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Happy Halloweeeeeen And Thank You!

Happy Halloween everybody! Thanks for hanging out with us so much the past two months!

Thanks so much for hanging around with us for our annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration here on I-Mockery. It always puts a smile on my jack-o-lantern to hear how many of you consider it to be a staple of your Halloween season every year. We really bust our asses to bring you constant Halloween coverage & comedy that you won't find anywhere else on the web, so I hope it was a memorable time for all. I'm really happy with how this season turned out, as we featured a LOT of material I had been wanting to cover for years, visited some new haunts, survived another massive Halloween candy taste test, made a new music video, learned what will bring danger for them probably, met Christopher Lloyd, learned more about the Hoff, saw the return of Count Pop and more. How do I know we covered a lot, because I still have a pile of Halloween things I didn't even have a chance to get to this season! No problem though... I'll just save them for next year.

Anyway, today is Halloween and I hope that wherever you are in the world, you'll find your own special way to celebrate the greatest of all holidays. Whether you're going out trick-or-treating, going to a party, handing out candy or simply having an all-night horror movie marathon, I hope you all have a great time.

Even though this holiday is a celebration of all things dead and spooky, I never feel more alive than during this time of the year and I can't wait to get out tonight and celebrate in style. We're going to the giant annual West Hollywood Costume Carnival once again and that photo at the top of this post is what I'll be wearing - the skeleton pumpkin costume. I have to send a huge thank you to 80sTees for their support and for sending me the killer Skeleton Bodysuit, which is a stunningly perfect replica of the ones from The Karate Kid. I've been looking for a perfect skeleton bodysuit for ages, and this is absolutely it. Bones hand-sewn onto the costume, all the way up and down, and the classic white hoodie built into it.

In case you're interested (and you should be), the person next to me, dressed as Sam from Trick 'r Treat, was the winner of a costume contest at the New Beverly Cinema when they were showing a Trick 'r Treat / Halloween III double feature. Pretty awesome, eh? Couldn't believe what a nice job she did on her costume.

I'll be sure to post some more photos from our Halloween costumes during the week and we have more big updates coming to I-Mockery soon, so don't go anywhere. And speaking of updates, I have to thank everybody who volunteered to write updates for our Weeklies section this Halloween season. We all enjoyed reading your reviews of your favorite spooky games, comics, movies and music. Of course, I also must thank Dr. Boogie and Protoclown for writing some great articles this season as well. Dr. Boogie, in particular, really went above and beyond, sending in multiple articles every week. Last but not least, thanks for Re for putting up with all of my crazy Halloween antics. Two months of celebratory madness is surely no easy thing to endure... she's a tough Halloween cookie, that one.

Please drop a post (whether you're logged in or not) in our blog and let us know what you thought of the Halloween season and what your favorite articles were. Also, let us know what your Halloween plans are and feel free to post photos of your costumes if you're dressing up!

Thanks again all and Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!


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kentucky_fried_negger on 10/31/2010 3:35 pm

I'm gonna be watching Ghost Hunter live tonight so later.

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The Nun Eater on 10/31/2010 3:45 pm

Happy Halloween! I really love that Trick 'r Treat Sam costume, it is fantastic.

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MarioRPG on 10/31/2010 4:19 pm

It's always a blast here for the two months of Halloween. I haven't read the latest Count Pop but I know it won't disappoint. Have an excellent Halloween everyone! :D

P.S. I still think my Sam costume from last year kicked all sorts of ass.

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blood_panther on 10/31/2010 5:06 pm

going to scare me some kids!

I do the whole "stand still so they think your a decoration" thing then jump out and scare em. then I hand out candy.

but I cant forget to watch "the walking dead" pilot on tonight.

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DavidFullam on 10/31/2010 6:27 pm

And now it comes to an end and we get the crap month of November. Every month should be October and and every holiday Halloween.


