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Anybody Here Attending BlizzCon? Also, It’s Time For Halloween Suggestions!

Don't forget your fiber, Ozzy!

I'm heading down to Anaheim soon because I'll be doing BlizzCon news coverage once again for Diablofans. Are any of you guys going? I've always loved the Diablo and Starcraft series and they're gonna have Blizzard's latest demos of each upcoming game at the convention. I'm sure some of the old I-Mockery forum members remember some of our long multiplayer games on Glad I dodged that World of Warcraft bullet though... that game seems to swallow people's lives and they're never seen or heard from again. Eugh.

Also, the prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne himself, is scheduled to have a concert to close out BlizzCon this year. I have visions of his unconscious, withered ol' body being tied with cables to a forklift and driven out onto the stage while a tape of his vocals are played on top of the backing band's music. Or maybe it'll be more like a marionette situation, with Sharon tugging the strings to make him dance and sing. Should be interesting either way and I'm sure the crowd is gonna eat it up.

In other news, we're starting to gear up for our annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration which is always my favorite time of year by far. With that in mind, I'm opening up this blog thread for suggestions from all of you. Is there anything you'd like to see us to cover on the site? I'm not just talking movie reviews... I'm also talking toys, costumes, novelties, events, cards, candies, etc. Can't make any promises, of course, but we'd definitely like to hear some of your ideas.



yertle (Guest) on 08/19/2009 2:08 pm


How about more of the top ten kills? I really enjoyed reading the hilarious Freddy & Jason ones, so maybe there are some more franchises you could divulge into. Halloween? Godzilla?

Maybe look at some giant monster movies aswell


Captain Seamus (Guest) on 08/19/2009 2:09 pm

You guys gotta review The People Under the Stairs. It's criminally underlooked, and probably my favorite Wes Craven movie. It's also completely insane.

Also, I met you at Comic-Con, -RoG-! Remember the guy with the Ghostbusters shirt on Thursday, whose unusually large skull prevented him from wearing the Pickle Hat? No? Oh, okay then.

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Metalworm on 08/19/2009 2:31 pm

Time for some activities! I recommend holding your own exorcism/ghost hunt/ancient one summoning, see where it gets you; Big fan of creepy weekend getaways reviews, maybe visit someplace new?


matty (Guest) on 08/19/2009 2:47 pm

I just really hope Count Pop manages to do something entertaining this year. Anything really. A trip to the grocery store? Working as a telemarketer? Enjoying a hot dog in the park? Mentoring troubled teens at the community center? Really Count Pop and friends could sit and read a book and I'd be entertained.

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Metalworm on 08/19/2009 3:14 pm

You should try Illbleed on dreamcast and do a review of it; it was perfectly cheesy and horrifying at the same time.

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JJ the Jetplane on 08/19/2009 3:27 pm

i'm looking forward to a new choose your own adventure book personally, they're one of my favorite features on the site

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Hangie on 08/19/2009 3:52 pm

I don't know if you guys still get stuff from the Fright Catalog, but seeing you in one of their masks always puts a smile on my face.

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DrewP on 08/19/2009 3:52 pm

I'd like to see a zombie countdown, but not a top 10 one. One that pretty much starts from 20!! and then goes down. That would be amazing!!

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Metalworm on 08/19/2009 3:58 pm

Start a new tradition; 2 months and a week of halloween


Grindhouse Cinema (Guest) on 08/19/2009 4:10 pm

I dunno how well you could make it "funny" but there are a lot of great Halloween / Horror related novels out there. Ranging from stuff like 'The Great and Secret Show' by Clive Barker to some of the "true" stuff the Amityville Horror and Mothman Prophecies books. There is a whole lot of really great, overlooked stuff out there in book form.

A spin on that idea is to cover some comics that fit in with the month. 30 Days of Night and such.

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Johnny Lee Lemming on 08/19/2009 4:38 pm

I love DrewP's idea of doing a zombie countdown. Also, I would love to see Count Pop again this year! Why not let him go watch the new Twilight?

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Danny 4 Eyes on 08/19/2009 4:53 pm

How about a greatest Horror Villain of all Tournament. I dunno start with say 32 Horror Icons/Villains, pair them off. Compare their strengths and weakness in a typically hilarious I-Mockery way. Whittle them down until we have one Ultimate Horror Icon of Doom standing. I reckon it would certainly cause a mass debate (ho ho ho) on the forum. I can see it now Jaws vs Bud the C.H.U.D. Scarecrow (from Scarecrow Gone Wild of Course) vs Jack Frost. Driller from Puppet Master vs Billy from SAW. Let battle commence.


Joeby (Guest) on 08/19/2009 5:38 pm

Most unintentionally hilarious monsters or most pathetic slasher villains? Real Ghostbusters highlights? How to be a good horror villian article?


