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San Diego Comic-Con Recovery.

Just wanted to let you guys know that the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con was absolutely awesome and I am working on putting together another huge gallery of roughly 1000 photos from it. It's just gonna take a bit longer since I'm also in the process of packing up my place and moving (among other things that are keeping me plenty busy). You'd think a nomadic bastard like me would be used to moving by now and have it down to a science, but nope... it's just as time-consuming and exhausting as ever. I wish Elizabeth Montgomery would just show up, wiggle her nose and make all my crap instantly appear in a new home. That's what all witches should really do... start moving companies.

Anywho, I'll do my best to get this big photo gallery piece cranked out as soon as possible, and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait because we got some great photos of all the crazy costumes, toys and more.

In the meantime, please explain why this exists:

Candwich - The Sandwich in a Can!

Candwich. The sandwich in a can. CANDWICH!


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darkvare on 08/01/2010 1:40 pm

lol reminds me of squidwards canned bread:

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Captain Seamus on 08/01/2010 2:21 pm

Explain why it exists? A better question would be why it didn't exist sooner.

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Delicious Salad on 08/01/2010 3:35 pm

Candy surprise inside? Yay!

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NotDavid on 08/01/2010 4:31 pm

I'll take 50.

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darkvare on 08/01/2010 4:46 pm

also small question even though is mostly for max can we expect another gallery of him criying with the women o comic con again that made me laugh a lot

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Starscream on 08/01/2010 9:57 pm

From my understanding the other guys couldn't make it to the con this year, or at least that was what -RoG- said on the post with a pretty kick ass B.A. Baracus playing Abobo's Big Adventure.

Never the less it would have been awesome to see Max clearing out his tear ducts another year in a row, that gallery was hilarious. Can't wait for this one -RoG-

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-RoG- on 08/01/2010 10:06 pm

Starscream is correct, I was the only I-Mockery writer at Comic-Con this year. The other guys couldn't make it out this time, which is why it was far more exhausting for me this year. I was at the booth almost all day long, for all four and a half days. Hell of a lot o' fun though!

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bountyhunterseven on 08/01/2010 11:34 pm

some one PLEASE send me of each!!! ill pay the cost (both literally and figuratively, me thinks)

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HowardC on 08/02/2010 6:10 am

Interesting flavor choices... pb & j I get... that's something that stores well. BBQ chicken?? Doesn't that stuff go bad in like 12 seconds?

Modern science is amazing! How did they stuff the whole sandwich down that little hole? ;-)

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Julio on 08/02/2010 10:04 am

Candwich seems to be nothing more than a ruse in order to deceive people into thinking that you are eating something relatively healthy when you are really chewing into some candy.

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GreenPeaness on 08/02/2010 12:10 pm

I find nothing wrong with Candwich. It seems to follow a perfectly logical pattern of flavor, from PB&J Grape, to PB&J Strawberry to BBQ CHICKEN!

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PoGo on 08/02/2010 12:46 pm

this heinous Candwich thing sort of makes me crave powdered toast.

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robo_rob on 08/02/2010 6:17 pm

I must own a sandwich in a can. Lunch will never be the same.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 08/02/2010 6:30 pm

I was hoping it was candy sandwiches.
See, the thing is, bread... bread is hard to get right.. most bread is crap. It goes stale if kept dry, it goes mushy if kept in a humid zone.. how could you possibly CAN it? Among other things, when you seal things into a can, you have to heat them to some ridiculous degree, right? SO wouldn't it get toasteD?
And, being that bread is full of air, how could you possibly put it inside a vacuum-sealed can?

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-RoG- on 08/03/2010 1:01 pm

Honestly, the first thing these Candwiches reminded me of was the infamous Cheeseburger in a Can from Germany. It was a brief sensation on the web a while ago, and I'll bet you anything the company that's making these Candwiches is trying to cash in on it.

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blood_panther on 08/04/2010 12:41 am

found this tidbit

"According to an SEC lawsuit, Travis L. Wright raised $145 million from 175 investors between 2001 and 2009. Their investment? Commercial real estate with a promised 24% return.

He spent $6 million on the real estate.

With an undisclosed amount of the remaining cash, Wright invested in a variety of other projects, like rose petals printed with greeting card sentiments and even the next canned food craze: Candwiches. Yes, sandwiches in a can, including planned spin-off flavors like Pepperoni Pizza Pocket and French Toast."


Misty (Guest) on 08/04/2010 2:58 am

Wow. Are people so seriously lazy that they can't be assed enough to take a minute to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches?


ColdFusion (Guest) on 08/04/2010 6:14 pm

I'm pretty sick of makin' em every day. I wouldn't eat em at all except that I have to work, and there's a very limited number of foods I can safely convey to work.. so.. i think the 'busy people' market is the second highest PBnJ market after 'kids'
Finding out this is yet another investor scam? That's the fly in the jelly.. This is why everyone hates business people >_


I’m Awesome!!! (Guest) on 08/08/2010 12:49 am


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shekk on 08/09/2010 1:05 am

did you see the plethra of jabbas slaves on odin's throne? some lame guy at some other mainstream did a gallery. the photo was in there, but you could tell he was a pansy

cant wait to see what you have in store cornbread

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iforgotthename on 08/09/2010 3:32 pm

I Can't wait for the gallery!

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zombielordoiram on 08/09/2010 9:31 pm

is it good?


Graeme (Guest) on 08/10/2010 5:56 pm

Video about the Candwich:

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Julio on 08/11/2010 1:35 pm

Graeme: That's an interesting video. It definitely made me see the Candwich from a better point of view... Nevertheless, compared to a fresh, ham and lettuce filled sandwich... I don't know... This is heressy.

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Ferrit on 08/11/2010 9:40 pm

So - er, how long is this recovery going to last until we get this years gala comic-con posting?

User avatar

-RoG- on 08/12/2010 1:50 am

Graeme - Thanks for posting that Candwich video. Good to know more about the backstory behind them.

Ferrit - Stick around, it's finally going live today!

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