Superfan (Guest) on 10/31/2010 6:50 pm

Love you man,

Everytime I think of trick or treating now.
I think of that game you made-- frikkin awesome shit man! Keep doing your thing you... you...

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xscoot on 10/31/2010 7:06 pm

I completely forgot about your Halloween coverage until today.

I have two months worth of awesome to get through. Excuse me.


beth (Guest) on 10/31/2010 7:14 pm

Thanks for the articles! Your coverage of the Eyegore awards was amazing. My Halloween plans included writing a really long and pointless Halloween-themed journal on that no one is going to read lol, so to make it better I'm going to watch Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein right now!

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MasterV on 10/31/2010 7:17 pm

I always look forward to the Halloween coverage here. It is awesome!


Skeep (Guest) on 10/31/2010 7:25 pm

I love all the articles and stuff that gets put up here every year, classic horror movie moments my favorite of the bunch, especially when its really cheesy gore.
we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia, so my plans are just to turn off the lights, turn on the goofy $5 plastic orange lantern and get way too immersed in Minecraft and Amesia: the dark decent.

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MightyMonarch on 10/31/2010 7:49 pm

Yeah, I'm not very active in the community but I've been following this website for years. And I thank the Halloween coverage for it.

Just be sure to get some Boo Berry in every year and all will be well.

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BatmanJohnson on 10/31/2010 8:17 pm

Once again it was superb. The two months of Halloween are what first drew me into the I-mockery community. I loved seeing Count Pop again!


Frostor (Guest) on 10/31/2010 10:43 pm

I-Mockery is one of my two must-visit sites during the Halloween season (along with xe). Great as always - especially the glorious return of everybody's favorite rockabilly vampire, Count Pop.

I got home a little while ago from my usual Halloween haunt - Salem, MA. I go every year, and this time I was dressed as "The Hitcher" from The Mighty Boosh. I was in character the whole time as well, and it was great fun.

Now to start planning for next year...

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ryot on 10/31/2010 10:45 pm

Great costumes! wooooooo! *ric flair chops*... unfortunately I have to go to the graveyard now to pay respect to my brother.. when I get back I'll put in "Redneck Zombies"!!!! Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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HowardC on 10/31/2010 10:51 pm

Happy Halloween! All 15 remaining minutes of it!

Just finished watching The Walking Dead, and unfortuantely, my comments from a few weeks ago are dead on. The zombie makeup is hit-and-miss, a few looking fantastic... most looking like rejects from thriller. Also they screw with the zombies. Now they are "smart" zombies. They showed some picking up things, one trying to open a door and several crawling under something. In other words they screwed up.

Also without giving too much away, Rick's wife went from a woman who had a one-night stand that she immediately and constantly regretted in the comics to a slut who's shacking up with the guy on a regular basis even though her "dead" husband's body would barely be cold at this point.

So as I feared, AMC royally screwed this one up. Hopefully it will get better in time, but screwing up a key plot point in the damn pilot episode is pretty hard to get back from.

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Shadowdancer21b on 10/31/2010 11:22 pm

Happy Halloween gang! I have enjoyed the two months of Halloween this year and I spent my festivities doing a speed run of Illbleed. Clear time 5:41:22.

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ChrisGlass on 11/01/2010 1:23 am

Happy Halloween to everyone!
We were pretty non-traditional this year. Decorations went up early, but the plans got dashed a bit at the last minute. So instead we spent Friday night in some makeshift and borrowed costumes, doing karaoke, Saturday at Disneyland and Sunday with the family, watching The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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Durin on 11/01/2010 2:14 am

Happy Halloween.

Me favorite article was the candy review, but then again, I do like my candy.

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The Doctor on 11/01/2010 4:53 am

Thank You and Happy Halloween!