Art Vandelay (Guest) on 08/19/2009 5:41 pm

If you guys can take a quick trip to Birmingham, Alabama, you'd be blown away by the Atrox Factory which is the southeast's largest indoor haunted house. Appearances by horror actors are a plus.

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robo_rob on 08/19/2009 5:49 pm

There are new varieties of Halloween Dots this year. My Walgreens already has them. Candy Corn, and vampire bats mixed in with the ghost dots assortments.


Mechareaper (Guest) on 08/19/2009 5:57 pm

All I know is you need to do something extra special at the movie mausoleum, maybe a horror double feature? Or candy giveaway contests?

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HeroliciousDeBlanc on 08/19/2009 6:52 pm


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Nick on 08/19/2009 7:02 pm

I really miss Count Pop. He's the greatest. :(

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blood_panther on 08/19/2009 7:28 pm

it's already been said, but more count pop would really make my Halloween!

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Pentegarn on 08/19/2009 7:37 pm

I would like to add my voice to the "We want Count Pop" choir.

And yes, cover all of it, from toys to costumes to candy to novelties. Some of my all time favorite i-mockery moments come from when you all review stuff and then make witty comments.

A trip to the biggest Halloween store you can find would be fun too I bet.

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Muadi’ib on 08/19/2009 8:48 pm

I think it would be really cool if Protoclown did another collection of Great Old Ones mini bios. Oh,
and a point by point review of Phantasm 2. It's so hard to find, that would probably be the closest thing any of us will come to watching it any time soon.

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Misdemonar on 08/19/2009 9:33 pm


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Relaxing Dragon on 08/19/2009 9:49 pm

I'm glad I'm not the only one rooting for some People Under the Stairs coverage. That's a strangely awesome movie, funny and scary and featuring a gimp suit. Good stuff.

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Captain Seamus on 08/19/2009 10:01 pm

Not to mention, People Under the Stairs has the two most satisfying deaths ever.

I'm sure that that Captain Seamus Guest guy from earlier is very handsome.

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HowardC on 08/19/2009 10:08 pm

I think you should make halloween props and document the process. I'm sure wacky antics will ensue.

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blood_panther on 08/19/2009 11:32 pm

thats a good idea. more halloween crafts!

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Willem138 on 08/20/2009 12:36 am

For halloween, how about these:

Horror Movie Sequels You Didn't Know About (And Shouldn't)

Go to a haunted location and see if you can find anything

Greatest Halloween Themed Commercials Ever

The art of trick or treating

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Lothalis on 08/20/2009 5:26 am

Well let's start with the Count POP desire.

That out of the way possably the top 10 underrated horror video games?

A list of the coolest masks EVER? A do it yourself Halloween, a guide to making everything for Halloween using common household objects, with tips from Doc Moc?

"Horror" videogames that should have been Nixed?

The top WORST remakes in the Horror/Slasher Genre?

Oh and of course Music to keep you up at night, reveiws of the "horror sounds" cd'd you can find at most doller stores...Heck I'll do that one I have 6 by my computer...

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snoogans on 08/20/2009 6:43 am

Maybe each writer on the site could give a run down of their Halloween celebrations?

And a new Count Pop adventure of course.

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Lothalis on 08/20/2009 7:33 am

I just thought of one that Proto may want to get on board with, The best Horror Comics. There is a LOT of horrible horrible crap-comics passing themselves off as "spooky" but just because there is a splash of number 5 red and a nip shot in a comic book (yes I'm looking at you Leatherface comic) doesn't make it good. I'd love to hear from an authority of good vs crap comics on the subject. maybe in a style of that Doom comic I sent him oh so long ago...

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Metalworm on 08/20/2009 9:24 am

There's something to do with old vintage horror movie posters; Some of them are hilarious


Drake (Guest) on 08/20/2009 9:35 am

review some troma films? or even better i dare watch and do an article on an uwe boll film.


Hoju_Koolander (Guest) on 08/20/2009 11:00 am

I've always wanted to see an article or chart that explores the evolution of Michael Myers from the original to the most recent films. Not a review of the films, but just the character look and actions. Same with Freddy Krueger. RoG, you are the man to give us the definitive look at these classic characters.


teknotheef (Guest) on 08/20/2009 11:19 am

As long as Count Pop is there, I'm there. I think you should try to find a corn maze again...


SomethingSomething (Guest) on 08/20/2009 1:35 pm

I somehow wouldn't be surprised to see Sharon Osbourne doing that. She seems very intent on milking Ozzy of every little bit of money she can get from him, no matter what the cost.

