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The Fright Light: A Halloween Flashlight.

FINALLY! A flashlight with built-in horror sound effects.

For those of you who've been looking for a flashlight with built-in horror sound effects, I'm happy to report your search is over, for I have discovered the Fright Light! Considering I'll review just about any product on earth if it's been modified for the Halloween season and I didn't already own a flashlight, purchasing the Fright Light made perfect sense to me. Sure, I could've gone with one of those giant Maglites that take thirty D-cell batteries so you can cave in somebody's skull with it, but I like to think a flashlight that makes cackling witch sounds will send an intruder running for the hills just as well.

Plus, the promotional text on the box is brilliantly crafted: "Can you imagine a flashlight that is actually a 'fright light' as well? We Did!" and "MARVEL at the Interactive Light Show!" Impeccable, right? With a pitch like that, you should be impressed that I exercised the self-restraint to not buy every last Fright Light the Halloween shop had in stock.

Surely, the filters make all the difference in the world.

The Fright Light comes with eight built-in sound effects: thunder storm, creaking door, witch cackle, ghost moan, evil laugh, wolf howl, help cry and Jacob's Ladder. In my case, it's only seven sound effects, because when I push the "evil laugh" button, it plays the same sound as the "help cry". Boo. So, in addition to functioning as a normal flashlight, whenever you press one of the sound effect buttons, the flashlight will flicker synchronously with the sound being played. As an added bonus, they include three color filters (blue, yellow and red) so you can change how the light appears. I combined the yellow and blue to make my light shine green. Yes indeed, the knowledge I gained from those elementary level art classes has finally begun to pay off!

So how does the Fright Light perform? Well, you're in luck, because I filmed the thing in action... if you can handle the terror!


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Ozzie on 10/12/2010 4:36 am

I honestly could not handle the horror.

Also, I'm surprised at how well the light shone green. I would have thought using two filters would have had a diminished effect, but I guess not.

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The Doctor on 10/12/2010 4:41 am

I have one! Well my son does his nan bought it gor him. Good times.


Number6 (Guest) on 10/12/2010 6:02 am

I actually own a rather large Maglite...along with several other different flashlights that can probably blind somebody, including a giant one that lights up a room like the freakin' sun. So this flashlight looks pretty normal, but I think holds up really well with those filters.

By the way, was I the only one who thought the wolf-howl sound effect started out as a rave? Seriously, add a couple more of these lights and it would be the GREATEST RAVE OF ALL TIME.


Kenji (Guest) on 10/12/2010 7:29 am

Can probably work pretty good as a makeshift sound/light effect device for cheap homemade horror movies. Neat.
Also, damn good acting on Roger's part; he looked like a Boris Karloff with Nimoy's eyebrow-raising abilities.

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Shadowdancer21b on 10/12/2010 12:57 pm

I loved your facial expressions and comments in the vid. It looks like a cool device.

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MrEff on 10/12/2010 3:34 pm

We have one of those only the plastic was purple instead of orange and it didn't come with any light filters. On the plus side it did only cost £1 since we got it from the pound store and if you use the sounds while the batteries are low they're really distorted and sounds far creepier.

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BigMac500 on 10/12/2010 4:12 pm

I dunno what's worse, that I misread the title as "A Halloween Fleshlight," or that I imagined what exactly would make a Fleshlight Halloween-themed before reading the title correctly. :(


Frank (Guest) on 10/12/2010 4:17 pm

Holy crap I have two of those. And have for a couple years.


AllHallowSteve (Guest) on 10/12/2010 4:19 pm

Looking at the box, I was thinking it was going to be pretty lame. But I gotta tell ya: the light is bright--- the color looks good--- the flickering is cool--- and the sounds sound a lot better than I thought.
I thoroughly enjoyed the thunder storm efx. I would totally be a kid walking around with that storm blasting away. Awesome.

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dextire on 10/12/2010 4:34 pm

Awesome video! I just got one myself yesterday. I've been really impressed with it's quality.
It does a fine job of making things look spooky.

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-RoG- on 10/12/2010 4:34 pm

Kenji - Hehe thanks for the compliments. When I was a kid, I used to sit in front of the mirror and practice moving my eyebrows a lot, because I would see people who could do it and figured it was something that could be learned. Sure enough, it eventually became a thing I was able to do without thinking about it. Time well spent? I like to think so.

BigMac500 - If it was a Halloween Fleshlight, I imagine "Hellllp meeeee" would be the *only* sound coming from it.

AllHallowSteve - Yeah, the thunder storm effects are definitely the best of the bunch. When the lightning strikes, it sounds like something straight out of the eighties He-Man cartoon.

Dextire - Spooky! I swear you've shown that toy before, what was it from again? It's not a real phone, right?


thespookywaffle (Guest) on 10/12/2010 5:40 pm

I want one of those! Where did you get it?

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-RoG- on 10/12/2010 6:13 pm

thespookywaffle - I got it at one of those big seasonal "Halloween Adventure" stores, but you can also find them in most Spirit shops as well. Of course, if you can't find a Fright Light in any local shops, you can always buy it online.

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robo_rob on 10/12/2010 8:15 pm

Oh cool, we've actually had one of those lights at the haunted house I work at for a while now. No clue who thought it would be a good idea to bring but, it's entertaining.

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dextire on 10/12/2010 8:54 pm

RoG: Yes sir, it's a Dragon Ball Z knockoff with a toy phone built in it's chest for no apparent reason. Pretty spooky on it's own. :)


Brandon (Guest) on 10/13/2010 9:54 am

I'm going to get one of these and circuit bend the hell out of it.

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-RoG- on 10/13/2010 11:51 am

Dextire - Indeed, but it's even spookier with the ominous red light glowing on it. :pumpkin

Brandon - Whenever you do that circuit bending project, please post the results, cuz I'd love to hear it.


Victor Roman (Guest) on 11/09/2012 5:22 pm

i received a fright light as a gift and with no filters - that's okay - I can make my own - but I have no sound ! the light and the light shows that go with the sound work okay. is there anyone who can tell me how to fix that or the name of the company. upon close inspection of box and instructions - I can find no trace of a contact number or name of the company that makes this product. Thank you in advance for any and all attention you may give to this matter.

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