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Hulk Hogan Wants To Wrestle Your Debt Into Submission! Whatcha Gonna Do!?

I just saw Hulk Hogan in a commercial for some debt relief company and had to upload it so you could all watch. If there's anybody in this world you want to take financial advice from, it has to be a former WWF superstar with 24" pythons. Wow. Is the Hulkster really in so much debt himself that he's shilling for companies like this now? I thought his old Pastamania campaign for Chef Boyardee was pretty laughable, but this is like watching his last shred of dignity get pinned to the mat for the 1-2-3 count. Just look at this:

"Whatcha gonna do when we squash debt for you! Don't sweat the debt!" Eugh, I think I'll stick with watching classic Hulkster material like No Holds Barred instead, brother.


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DougClayton4231 on 06/02/2010 2:25 pm

This commercial made me :( It's sad to see that a divorce can financially cripple just about anyone.

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NotDavid on 06/02/2010 3:30 pm

God bless you, Hogan!

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J. Tithonus Pednaud on 06/02/2010 4:32 pm

It's my understanding that this company is now out of business.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 06/02/2010 6:19 pm

He has another shirt.. underneath his shirt..
This is just sad, and that's from a guy that really genuinely enjoyed Suburban Commando..

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Julio on 06/02/2010 6:52 pm

Damn the debt.

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-RoG- on 06/02/2010 7:29 pm

You also gotta love how many wrestling parables he makes throughout the commercial.

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darkvare on 06/02/2010 9:07 pm

wow 3 years to pay the debt and if they do this how do they earn money?


bountyhunterseven (Guest) on 06/03/2010 1:14 am

if it was HOLLYWOOD Hogan, id call...not yellow-and-red Hogan...

toooooooo swwweeeeeeeeett.....


Ben (Guest) on 06/03/2010 1:35 pm

Man look at that. That is bluescreen. They could not find a gym to let them film Hulk Hogan in.

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puppetgeneral39 on 06/03/2010 2:24 pm

He also does radio and TV ads for Rent-a-Center. Damn that bitch of an ex-wife of his!

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Thanos on 06/03/2010 8:41 pm

Hulk's ex-wife Linda took him for just about everything he had. What she didn't get, their lawyers did. It really is sad, considering he tried his damnest to make their marriage work. It's unfortunate Linda was a coke-snorting tramp.


Smarterthanu (Guest) on 06/03/2010 9:55 pm

A- it is not "bluescreen" but an actual is obvious that it is filmed on location.
B - it's 2010 and it would be a "greenscreen"
Ben is both an idiot and a moron.

Of course the company is still in business. Illogical that you would see a commercial yesterday for a company that was out if business.
Therefore J. Oedbaud - you are an idiot
You are an imbicile.

Hulk is a spokesperson promoting a company that offers
advice - not Hogan. Consequently you also are a nit wit.King of the nit wits.

Wow...really? Wow.

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Julio on 06/03/2010 10:25 pm

It seems that someone is taking this far too seriously...

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-RoG- on 06/04/2010 12:17 am

Smarterthanpoo, whoah, whoah, WHOAH! Hold up! You mean to tell me that if I call that number, Hulk Hogan himself isn't going to answer the phone and give me debt advice? He's just the spokesperson!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! CONSIDER MY WORLD TO BE ROCKED!

Well, at least I can rest easy at night knowing that Wilford Brimley will answer the phone if I call Liberty Mutual. WAIT... WHAT? HE WON'T!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahahaha (Guest) on 06/04/2010 7:58 am

I lol'd at smarterthanpoo's post.

Thanks for that laugh man, I needed it. Keep up the trollin!

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HowardC on 06/04/2010 9:46 am

I wondered who would replace Gary Coleman with the most embarrassing tv ads ever now that he is gone. I guess I got my answer.

Poor hulkster...

But then again, it might be karma for letting a (then) 16 year old kid play around with cars so powerful the average adult couldn't drive. Bad parenting is it's own reward sometimes.

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Starscream on 06/04/2010 12:18 pm

Puppetgeneral beat me to it but yeah he's also doing Rent-A-Center commercials and for some reason they've paired him up as the wacky side-kick to Troy Aikman's straight guy..

Seems like Rent-A-Center is where washed up athletes go to pasture (though none look like they're that desperate).. First Magic, then Troy, then Troy and Hulk.. Kinda sad.

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Starscream on 06/04/2010 12:20 pm


Yeah I don't disagree one bit, but its also hard to be a GOOD parent when most of your kids life you were off dropping the big leg on the Iron Sheik, lol.


DTRY (Guest) on 06/07/2010 8:40 am

Wow, -RoG-. Instead of throwing insults right back at the troll or telling him to leave, you handled him beautifully. That's very in-character coming from a comedic writer like you. And it's really, really classy. I salute you!

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Thanos on 06/07/2010 8:28 pm

You have to admit, though...

The Hulkster can cut a mean promo.

Any promo.

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Drew Bludd on 06/13/2010 10:51 pm


No need to be rude to strangers.
Honestly, no one like THAT guy.
It's useless and little cowardly.

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