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Rog as Ted

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Don't fear the Reaper, dudes!


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Captain Seamus on 04/18/2011 4:14 pm


It all makes sense now.

*five second guitar solo*

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Drunken_Lemur408 on 04/18/2011 4:26 pm


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PreApocalyptica on 04/18/2011 5:01 pm

EXCELLENT! [meedlymeedlymow!]

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Shadowdancer21b on 04/18/2011 5:26 pm

Nicely done, Rog! Even down to the "Save the Humans" patch.


mikeysunshine (Guest) on 04/18/2011 7:04 pm

Too bad you lost out to Sam Beckett. Sam Beckett FTW!!! (Suck it Bill and Ted, Professor X, and Superman!)


ColdFusion (Guest) on 04/18/2011 8:05 pm

This is the most amazing thing since my sister and her hot friend dressed up as Jay-and-Silent-Bob-as-girls.

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Jaimas on 04/18/2011 10:16 pm

It's RoG Theodore Logan!

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Deadly Towers Sux on 04/19/2011 1:29 am

RoG, you have officially broken my Badass Meter (TM). Now I have to build a new one :)

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JoeyJoJoJr on 04/19/2011 3:39 am

69 DUDE!

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Commanderraf on 04/19/2011 10:51 am

Whoa indeed.

Air Guitar solo in your honor RoG.


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Billy Chapman’s Friend on 04/19/2011 12:13 pm

It seems to me the only thing you've learned is that Caesar is a "salad dressing dude."


Vahn (Guest) on 04/23/2011 11:36 am

That is just awesome, man!

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Icculus on 04/25/2011 11:32 am



steve-O (Guest) on 05/23/2011 6:34 pm

haha i did it halloween 2009, although i couldn't find a save the humans sticker/patch... so i used a 'will work for food' patch. still worked :)

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-RoG- on 05/23/2011 6:42 pm

Haha, nice costume Steve-O! In regards to the "save the humans" sticker, I found mine on eBay actually. But yeah, your costume still looks perfectly fine to me. Excellent!

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