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Oh The Decisions To Come…

This is the game that will forever change the way you see the world.


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darkvare on 05/05/2010 12:29 am

i can't take the wait i need it now


R13 (Guest) on 05/05/2010 1:14 am

I wish I had such options in real life.

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DaTr0LL on 05/05/2010 2:21 am

Human torso, fish legs?

Or fish torso, human legs?

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Ozzie on 05/05/2010 3:22 am

Mate. Repeatedly.

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OxBlood on 05/05/2010 5:04 am


For a mountain of cash to a biotech-lab somewhere in Bulgaria. Then use the money to bribe your way into the highest circles of organised black market Gene-engineering and create an unstoppable army of fish-men.

Or just eat it. Fish is healthy.


DRey (Guest) on 05/05/2010 6:37 am

In this precise order;
Hit, than mate, than eat, than vomit.

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Gix on 05/05/2010 8:01 am

Mate!!! hooooyaaa


AwfulOffal (Guest) on 05/05/2010 9:03 am

Mermaid poontang tastes like tuna. Yum!

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goblyn on 05/05/2010 12:02 pm

Oh the mermaid problem.

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Jonny#5 on 05/05/2010 1:50 pm

Always wondered what mermaid tasted like.

Hey RoG, any idea when the game will be ready yet?

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Deadly Towers Sux on 05/05/2010 3:39 pm

Any word on when this game will be finished, RoG? This game looks great so far! I mean, it features Abobo! What's not to like!?


Bing (Guest) on 05/05/2010 5:42 pm



ColdFusion (Guest) on 05/05/2010 5:43 pm

OxBlood, I can't help but notice you capitalized Gene-engineering.. if we end up with tons of Gene Shallot clones, I am blaming you.

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Jaimas on 05/05/2010 7:35 pm

Poor Annie. ;.;

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saturnknight on 05/05/2010 9:02 pm

I So can't wait for this game, RoG it looks like it's gonna rock

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Senor Shutter on 05/05/2010 9:04 pm

Hey Rog, is this the first 8-bit game to include the option, "Vomit"? It would be pretty cool if it turns out that you are the first person to create an 8-bit game with a "Vomit" option.

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NotDavid on 05/05/2010 9:48 pm

Where is 'all of the above'??


captain516 (Guest) on 05/05/2010 11:04 pm

1)Eat mermaid
2)Hit chain
3)Mate with lock

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Copper on 05/06/2010 2:36 am

According to certain legends, eating mermaid flesh grants you immortality. I think there's a little bit of a pesky curse that goes along with it, but, meh.

Looks interesting, to say the least.

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Julio on 05/06/2010 10:23 am

AwfulOffal: Hadn't heard (or, in this case, read) the word "poontang" since Full Metal Jacket.

My vote goes for "mate".

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10,000 Volt Ghost on 05/06/2010 10:26 am

Can't wait.

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Diknam on 05/06/2010 5:48 pm

Mermaid looks under-age, oh well..guess anything goes under the sea


required (Guest) on 05/08/2010 7:19 pm

I recommend contacting the National Mermaid Research Center before comming to your final decision.

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Flashman on 05/09/2010 6:03 pm


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JJ the Jetplane on 05/09/2010 6:11 pm

I'd jump on the bandwagon and say mate along with everybody else, but... I'd be afraid of the super-herpes that thing is going to have after all of you guys finish with it.

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EchoCharlie on 05/09/2010 11:12 pm

Isn't "Hit" and "Mate" the same thing?
I'm so lonely...

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BurnPianoBurn on 05/10/2010 11:06 am

Why isn't there a throw barrel option?

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caffman on 05/13/2010 9:58 am

off topic, what happened to the Doc Mock 1 year celebration?


mountainofjoy (Guest) on 05/14/2010 1:33 pm

dude, if you just take her to the movies or something, she'll turn human. after a few years, you'll have little merm-babies. its magic!


DS (Guest) on 05/16/2010 11:49 am

Vomit. Teach her what it means to really live in the water.


Jesse (Guest) on 06/09/2010 11:32 pm

She might have crabs.

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