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King Credo on 08/20/2009 2:26 pm

I wouldn't mind seeing Terror Firmer in the Greatest Horror Movie moments list. It's barely horror but the gore fits in with the rest of the list.


legato (Guest) on 08/20/2009 5:09 pm

you could to the ten best things about hellraiser? also willem138's idea about goin to a haunted place would be sick. since your in cali now you could check out the queen mary or maybe the winchester house? also people under the stairs is in desperate need of some love.


esoterica (Guest) on 08/20/2009 7:16 pm

This may be a weird suggestion, but I'm moving to the UK in a few days and will be spending my first Halloween over there. I can attend events and send back info, or you can make suggestions for stuff you'd like to hear about and I'll see what I can do!

Also, how about a list of top 10 horror actors? Bruce Campbell, Lon Chaney, Marilyn Chambers, etc.

Best zombie events? Zombie Walk, Zombie Prom, etc.

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GreenPeaness on 08/20/2009 7:19 pm

Real Ghostbusters highlights?

THIS. I loved that cartoon.

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Autrach Sejanoz on 08/20/2009 11:49 pm

Since they were interrupted last year due to the unfortunate passing of Max Burbank's father, I'm looking forward to the return of the spooky trading cards.

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DarkfireTaimatsu on 08/21/2009 4:44 am

Here's a neat idea what just occurred to me: music.

Sure, you've done a couple of music video reviews, if I recall, but how about an article dedicated to classic Halloween songs? Possibly with recommendations? I mean, everyone knows to get the cheapy CD with, like, "Monster Mash" and "Purple People Eater" and "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" and 15 minutes of chains and wolf howls and lightning crashes. But perhaps the good boys at I-Mockery know some songs and such that are more obscure? This is an article I'd like to see.

I myself make a Halloween CD every year, using only video game music.

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GreenPeaness on 08/21/2009 10:41 am

Yes. Spooky Trading Cards, and let me be the 34th to vote for "More Count Pop". I love when the Count takes along a buddy and you guys go to, say, the Potomac County Harvest Squash Festival or something. Someplace with alot of haybales and tents.
Get Re to do something unique on the site. Being so artistic, maybe she could design/build a costume ala the Flaming Carrot Costume piece from a ways back? Someone up above suggested another "10 Best Kills" piece. Oh definately. 10 Best Gremlin Kills. 10 Best Mike Myers kills. 10 Best Dana Carvey Kills.
Hey, you could do a review of a Halloween Special most people don't know about. Everyone knows about It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown but, did the Smurfs celebrate Halloween? Or Pac-Man? Captain N? Oh Holy Crap, The Real Ghostbusters Halloween? That would be bitchin'. Star Wars had Christmas and Life Day; Nowhere in the past did Lucas try briefly to have Star Wars Halloween merchandise? Tons of aliens and costumes and masks, it seems plausible.
I think a neat idea would be to have Dr. Boogie play through, say like Resident Evil 2 or Alone in the Dark a little at a time, posting shots of the gore and boss fights. Hey, it's a thought. Alone in the Dark for the 3DO was awesome. That tree was eeeeeevil!

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SPINAL on 08/21/2009 10:41 am

How about a moviemock review of YOR- The Hunter from the Future? That classic ranks right up there with Gymkata on my list.

How about a top ten list of the dumbest/silliest horror movie quotes or moments?

Mock on!


Ace of Spades (Guest) on 08/21/2009 1:21 pm

Count Pop and such.

Anyways, Review the Toxic Avenger trilogy


chllin_like_a_villn (Guest) on 08/21/2009 4:00 pm

How about the 10 most gruesome deaths that could be caused by a Super Duty Wiener Fork?


Mikeal (Guest) on 08/21/2009 5:22 pm

How about an article on the Monster Squad TV series? It combined the old classic monsters with Adam West Batman style silliness.

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HowardC on 08/21/2009 11:55 pm

Been thinking about this some more. How about an aticle talking about horror cinema that *tries* (that's the keyword there) to sort out the messy storylines in popular franchies.

Like for example how the original mummy film, (1939 with Karloff)which involed the resurrection of imhotep NEVER had a sequel and all future mummy films were either sequels or remakes of the mummy's hand, which involved the mummy Khali. And then ironcially enough the craptacularly un-scary Brendon Fraser mummy films could be considered remakes of the original 1939 classic as the first film had the same mummy with the same basic plot.

Also there's the friday the 13th films and the Night on Elm Street ones. I mean do we count New Nightmare? Does the freddy in FvsJ have those wierd dream demons in him? Is jason a zombie or a freak? Was he alive in part 2 or simply resurrected by his mother. Is he a creepy demon worm?

Actually pretty much every horror franchise is confusing.

How about a series of magical flow charts that help explain some of the franchises?


