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Super Duty Wiener Fork!


I couldn't help but notice that somebody in my building had a package left at their door with some amazing text written on it: Super Duty Wiener Fork! I've come home to find some packages left for me that I was really excited about, but I can't imagine the sheer ecstasy one experiences upon coming home to a Super Duty Wiener Fork. Did I mention that the package says SUPER DUTY WIENER FORK on it? Because it does. SUPER DUTY WIENER FORK.

Super Duty Wiener Fork would make a hell of a good band name too.




captain516 (Guest) on 08/14/2009 4:08 pm

I like the name "Wretched Goat Broth" a lot more.


Fast_Eddy (Guest) on 08/14/2009 4:30 pm

Pretty reasonably priced, too, for SUPER DUTY WIENER FORKS.

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executioneer on 08/14/2009 4:57 pm

i've got your super duty weiner fork right here *pats crotch*


Viteh (Guest) on 08/14/2009 5:00 pm

Its not just a regular wiener fork. Its a SUPER DUTY wiener fork. Man, these things should be considered as LUXURY silverware.

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Drunken_Lemur408 on 08/14/2009 5:59 pm

That tool of the gods is not for mere beef hot dogs, but rather exotic meats, like swan.

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-RoG- on 08/14/2009 7:08 pm

What's awesome is that HUGE box pictured above is for just ONE Super Duty Wiener Fork. If you read the product reviews on Amazon, there are several people complaining about it saying things like, "The packaging was grossly obscene!"

That being said, my favorite review was by the happy grandfather who bought the forks for his grandsons and wrote: "We had a wonderful time thanks to your Super Duty Wiener Forks."


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Just Ami on 08/14/2009 8:18 pm

Well... that must be one hell of a wiener fork.

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Julio on 08/14/2009 9:40 pm

I wouldn't want anyone to pinch my junk with a fork, that's for sure.


Bizarro Stormy (Guest) on 08/14/2009 11:06 pm

Wow, that's Wonder Boner-caliber hilarity right there. Simply awesome.

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HeroliciousDeBlanc on 08/15/2009 12:32 am

I like how they crossed out Peoria, IL on the box like its some evil secret they have to cover up.

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TNT724 on 08/15/2009 1:11 am

Now I know why whenever I went camping it sucked. Obviously it was because we didn't have the Super Duty Wiener Fork. It all makes sense now.

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Viteh on 08/15/2009 2:13 am

This is, without doubt, the kind of fork Superman uses to barbecue his wieners. That's why it's called SUPER Duty Wiener Fork, cause you gotta be SUPER to feed the SUPER.

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Pentegarn on 08/15/2009 10:00 am

I go forthwith to make that my new avatar and title!

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Pentegarn on 08/15/2009 10:21 am

I just read the Amazon reviews and I have a thought

What is misleading about the 1 star review is the guy is complaining about the fact that the packaging is excessive for the product size, but fails to review the product itself in any way.

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Kat on 08/15/2009 1:10 pm

Obviously they have some super duty wiener forking to do...


Bizarro Stormy (Guest) on 08/15/2009 5:28 pm

Look at that thing. 6 feet and 7 inches of super-duty wiener forking. And it usually ships within 24 hours!

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Dimnos on 08/15/2009 6:39 pm

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Colonel Flagg on 08/15/2009 11:40 pm

I initially misread this product as "Super Duty Wiener Pork" - which is funny, too.


AIF (Guest) on 08/16/2009 4:06 am

I don't think anything I could say would possibly be funnier than this.

I am glad however that people posted pictures and descriptions of weiner forks. Because I must admit, I had no fucking idea what a weiner fork was. I feel like a better person now for knowing.

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GreenPeaness on 08/16/2009 1:29 pm

You guys googling and retrieving pictures of the wiener fork are missing the point entirely. Rog is talking about a Super Duty Wiener Fork. It's sleek construction must hold some secret not apparent to the naked eye. My guess? The Super Duty Wiener Fork is alive. It's sleek chrome frame hides a full circulatory system including a bi-valved heart and two separate brains.

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All Hail Duke on 08/16/2009 10:57 pm

"It's sleek construction must hold some secret not apparent to the naked eye. My guess? The Super Duty Wiener Fork is alive. It's sleek chrome frame hides a full circulatory system including a bi-valved heart and two separate brains."

then I shall harness it's power to enslave humanity, make 'em SQUEAL!


Grindhouse Cinema (Guest) on 08/16/2009 11:44 pm

I love this website! All hail the wiener fork! Who wants to bet we get a "Super Duty Wiener Fork" in the chat room come the next episode of "Doc Mock" quite frankly I will be a tad bit disappointed if we DON'T have one!

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-RoG- on 08/17/2009 12:45 am

I think the real issue here is that I need to get a Super Duty Wiener Fork of my own so I don't feel so helpless living in a building where somebody else owns one. When the apocalypse comes, how can I muster the courage to stare into that fiery abyss without my trusty Super Duty Wiener Fork by my side.

Grindhouse Cinema, good call! Sounds like you've just given yourself a task when Doc Mock returns to airing live in mid-September! ;)

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Viteh on 08/17/2009 1:52 am

I bet that if you hold it up and yell "by the power of Super Duty Wiener Fork Skull" you will turn into He - Fork - Man, the super dutiest man in the universe

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Commanderraf on 08/17/2009 10:22 am

After reading most comments and staring for 5 solid minutes at the image of the box, I discovered its secret:

The Super Duty Weiner Fork is an alien creation, just like Doomsday, and it arrived to the Earth to battle all other cutlery so it can reign our world with an iron tine. That explains why the big box, and the restraints it has to keeps its innards at ease. Those on Amazon who complained about the packaging weren't aware of how the big box saved their puny lives.



sst (Guest) on 08/17/2009 12:02 pm

Oh whyyyyyyyy are we waiting.. W H Y are we waiting....

It will be time for comic-con 2010 before we get this illusive gallery :( We are loosing the "moment" people lol

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-RoG- on 08/17/2009 1:26 pm

sst, uh, that 2009 San Diego Comic-Con photo gallery has been up on the site for almost a week now. It's right there on the homepage, but here's a link to it in case you somehow missed it:


sst (Guest) on 08/17/2009 1:35 pm

Holy guacamole!!!!!!!!!!! but but but.. I checked the front page like every day! LOL tytyty

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stonewar on 08/17/2009 1:58 pm

My grandparents have four of those in the garage for when we have bonfires. I was not aware they were super duty. But they do have rubber caps over the tines. Safety first boys and girls

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Viteh on 08/17/2009 4:55 pm

General Zod uses this to eat all his meals, including soup


bibo (Guest) on 08/18/2009 10:18 am

they should sell this through infimercials.

"hi, Billy Mays here, have you ever felt like you just couldn't get the most out of your weiner forking?"

Grade A television, Right here.

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Viteh on 08/18/2009 3:07 pm

Better yet, they should hire Vince Shlomi (The Slap Chop guy) so he could do the infomercial both in english and spanish

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Cheez on 08/23/2009 2:54 am

the pickle hat and the super duty wiener fork could be a good pair. or opposites. Or something else... Yes, that settles it. From here on I'm going to associate pickle hats with i-mockery and super duty wiener forks with DMMM.


J (Guest) on 08/28/2009 3:04 pm

Colonel Flagg said:
"I initially misread this product as "Super Duty Wiener Pork" - which is funny, too."

I say:
"Super Duty Wiener Pork", the one you love.
"Super Duty Wiener Pork", the other white meat.

...the things I do to amuse myself...


soubriquet (Guest) on 08/30/2009 2:00 pm

Ha! Fork your wieners!

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