.

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Kat on 07/26/2009 1:08 am

Thanks a lot Herolicious.

Feels good to be back.

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DanniDoom on 07/26/2009 8:08 am

That guy kind of has the expression on my face after watching Baby Einstein for the 60th time

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imockyou on 07/26/2009 12:47 pm

Looks amazing! I can't wait until my plans actually work out to go to Comic-Con. Someday...

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Julio on 07/26/2009 1:50 pm

You guys, have definitely made a name for yourselves in the Comic Con history. I hope you are having a great time over there and don't forget to bring us, unlucky bastards, plenty of photos to watch the epic story in its whole greatness.


Is it just me or Max happens to look as if he had just arrived with a massive hangover from the previous night?

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HowardC on 07/26/2009 7:45 pm

I think it would be more suprising to see Max with a SOBER look on his face. ;)

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Marthaeus Autolykos on 07/27/2009 5:54 am


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Hangie on 07/27/2009 7:41 am

Am I the only one who thinks protoclown's whafro is giving him a +5 cool factor?

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Mockery on 07/27/2009 5:25 pm

Hey guys, back from the big convention now, and I'm ultra tired, but I just wanted to let ya know that we still managed to take a ton of photos while at the convention whenever one of us was on a break from the I-Mockery booth. I'll do my best to go through all of the photos and get 'em up online as soon as I can.

Also, all that nifty new merchandise you saw in the photos of our Comic-Con booth will soon be available on the site so those of you who couldn't attend the event will be able to purchase all the stuff if you like.

More news to come...

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Lothalis on 07/27/2009 7:13 pm


The Pickleman shirt will be MINE!!!!


I hope an Awesome shirt is there too...

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Shironu-Akaineko on 07/27/2009 9:33 pm

*Hallelujah plays in the background*

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Squirrelygod on 07/27/2009 11:00 pm

That boss kicked my ass but A PICKLE HAT WAS MINE! ALL MINE!

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chloe on 07/28/2009 2:52 am

i love you guys and i will be forcing my rabbit to wear my genyouwine pickle hat and get arrested for animal cruelty when i post pictures of it on the internet.


Anonymous (Guest) on 07/28/2009 9:13 am

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Mockery on 07/28/2009 3:21 pm

Hehe yeah a bunch o' people sent me that pic, thanks Anonymous!

Squirrelygod, glad you're enjoying your Pickle Hat along with the Awesome Shark shirt I see!

So, I just finished importing all of the photos onto my computer and there are OVER 1500 PICS FROM COMIC-CON! Goddamn, this is going to take a looong time to sort through!

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Shironu-Akaineko on 07/28/2009 3:46 pm

The wait is killing me!

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Squirrelygod on 07/28/2009 8:07 pm

And my shiny sticker, oh how I love my shiny sticker.

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squirrel_dave on 07/30/2009 3:35 am

Living in the UK, I couldn't afford the plane ticket to get my arse to Comic-Con but I'll endeavour to correct this in the future!

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Travis touchdown on 07/30/2009 5:46 pm

i intend to go to comic-con someday but as i am poor and live in kentucky i doubt it will happen soon

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-RoG- on 07/30/2009 7:59 pm

Psst! Hey guys. It's looking like there will be just under 30 PAGES of photos for you to look at! This will easily be the largest Comic-Con photo gallery ever! Hope to have it up by Monday at the latest. Woooooooo!


Fast_Eddy (Guest) on 07/30/2009 8:27 pm

Haha. Someone needs to get that guy in the last shot some water or something. I hope he made it out ok.

Good news on the abundance of pictures, too.

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Colonel Flagg on 07/31/2009 12:42 pm

@HowardC - Of course, those of us in the know are well-acquainted with Max and his habitual abuse of whatever happens to be lying around. ;)

I anxiously await the opportunity to waste copious hours perusing said photos.

Prosit, y'all.


sirevil (Guest) on 07/31/2009 1:05 pm

hey man, here are my photos if you want to check them out

nice hanging with the lot of you

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zonafasciculata on 08/04/2009 3:25 am

Regarding the pixel poster I bought from you - Hand from M.U.S.C.L.E. = pure genius and awesomeness.

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-RoG- on 08/05/2009 2:05 am

Sirevil, great photos! I'll be sure to include the ones you took of us in our big Comic-Con gallery! Nice meeting you too man. Thanks for hangin' out at the booth!

Zonofasciculata, hehe glad you recognized it, cuz nobody else did. Thanks again for stopping by our booth and buying the poster!


8BitDress (Guest) on 08/09/2009 1:40 pm

What game WAS that at the booth?? I want to try playing it since, I had no chance while I was there, I had to work soon after buying a poster.

User avatar

-RoG- on 08/09/2009 6:46 pm

8BitDress, first off, thanks a lot for helping support the site by buying one of our posters!

Now, to answer your question... it was a demo for our latest upcoming parody game "Abobo's Big Adventure" but it won't be out until sometime this winter. What you saw people playing at our Comic-Con booth was just a tiny fraction of the overall game. When it's all said 'n done, it'll be our largest game to date. However, we do have plenty o' other games on the site if you liked the style of that one... you can check 'em out here:

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