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What Jason Voorhees Was Missing All Along: Strobe Lights. Time To Dance!

Psychos and strobe lights... together at last.

So I found this "Light Up Goalie Mask" in the closeout section at one of the local seasonal Halloween shops and I just couldn't help myself from buying it. True, I'm a big fan of Jason Voorhees as you already know, but the idea of him having a mask that lights up too? This is clearly something he's needed for ages. Just imagine how his victims would react if he approached them wearing a mask that had built-in strobe light effects. They wouldn't run in terror... they'd just stand there, hypnotized like deer in headlights by the rhythmic movements of his flashy mask, and that would make his job of killing them even easier. But let's take a look at the mask itself:

If you enjoy the comfort of a plastic block wedged against your forehead, then THIS is your mask!

If you enjoy the comfort of a plastic block wedged against your forehead, then THIS is your mask! I appreciate that they tried to put foam padding in it, but the battery pack definitely gets in the way. Granted, there aren't many places to put a battery pack, but i don't see why they couldn't put the foam padding on top of it, instead of below it. The wire to activate the mask is long enough that it can fit down through the sleeve of a shirt and be concealed in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, there's no way to keep the mask lights going nonstop. The strobes flash for about ten seconds straight, so you have to keep pushing the button if you want to keep it going. Still, these are minor complaints when you only spent a few bucks on a Jason Voorhees mask that has built in strobe lights.

Since the mask has strobe lights, I guess the real question we have to ask here is: Have you ever wanted to see Jason Voorhees dance at a rave? Well, regardless of your answer, you're about to see him do that very thing. Hope none of you are epileptic.

You know, when I wake up in the morning, I usually have some general idea of what I'm going to be working on that day. I never predicted I'd be up at 2am dancing with Re in a Jason Voorhees hockey mask with built-in strobe lights.


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The Doctor on 09/14/2010 2:34 pm

I love the dedication of a 6 minutes video of rave dancing, good on you sir...good on you

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HowardC on 09/14/2010 2:38 pm

Sometimes you worry me Rog... but in a good way.

Never ceases to amaze me how many ways they have managed to milk that same 2 dollar hockey mask they used to sell when I was 6. I'm curious to see what they do with it in the upcoming years.

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Danny 4 Eyes on 09/14/2010 3:07 pm

Imagine if you were at a rave and you saw this. It would truely be the stuff of nightmares.

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Danny 4 Eyes on 09/14/2010 3:09 pm

Damn you RoG, I wasn't epileptic.....until watching that.


Nowhere (Guest) on 09/14/2010 4:00 pm

Wow, I went as Jason wearing the strobe light free version of this mask when I was 8. I'm 30 now and it's still around.

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dextire on 09/14/2010 5:05 pm

Haha, that's great! I wonder if it's more odd to be the one dancing at 2am with the mask on, or to be the one who watched the entire video of it while laughing the whole time? Do the Jason!


thespookywaffle (Guest) on 09/14/2010 5:27 pm

I can't think of anything to do at 2am that could possibly top that right now. I wish they made knife-shaped glow sticks!

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Shadowdancer21b on 09/14/2010 5:50 pm

Awesome sauce. I picture the dancing to "Party Your Body" by Stevie B. though, I'm not a raver.

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robo_rob on 09/14/2010 5:51 pm

The video is hypnotic.

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Ronin S on 09/14/2010 8:19 pm

Hm, doesn't seem too bad considering it was in the bargain bin.

Maybe Jason can have his mask do this in the sequel and give his victims seizures before he kills them.

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Nick on 09/14/2010 9:21 pm

I can tell you've been to a rave or three.

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Delicious Salad on 09/15/2010 2:36 am

Never really thought Jason could get down like that...color me wrong.

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Dungeonbrownies on 09/15/2010 3:13 am

FFFFF!!!!! that works significantly better than I thought it would, I actually now want one... severely!

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toolz88 on 09/15/2010 4:43 am

That would be an awesome remix of the classic Friday the 13th movies. Give Jason the new mask and the soundtrack will be house music. Or maybe he could just kill some kids at a rave or something.

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toolz88 on 09/15/2010 4:46 am

I have to agree with Robo Rob this video is eerily hypnotic.

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Commanderraf on 09/15/2010 8:33 am

10 seconds after watching the video I became dizzy. I don't suffer from epilepsy but I do have migraine attacks every now and then.

Anyway, Party on Jason! Dance your way to the boogie wonderland, or the city made of rock and roll...


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Jigby Huggletinks on 09/15/2010 9:07 am

I can't believe this is over 6 minutes long. RoG, you're amazing.


Green Yamo (Guest) on 09/15/2010 9:26 am

That is the greatest video I have ever seen.

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stonewar on 09/15/2010 9:27 am

I like that the lights make it appear as if the planes of your face show throught the mask kind of like a skull effect. Kinda spooky


Frank (Guest) on 09/15/2010 1:11 pm

I'm a little disappointed that you weren't wielding thatr power sword thing from a couple blog postsa ago. That thing lights up, right?

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Kat on 09/16/2010 6:24 am

That was... beautiful.

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LeeFlippinGreene on 09/18/2010 8:37 am

Rog I've been coming to this site for a long time(somewhere around 2000/2001 I believe)
but I just had to sign up for a account to tell you this.
Your awesome rave dancing straight up reminds me of the Swedish chef from the muppets and that is a very awesome thing.

p.s. you should drive to Nashville TN sometime we have some awesome flea markets where they are always selling crazy crap and I have two boxes of boo berry waiting on you.

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All Hail Duke on 09/18/2010 12:48 pm

maybe he could just kill some kids at a rave or something

didn't that happen in Freddy vs Jason?

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kentucky_fried_negger on 09/18/2010 10:25 pm

I.m so glad i have the same name as you mockery dude.

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Starscream on 09/21/2010 2:00 pm

And to think, if Jason wore this he might not have had to lumber at an unnaturally fast pace to catch up to the campers..


Sarah (Guest) on 10/20/2011 6:25 pm

That is awesome! Love the idea. Love the video.


Ann (Guest) on 11/14/2011 11:47 am

Absolutely mesmeric... I love it when the face is close up - like some alien experience!

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-RoG- on 11/26/2013 7:47 pm

Remember... anybody can do the Jason!

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