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Medals Added To MonsterTime!

MonsterTime - New and Improved with medals galore!

Just a quick note today... I wanted to let you guys know that we've just updated our MonsterTime game. For those of you with accounts on Newgrounds, we've just added a whole slew o' medals to the game, so now you can rack up some major medal points just by playing the game. Some are easy to get and others, such as the medal for scoring 200,000 points, will separate the gaming gods from the mere mortals of MonsterTime. So login to your account on Newgrounds and start earning those medals. You might as well brush up on your gaming skills anyway since we have another game coming out in late December!

Play MonsterTime here:

In other news, our Christmas holiday site redesign is up so you can all feel a bit more festive now. Ho, ho, ho!


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Julio on 11/30/2009 7:15 pm

Ever since I realized that the high scores are beyod 200,000 points I've wondered how the hell am I going to make it if my highest quantity is usually ony around 25,000 points. What a shame.

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dextire on 11/30/2009 9:33 pm

You get a huge bonus (like 100,000 points) for beating the game. I thought it was nigh impossible to achieve the high score list at first as well. Then when I beat the game, my score jumped to around 169,000.
So you may yet get that medal.

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mew barios on 11/30/2009 10:18 pm

hi i did the coding for monstertime :o for i-bloggery readers i'll give you some secret hints to becoming high scoring monstertimers.

you do get 100k as a bonus for clearing the dracula stage. you'll have to be able to get that far with your skills and talents to have a chance :o but to clear the ultimate test of 200k, you'll really want to have around 80k already by the time you defeat dracula. how is this possible? :O

your high point maneuvers are: causing enemies to fall with monster pieces and collecting the items that appear during the stage. item appearance is based on the number of times monster pieces have collided with eachother.

when you make an enemy fall with a monster piece you get super bonus points that start at 500 and double for each additional enemy also on that piece.

500 - 1 enemy
1000 - 2 enemies
2000 - 3 enemies

gathering a bunch of enemies together is dangerous especially if your timing is off, but fortune favors the bold :O

items you collect in the levels all give you bonus points in addition to added tasers/acid/lives which breaks down to 500 multiplied by the stage number. on later levels you must prioritize item gathering even if you have to use more items to clear a path than you gain by capturing it.

frankenstein level - 500
wolfman level - 1000
creature level - 1500
dracula level - 5000(!)

you do also get a small bonus of 100points for squashing an enemy, and 50 for each monster peice you stack successfully at the bottom of the screen.

that concludes todays lecture: how to win at monstertime. good luck :O

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Hangie on 12/01/2009 6:37 am

YES YES YES! Finally more medals to fill the void in my heart.

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saturnknight on 12/01/2009 8:30 am

Someone should find a way to set this up on Facebook or something

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