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My Favorite Prank Phone Call.

Master Shredder stars in The Quanicles prank phone call!

I really miss prank phone calls. As it's become easier for anybody to do a trace, prank phone calls have sadly become a thing of the past for the most part. I bring this up because I was recently reminded of an old prank phone call file that my friends and I used to listen to a long time ago. It's called "The Quanicles" and features a kid named Quan who gets fooled by one person posing as four different personalities, one of whom is The Shredder from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Unfortunately, it's only online in Real Audio format on the original site, and I sure wouldn't expect any of you install that crappy old player just to listen to one thing. So, I went ahead and converted the file and embedded it here in the blog so you can listen to it without having to install anything. The fun really starts around the 1:24 mark. Trust me... between hearing Shredder speak (complete with his theme song in the background), the phone operator with her classic southern twang, the immature kid trying to cover his ass, and the "Phone Busters" cop investigating the situation, you'll surely appreciate just how elaborate this phone prank really is.

Hit the jump to listen to this amazing prank call.

(note: the player doesn't work in IE, so please use Firefox or download the prank)

Lemme know what you guys think of it!



ColdFusion (Guest) on 05/14/2010 6:07 pm

Needs moar "BABIIIIES, DEY'RE BABIIIIIES" from movie II.
This is hilarious times here.. I'm laughing laughter out my mouth.
He actually sounds like Splinter.. and if he's 900 years old that's more the alien shredder. roffle.
That operator is too hilarious..

User avatar

DougClayton4231 on 05/14/2010 7:45 pm

"Bring the police here!"
Right about that point I burst into laughter.


DrĂ¼d (Guest) on 05/15/2010 1:05 am

"And did your sister swear to The Gods too?"
"OK. Is she there, can you put her on, so I can confirm that?"

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-RoG- on 05/15/2010 3:12 am

"How does he know your nayyyyyyyyyme?"


Vin_Tybul (Guest) on 05/15/2010 6:16 am

That was pure gold. After awhile, I forgot that it was one guy doing all the voices. Must be lack of sleep doing it. Yep, that's it.


RealPlayerFan (Guest) on 05/15/2010 10:16 am


Excuse you, the RealPlayer is not "crappy" or "old"!

Just because of you kids with your iTunes and stuff nowadays :(

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HowardC on 05/15/2010 11:13 am

No offense, but yeah it is. The real format is completely dead. Now days computers are fast enough and codecs have progressed enough that it's far easier to just stream the avi/mp3/wahtever file and/or wmv file.

That being said, Rog using a player that doesn't work on IE does tend to take the credibility out of his opinions on such things. IE is the most popular web browser in existance, like it or not..... when you do web content you are supposed to get IE working first and worry about the lesser browsers after that. ;-)

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-RoG- on 05/15/2010 11:56 am

HowardC - That's why I put the mp3 up for download Howard, so anybody with IE could download it. The script simply wasn't working properly in IE for some reason. The rest of the site works in IE and you're talking to a guy who was a professional web designer for years, so I've done more than my share of making sure sites were compatible with a variety of browsers. That said, I wasn't about to spend an entire afternoon on getting that script working with IE when I could just put the file up for download. Had to get back to work on Abobo stuff ;)

As for RealPlayer, yeah... there's just no reason to use it any more. Personally, I prefer to use an old version of Winamp still, especially since I use a lot of the plugins that allow me to listen to old video game sound files. Comes in real handy.


Diknam (Guest) on 05/15/2010 12:20 pm

i think i hear somethinggggg !!! lol my favorite part


thegreatannihilator (Guest) on 05/15/2010 4:40 pm

Hehe, I still have the original RA on my computer from like 1996 or whenever I heard it first, converted it to WAV.

I still use an old WinAmp too, specifically for its videogame plugins. Old things always work faster on new computers. I will never upgrade past SP2. I will continue to swap out parts until my ASUS P5WD2-Premium motherboard melts. My emulators need (un)trusty XP too...


Al Boondy (Guest) on 05/16/2010 1:12 pm

I just completed a web design course for graduate school, and one of our textbooks dates back to 2001 ... as you can imagine, this makes for a lot of out of date references (including this gem - "RealAudio is a primary format for streaming audio, widely used and installed in many Web browsers").

Sometimes I wonder why I'm spending good money to learn techniques that became obsolete a decade ago :(


ColdFusion (Guest) on 05/17/2010 6:34 pm

Seriously, Boon. I find it's less disappointing if you just think of college as a very expensive job-finding service that just takes a large portion of your pay for 20 years.


Zombieman! (Guest) on 05/17/2010 9:14 pm

it was really funny to hear! i like this kind of things so that i can liste to while im drawing!

By the way RoG i found this pic that i tough you would like

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Starscream on 05/20/2010 12:58 pm

"So.. So your not a ninjah? Wait what is a nin.. what is that?" (typed with as much of a bad southern accent as one could convey through text)

That's when I lost it.

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Blackout on 05/21/2010 4:29 pm

Hey man! Thanks for the nice review. This is Blackout, creator of that original call oh so long ago. Anyway I have been on kind of a web hiatus acting in NYC for a while and I realize the site's a mess but I am in the process of re-mastering all the old bits and presenting all new material both audio & films. thanks for at least giving credit! I want to do a redesign on the site but for now the official Blackout facebook page is at

Also a fan did a video version of the call that you might enjoy:

Again, glad to see people still enjoying my torture of Quan. PS: I did do a follow up call ten years later.


Kojiro_S (Guest) on 05/21/2010 7:33 pm

Ahahaha niiiiice. Laughing hard here.


I want to suck George Bush’s cock (Guest) on 05/25/2010 5:48 am

This is the best prank call ever!


martylakewood (Guest) on 05/26/2010 3:29 am

We need less technology that works in IE... seriously... Free software respects your freedom, generates collaborations and community, and it just happens to work a million times better. There is never a reason to use IE if free browsers can follow standards and do it's job better. Don't f*cking use IE. You might as well use dial-up as well.

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Babs on 05/27/2010 3:50 am

This is amazing.


I want to suck George Bush’s cock (Guest) on 05/27/2010 6:03 am

Ha ha I love prank calls


Tod McFarm Goldstein (Guest) on 05/27/2010 4:05 pm

I miss these prank calls.


nick (Guest) on 07/07/2010 3:05 am

Where can i get that background music.


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[...] A really elaborate prank phone call involving the Vietnam War and Master Shredder. If you have Firefox you can listen in your browser, or you can download the mp3. [...]

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