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Our New Winter Holiday Pixel Poster! Now Available To Order!

Introducing the Ultimate Retro Winter Wonderland Pixel Poster! Now available for pre-order on!
[click here to see the full-sized photo!]

It's finally ready! Pox and I spent a long time planning out our latest pixel poster and I'm really glad we finished it up in time for the holidays this year. The new poster has a winter holiday theme, so it's perfect for any of you looking to buy some gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever the hell you feel like celebrating when the weather turns painfully cold. The winter wonderland pixel poster is the exact same size as our original retro beach party pixel poster (34" x 13.5") and we managed to squeeze even MORE colorful characters into this one than last time. Just click on the image above to enlarge it and see what I'm talking about.

For the first time ever, we're taking pre-orders here on I-Mockery because we know these are gonna sell just as well as the original posters did, so we wanna make sure we have more than enough in stock to guarantee that you'll receive them before the holidays come around. And just like last time, anybody who purchases our new winter pixel poster will be given a secret link to a page containing the complete legend for the poster to help you identify all the characters.

So please help show your support and pre-order a poster (or two... or fifty) whether it's a gift for yourself or for somebody else. I guarantee you'll end up staring at it for a loooooong time to come and it makes for a hell of a conversation piece for whenever you have friends over. If you're a fan of isometric pixel art along with basically anything we've ever written about on this site, then you're going to LOVE this poster. You'll love it so much, you should consider buying more than one, so you can sleep with one of them and not worry about how it's getting all crinkled up.

Ultimate Retro Winter Wonderland Pixel Poster:
United States Orders - $10.00
(plus $2.00 s&h)

Ultimate Retro Winter Wonderland Pixel Poster:
International Orders - $10.00
(plus $4.00 s&h)

Also, for those of you who've still put off buying the original pixel poster, it's time to stop procrastinating, because we're doing a 2-Pack (not to be confused with Tupac) where you get both of our pixel posters for cheaper than they would cost to buy separately. Plus, we're only charging you the cost of shipping one of them, so you'll save on shipping as well. And just look how nice they look when hung closely:

The Pixel Poster 2-Pack! You get BOTH pixel posters shipped together at a discounted cost! Now available for pre-order on!
[click here to see the full-sized photo!]

Don't they look happy together? Wouldn't they make you happier having them hanging on your wall? Don't you want to be happy? The answer to all of these questions is obviously YES, so pre-order them both before your brain explodes into chunks of 8-bit goo!

Pixel Poster 2-Pack:
United States Orders - $18.00
(plus $2.00 s&h)

Pixel Poster 2-Pack:
International Orders - $18.00
(plus $4.00 s&h)

As long as you order by December 15th, they're guaranteed to be in your hands in time for Christmas... after that, I can't make any promises. Thanks in advance to all of you who pre-order these posters and may all of your stockings be stuffed with pixelated goodness come December!

Survey: We'd love to hear what you all think of the new winter wonderland pixel poster, so please drop a comment below!



Black Zarak (Guest) on 11/15/2010 1:28 am

I like how Zardoz and Zed found there way into the winter fun. ZARDOZ HAS SPOKEN!


HiddenGuyMan (Guest) on 11/15/2010 1:36 am

Wow. Just... wow. Honestly, they're both works of nostalgic perfection. Even the medium itself screams "80's!" in a heavily synthed, falsetto, power-rock psuedo-scream.

I would buy both of them in a heartbeat... except I noticed one has a BLEECH character in it. Does not compute/belong. I'll just settle for the Winter piece. It's got Commander Keen in it, and that's pretty k-rad.

User avatar

blood_panther on 11/15/2010 1:37 am

love godzilla!

and do I spy a cousin eddie emptying his "shitter"?

User avatar

-RoG- on 11/15/2010 2:17 am

Black Zarak - Obey the almighty Zardoz and he will come down your chimney on Christmas and deliver you the gift of guns from his mouth.

