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I-Mockery On Facebook. In Your FACE.

So I've had a bunch o' people from I-Mockery send me friend requests on Facebook as well as people asking me via email if I-Mockery was on there. Well, there has been an unofficial I-Mockery group on Facebook for a while, but I figured I should go ahead and create a real page for fans of the site since you clearly want me all up in your FACE. So to all of you who have accounts on there, check out the official new I-Mockery Facebook page located here:

Be sure to click the "Become a fan" button to receive any news that's posted on there and drop a comment on the Wall to say hi.

Anywho, I gotta get back to getting the site ready for Halloween. September 1st is almost here!


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payne on 08/30/2009 11:16 pm

yay Halloween special I can't wait

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Cherry Nirvana on 08/31/2009 12:07 am

Can't wait for the two months of Halloween!

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greenimp on 08/31/2009 3:07 am

aww yeah, cant wait for halloween

oh, and btw my computer works once more

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caffman on 08/31/2009 9:16 am

happy happy halloween silver shamrock!!!!!!!!

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ThatHockeyPuck on 08/31/2009 9:29 am

Finally Halloween's back!


FlameAdder (Guest) on 08/31/2009 10:38 am

My favorite time of year. Can't wait to see what kind of hijinx you guys are gonna pull this year.

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Julio on 08/31/2009 12:31 pm

-RoG-: Sorry, but I really HATE Facebook and similar social networks. Since I consider that people can spend a third or their lives doing nothing but spreading gossip that is as bad rectum disease (the other two thirds being spent sleeping or getting drunk), I have to lay my eyes away from it, specially since plenty of young morons get by the computer labs at college to sign in and spend entire hours invading someone's privacy, effectively preventing anyone else who could really use a computer for something related to school.

On the other hand, despite not being a Halloween fan, I am looking forward to this year's Two Months of Halloween, since plenty of great stuff always pops up in here and the site gets updated far more often than usual.

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PoGo on 08/31/2009 2:10 pm

I keep debating whether or not I needs a facebook. All in all, this is just one more hand trying to push me over the edge. Eh, It's better than twitter I guess. No one needs to hear my tweets "Playing Ken Griffey baseball, down 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th. Woe is me".

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