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Re Sings “Kiss Off”.

Since everybody fell in love with her angelic voice when she performed "Everyday is Halloween", Re has finally decided to sing another song. You're welcome, Internet.


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DonkeyRyan on 05/09/2011 2:03 pm

I think you're improving! Just about 15-20 more videos and you'll be awesome.

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Julio on 05/09/2011 6:17 pm

I wonder how she would do singing Primal Scream.

Kudos to you, Re!

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mburbank on 05/10/2011 11:39 am

Good lord, that was wonderful! Re, your facial expressions are hypnotic, and your voice is unique. I honestly think the two of you are on to something here. All you need is a sound engineer to even things out, but just a tiny bit, because the rawness of it is at makes it work so well.

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Hangie on 05/10/2011 7:37 pm

The Next Sid and Nancy

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Billy Chapman’s Friend on 05/11/2011 12:17 pm

I think we found Gordon Gano's replacement!

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Billy Chapman’s Friend on 05/11/2011 1:57 pm

Hi ROG & RE, I have been thinking about the song over my lunch-hour (which was well done), and I am wondering if you may want to attempt the theme song for "Pee-Wee's Playhouse"? RE's voice reminds me of Cyndi Lauper's voice, who originally sang the the theme song. I also know that you guys are fans... Just a thought. Please show mercy on me if you think tis is a bad idea.

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MeowMixMaster on 05/11/2011 3:59 pm

ALLRIGHT! Nice to show some love for the Violent Femms Re! So how about you and RoG singing The Ship Song by Concrete Blonde? That would be a perfect choice since it's obvious you really get into the tunes with your facial expressions. Plus RoG jams pretty well on the guitar in the background so just a thought.

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Colonel Flagg on 05/11/2011 9:24 pm

I like it. A lot.

It wouldn't transfer well to audio only, though, in my opinion. You really need the visuals for the full effect.

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lifeguardoflove on 05/12/2011 12:20 pm

My two-year-old just stripped and began jiving mid-song, then started to blow raspberries. Does Re often have this effect on small children?

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-RoG- on 05/12/2011 5:45 pm

In regards to the song suggestions, I like 'em but it's entirely up to Re what she wants to sing and when she wants to sing it. If she feels like recording a new song, I'm more than happy to do it!

lifeguardoflove - Wanna know what's really scary? Rumor has it that her incredible vocal performances have the exact same effect on adults.

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DaJoker on 05/13/2011 1:43 am

Great choice Re. Second best Femmes song of all time Add it up being number one.

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bountyhunterseven on 05/14/2011 10:26 am

bravo...speechless i am without speech....

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