HiddenGuyMan - Hehe thanks, glad you like the posters. As for the characters, not everything is retro and certainly not everything is from the 80s... it's just drawn in retro style. Hell, Count Pop, Doc Mock and company are all on there and they're modern characters. Really appreciate you ordering the poster(s).

Blood_Panther - Yup, his shitter was full, which is probably what caused the big G to burst through the ice with rage.

User avatar

Julio on 11/15/2010 5:06 am

That winter holidays pixel poster looks absolutely great! I really loved the Calvin & Hobbes addition. Hell, they are even creating those evil snowmen from Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons.

User avatar

The Doctor on 11/15/2010 5:24 am

Hard work paid off, looks amazing, hope I can muster the money to buy one... or two


Guto (Guest) on 11/15/2010 8:10 am

This is just so awesome! I wasn't really planning on spending any money today but I just had to buy this. Do you think it's possible for me to receive the posters before christmas even here on Brazil? Thanks!

User avatar

10,000 Volt Ghost on 11/15/2010 9:04 am

Is that a dead Jabberjaw :( :( :( :( :(

User avatar

Jigby Huggletinks on 11/15/2010 9:54 am

Do you guys design some of these pixel guys yourselves? I'm trying to think about where you would have copy/pasted some of this stuff from. I've never seen pixelized Dethklok before.

User avatar

Ex Leper on 11/15/2010 1:45 pm

I will definitely be asking my family for a set of these. When is the release date?


Jonathan Passow (Guest) on 11/15/2010 2:00 pm

WOW! My very own dead rapper for only $18!!!! Oh wait...that's 2 pack. You should really put a disclaimer there somewhere...oh...wait....

User avatar

-RoG- on 11/15/2010 3:02 pm

Thanks for all the compliments everybody!

Guto - Yes, absolutely. We should have them in stock fairly soon, so if you order them now, I'm sure they'll make it to Brazil well in advance of Christmas.

10,000 Volt Ghost - He wasn't watching where he was swimming. Poor fella :(

Jigby Huggletinks - The entire poster is hand drawn and 100% original. Nothing is copy-pasted.

Ex Leper - Should have the posters in stock soon and by Thanksgiving at the very latest. So yeah, you can tell your family they'll arrive in time for the holidays if that's what they're shopping for.

User avatar

ChrisGlass on 11/15/2010 3:41 pm

THE MAXX! So awesome!

User avatar

BigMac500 on 11/15/2010 4:15 pm

I am loving the fact that you included 'sexy' Flanders...and the Doc Mock crew :D

User avatar

Just Ami on 11/15/2010 4:53 pm

YES!! Thank you for adding JEM and the Holograms!! Can't wait to get this poster. :D

User avatar

Thanos on 11/15/2010 5:00 pm

I count not one, not two, but three of my suggestions included in the poster. Super Sweet! Silver Surfer, TARDIS and Dethklok all made it in. How awesome is that?!

Of note, I must give props on including the Hogfather and the giant Critter-Ball.

Bravo on another great poster. I'll be placing my pre-order very soon.

User avatar

dextire on 11/15/2010 6:26 pm

You guys did an amazing job! A must own indeed.

Wait, is that Human Centipede... with Santa hats?
You people are trying to make my head explode aren't you? :)

User avatar

blood_panther on 11/15/2010 6:37 pm

....I just had another look and discovered the skifree yeti.



Frostor (Guest) on 11/15/2010 7:13 pm

This is... our generation. In poster form.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 11/15/2010 7:49 pm

So bitchin'...

User avatar

Cloud1986 on 11/16/2010 2:02 am

You're a brave man for drawing that guy up in the right corner and by that I of course mean Qbert. He's just such a controversial figure. On another note that little purple monster up there looks familiar. Was there a VHS cover with him climbing out of a TV?


Bing (Guest) on 11/16/2010 12:01 pm

Weird Al and Vanilla Ice alone make this too damn awesome.

User avatar

Jigby Huggletinks on 11/16/2010 5:47 pm

Really? BUTBUTBUT WOOOOOOOOOOOW. So many of the game characters who were originally pixelated look just exactly like how they did before.

