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I-Mockery At The 2010 San Diego Comic-Con: Preview Night!

REMINDER: For those of you attending Comic-Con, I-Mockery is located in Row 300, Booth #A10 (located towards the back near the lounge area).

It's a little after midnight and I'm dead tired from setting up everything today at the I-Mockery Comic-Con booth, but I wouldn't miss it for the world, because I already had a blast talking with some I-Mockery fans and showing them the new Abobo's Big Adventure arcade cabinet! Huge thanks to Re for helping me get the booth set up today since we didn't have any other helpers on hand. She's a real trooper that one... be sure to check out some of her artwork at our booth or online!

Anywho, before I pass out, here are two photos that I'm pretty sure you'll all appreciate. First off, the grand unveiling of the completed Abobo's Big Adventure arcade cabinet at the I-Mockery booth!

Abobo's Big Adventure - The Arcade Cabinet!

Seeing it finally up 'n running at Comic-Con damn near brought a tear to my eye. However, that tear saw Abobo's angry stare and quickly scuttled itself back into the rear of my ocular cavity out of sheer terror.

The other picture I have for you guys is of me and my buddy Keith Apicary (Nathan Barnatt) and it sums up the San Diego Comic-Con experience in a nutshell. We haven't even had the first day of Comic-Con yet and this may turn out to be my favorite photo from the entire event.

Rog holds Keith Apicary in his mighty arms at the I-Mockery booth during the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Destined for love... and adventure!

Love sure is a beautiful thing isn't it?

Don't forget, if you're attending the San Diego Comic-Con this week, you can find our booth towards the back of row 300. Our booth number is A10. We're the ones with the big friggin' arcade cabinet and people wearing pickle hats..... so yeah, it's pretty hard to miss. If you're not at Comic-Con, check our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day as I (or Re) will be posting updates (including photos) whenever we can. I'll still try to post a few pics at the end of every day here in the ol' I-Mockery blog if I have the energy.

Ok, must sleep now, because tomorrow is the first full day o' Comic-Con madness and I needs me strength!


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Nick on 07/22/2010 3:50 am

Looking good, RoG. :)

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caffman on 07/22/2010 10:37 am

someday I will finally get to comic con. It will involve a several thousand mile round trip but I think it would be worth it.


jason mcelwee (Guest) on 07/22/2010 10:46 am

I'm cruising down sunday. everyone still going to be there?

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darkvare on 07/22/2010 11:41 am

damn that arcade looks awesome

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Julio on 07/22/2010 1:04 pm

@darkvare: The arcade cabinet looks awesome indeed. You have no idea of how much I would love to have a custom made for me with a game of my choice. That would make me the coolest kid in my neighborhood... Wait a sec, I'm 24... Am I still a kid? Ah, hell... Might as well make me KING of my generation of friends.

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Relaxing Dragon on 07/22/2010 10:40 pm

I tried to find you guys all day today, but to no avail. Then I come back here, and find out that the conbook lied about your location (claiming you to be both D11 and someplace called LLC).

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Captain Seamus on 07/22/2010 11:51 pm

I didn't get to play the game last year. I shall CONQUER IT!

I also need a new pickle hat. Sunday Sunday Sunday, baby!


Comic-CAN (Guest) on 07/23/2010 2:16 am

Relaxing Dragon - Yeah ignore the guidebook, they screwed up. The I-Mockery booth is located in Row 300 towards the back of the hall (same spot they were in last year). It's close to the lounge area with the extra seats. You'll see the big Abobo arcade cabinet there.


Zombie-man (Guest) on 07/23/2010 2:59 pm

I hope you guys do well at comicon, and take a huge amount of pics! I hope to see a even bigger Album this year!

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