Fast_Eddy (Guest) on 08/22/2009 10:23 am

How about the most needlessly elaborate ways of killing someone in a movie? Or maybe the most non-threatening villians?

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BurntToShreds on 08/22/2009 6:08 pm

I saw a Halloween specialty store that was open today. Yes. In August. I hope they open up earlier next year.

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Rebel Without a Sauce on 08/22/2009 9:31 pm

I recommend a small feature on the 1987 movie 'The Hidden'!

It's a pretty paint-by-numbers horror/sci-fi/comedy in the Terminator vein, but it's pretty hard to find overwhelming fault in any movie that ends with a Senator being roasted alive on stage minutes after announcing his Presidential campaign. Incidentally, if you haven't seen it you shouldn't have read the previous sentence. :/


Coryjonc (Guest) on 08/23/2009 2:29 am

Yo, RoG, I have a very good suggestion for a Toy Review.

About 14-15 years ago (I think I was 6 at the time) they came out with a toy for kids called Big Frank, I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it. Big Frank was awesome. He was a large, Heavy, plastic Frankenstein who wore a crazy orange business suit-thing. In his head, there were a bunch of plastic tools. You could open up his chest with one of the tools and he would yell (the toy talked) FIX ME! In a creepy, deep, booming voice. Then, you would manipulate his insides with your lil plastic tools and he would talk, and tell you if you were doing a good job or making it worse. Afterwords he would say, "Aaah... Thank you," or something. Anyway he was always fun, and if anything he was a good giant monster you could have your G.I. Joes fights.

If you're interesting in reviewing this toy (I obviously highly recommend it) I'll send you some links if I can find any.

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Coryjonc on 08/23/2009 2:30 am

Bah, sorry. I made the post above about Big Frank. Didn't realize I wasn't logged in.

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Angryhydralisk on 08/23/2009 8:08 am

"Also, the prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne himself, is scheduled to have a concert to close out BlizzCon this year. I have visions of his unconscious, withered ol' body being tied with cables to a forklift and driven out onto the stage while a tape of his vocals are played on top of the backing band's music. Or maybe it'll be more like a marionette situation, with Sharon tugging the strings to make him dance and sing. Should be interesting either way and I'm sure the crowd is gonna eat it up."

This is why I went to see Ronnie James Dio and Heaven & Hell a week or so ago. Fuck, he's 66 and he's on that stage like he's in his 30s.

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kenny on 08/23/2009 10:30 pm

I think you should do an article on your favorite haloween stores. One of my favorite haloween pasttimes is going to all the haloween stores with my froends and looking at all there great props almost daily. and you should also come to st. louis and write an article about all of its great haunted houses, especially the Darkness.


Cannonball Baby (Guest) on 08/24/2009 3:26 pm

Have you guys ever done a review dedicated solely to the best decorations? Or a CountPop day-trip to the Halloween store to see what's new?

User avatar

blood_panther on 08/25/2009 1:21 am

I cant belive i forgot about this....

you have to do another choose-your-own-adventure things.

Those are the highlights of halloween!

User avatar

argonath on 08/25/2009 1:02 pm

I've said it to you before RoG, but Halloween Horror Nights here in Orlando has so much more to offer than the one in Hollywood. Eight houses this year! Amazing!

Also, there's usually a horror convention here in town in October called ScreamFest which is fun.

User avatar

clrs on 08/26/2009 6:55 pm

how about going through the Oriental Trading Company's Halloween catalog? there's plenty of stuff to mock in there.

User avatar

Dr. V on 08/27/2009 4:39 am

Like I posted in my Halloween appreciation thread, a list of simple yet cool Halloween decorating tips or cool prop guides would be swell. Maybe stuff submited from the community? I'm sure there's a wealth of neat junk we can make.

User avatar

BigMac500 on 08/27/2009 4:46 pm

More Count Pop, and more of those vintage Halloween cards.
But put them on seperate websites, because the combined greatness of the two could explode some heads.

User avatar

Maxwell Demon on 08/28/2009 7:23 pm

dammit rog, how many years in a row am i gonna have to suggest an article on the old halloween themed happy meal toys and the like? give da peoples what they want!

User avatar

Ex Leper on 08/28/2009 10:15 pm

I would love to see one of the following (or more)
* Walk-through of Pumpkinhead
* Your Guide to the ultimate Halloween play-list
* Count Pop:(It's a tradition after all)


Keddy (Guest) on 08/29/2009 5:12 am

I seen these a couple years ago. In fact it was 1 on a shelf all by itself. It was a packaged foot, alla Donner Party Meat Company. Like you would find a grocery store. I only seen one of those and I have never seen anything like it again. See if you could find a few of those props, and place pics, I am sure the rest of us will get a kick out of them. Morbidly saying that is....hahaha!

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