Darryl The Hitman (Guest) on 11/01/2010 11:58 am

Was there no "Select Your Destiny" this year or have I missed the link somewhere? I enjoy them myself and I link to them every year on my messageboard (see here for proof: ) so that I can expose more people to them as well. If there wasn't one this year, my apologies for wasting your time by asking. In any case, I hope everyone here had a happy halloween! :)


Darryl The Hitman (Guest) on 11/01/2010 1:30 pm

I suppose while I'm asking questions, I may as well ask this one too: are there no more comics writers for your site? I can't recall the last time that page was updated (again, unless I'm missing the links somehow).

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JoeyJoJoJr on 11/02/2010 6:17 am

Thanks for all the articles.

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Fathom Zero on 11/02/2010 8:59 am

You guys make Halloween the best. Everyone should step up and recognize that it should be two months long.

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-RoG- on 11/02/2010 2:51 pm

Thanks for all the compliments and support everyone! Really glad to hear you guys enjoyed the 2010 Halloween season on I-Mockery. Sounds like all of you managed to celebrate Halloween in your own ways, even if the area you live in doesn't tend to celebrate the holiday too much. Well done!

No, I haven't seen The Walking Dead yet, but I will certainly watch it as soon as I get a chance. I've almost all good things from people whose opinions I respect, so I'm hoping the show turns out to be great. If not, well, there's always Dexter.

I'm still in Halloween recovery mode, but you guys can expect some new site updates very soon. Believe it or not, Dr. Boogie sent in a full feature article that we didn't even have a chance to put up on Halloween! So there's one more in-depth horror movie review right around the corner for you guys to enjoy.

Also, I will be showing you guys how the trick-or-treaters took EVERYTHING I left out for them. I spoiled the hell outta those kids this year.

Darryl - Yeah, there was no Select Your Destiny story this year simply because it was always a collaborative piece between myself and the other three writers. With Max Burbank no longer writing (he took a full-time teaching job a while ago) it didn't feel right to do the story without him this year (though we may do more in the future), so I decided to work on other collaborative Halloween projects such as the "Halloween Justice Squad" music video and, finally, a new Count Pop story & video. Thanks for promoting the old stories though! As for the comics, talk to Protoclown about that. :P


AllHallowSteve (Guest) on 11/03/2010 4:46 pm

Congrats on another fine Halloween countdown!

I was admiring your skeleton bodysuit, but loved it even more when you revealed it was Karate Kid-like.

Where'd you get the pumpkin mask? It's pretty fantastic too and reminds me of a H3 Don Post pumpkin, post-lightning and bugs shooting out of it...

User avatar

-RoG- on 11/03/2010 4:55 pm

AllHallowSteve - That's actually EXACTLY what that mask is. It even has a Silver Shamrock logo on the back of it. It was custom made for me by a guy who makes masks for a living. Pretty cool eh?

And yeah, the Skeleton Bodysuit is an exact replica of the ones from the Karate Kid. You can buy it at, as they're the ones who were nice enough to send it to me. They also sell a perfect replica of the Cobra Kai Gi worn by Johnny.

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KennyTheInsane on 11/11/2010 5:19 am

So's over...I was hoping for a Knott's article again this year because I wasn't able to go this time around. Oh well, there's still plenty of other awesome stuff.

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-RoG- on 11/12/2010 2:43 pm

We actually did go to Knott's and took some photos, but honestly, it didn't feel much different than previous years so there wasn't any point in doing a full photo piece on it. Loads of fun, of course, just nothing all that new.

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Just Ami on 11/15/2010 4:50 pm

I love Halloween. It's not only my birthday, but it's also my wedding anniversary! Everyone had to have a Halloween costume for the wedding, even bride and groom. That's how much I love Halloween. Over the years I've hand plenty of friends and family members who are so against Halloween it's not even funny! D: It's always so awesome to find some one else who loves this holiday as much as I do.

Speaking of Halloween wedding anniversary, I know you guys could appreciate the gift my husband gave me. After about 20 years of whining, I FINALLY GOT MY VERY OWN CRITTER!!

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