But it is true that there's way too much never before pixelated stuff (Like Judy Nails and - Hopefully - Zardoz and Zed) that it would be pretty dumb not to just draw the whole thing.

User avatar

Jigby Huggletinks on 11/16/2010 5:53 pm

Wait, did you say Count Pop was in there? I can't find him!

Also I'm hoping everyone spotted the Narwhal impaling Buddy the Elf.

User avatar

blood_panther on 11/16/2010 9:00 pm

@Jigby Huggletinks

count pop is standing on the cabin front porch. directly north of who I assume to be Nikki from chrono cross....I think?

User avatar

Danny 4 Eyes on 11/17/2010 3:11 pm

Holy poop on a stick. Roll on payday so I can order the 2 pack for my new house. Have just spotted the Hanson brothers from the movie Slapshot, not to mention Santa Jack Skellington. This is ten different kinds of awesome.

User avatar

Danny 4 Eyes on 11/17/2010 3:14 pm

Is that Freddy Krueger helping Ted Scissorhands with the ice sculpture ?

User avatar

-RoG- on 11/18/2010 6:52 pm

Thanks for the continued feedback & compliments everyone, really glad you guys like the poster! Hope you'll all order one :)

Frostor - Heheh, that's the general idea behind it. Nicely said.

Blood_Panther - Correcto... Count Pop is boppin' on the front porch.


Desinder (Guest) on 11/18/2010 10:06 pm

Brilliant, amusing and amazing to look at!
Looks like General Zod might be egging on Godzilla as well as cousin Eddie.
And do I spy Mr. Hankey at our party? ;-)

User avatar

The Nun Eater on 11/20/2010 10:07 pm

I'm defiantly gonna buy one of each since I don't have the first either.

User avatar

The_Punk_Hippie on 11/21/2010 5:35 pm

This is the perfect gift for my boyfriend (I'll just keep telling myself that as a reason to buy the damn things XD)

Seriously, once I get some more money in my paypal account, I'll be buying both of these :D

User avatar

Jigby Huggletinks on 11/22/2010 1:43 am

Ah, thanks, Danny, I see him now.

And I believe that's Judy Nails from Guitar Hero.

User avatar

kentucky_fried_negger on 11/24/2010 4:56 pm

Ugh,Pokemon is on here(see summer picture)it just doesn't fit with the bunch despite the fact that it a sea creature.I know some of you kids began liking animes cause of Pokemon,but I have started Enjoying Animes in the Early 90's.Like when The Street Fighter:Animated Movie came out,You kids was watching that utterly awful Street Fighter cartoon.
I preferred not to buy these Picture.It best to go on this site along with other update they inputted here each week.

User avatar

Jigby Huggletinks on 11/24/2010 11:27 pm

You seem civil, Kentucky Fried... erm... "negger".

User avatar

Danny 4 Eyes on 11/25/2010 2:17 pm

Pixel poster 2 pack ordered, boooooyah.


Cregg (Guest) on 12/02/2010 10:25 pm

Just curious if these have shipped yet?

User avatar

-RoG- on 12/03/2010 2:39 am

Yup! Just caught up on all the orders the other day, so if you already ordered one, it's in the mail and on its way.


Cregg (Guest) on 12/12/2010 7:11 pm

Man, here in Cananda must be a real beach to mail to becuase I'm still waiting and I ordered this bad boy on November 19th! shazbot.

User avatar

-RoG- on 12/12/2010 8:01 pm

Yours was definitely mailed out, Cregg, so keep an eye out for it. Unless the Canadian Mail Police saw the posters and kept it for themselves, you should receive it no problemo.

User avatar

All Hail Duke on 12/22/2010 1:34 am

do i spot the ice wizard from Big?

must throw a thermal rod before mom bugs me to take out the trash


Dildoes (Guest) on 02/07/2011 2:31 pm

I love these! I should really get them, my walls are barren.

User avatar

Paul on 02/25/2011 11:52 am

Can anyone repost the link with the character key? Thanks!

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