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Today We Must Discuss This Glass Of… Orange Juice?

From the makers of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, we proudly introduce I Can't Believe It's Not Orange Juice!

Whenever I'm on the road, I always love it when a hotel offers a complimentary breakfast with a room. Wait, did I say always? I meant to say, almost always. You see, sometimes the complimentary breakfast isn't so complimentary to my pallet or to my stomach. The above glass of liquid was from a recent stay at a hotel which proudly displayed a "100% Natural Florida Orange Juice" sign above the dispenser. Everybody in the dining room was staring at their glasses of juice with perplexed looks on their faces. I heard one old guy nervously say, "I think it's juice," to which his wife responded, "Please don't drink that."

I should also note that the liquid smelled almost soap-like, but that may have simply been because they didn't rinse the glasses thoroughly. Either way, I opted not to drink it.

So yes, today we discuss the aforementioned glass of what the hotel claimed to be orange juice. Also, feel free to share any of your own horrific complimentary breakfast stories from past hotel stays. From foiled Belgian waffle making attempts to scrambled eggs that appeared to be from another planet, we've all had at least one bad free breakfast experience.



Proof That He-Man And Prince Adam Are Two Completely Different People!

I grew up thinking that He-Man and Prince Adam were the same person. Once Adam whipped out the power sword and said that magical line, "By the power of Greyskull... I have the power!", he would transform into He-Man. End of story story, right? Granted, I never understood how he ever reverted back to being plain old Adam after dispatching Skeletor and his minors (or why he would bother reverting back for that matter), but it was always understood that they were the same person.

That all changed recently when I took a closer look at one of my all-time favorite Masters of the Universe promotional posters:

The greatest He-Man and the Masters of the Universe poster ever? I think so. Well done, William George.
[click to enlarge]

Badass, isn't it? It was beautifully hand-painted imagery of enormous battles like this which caused us kids to have such rabid fanaticism about the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline back in the eighties. We wanted to recreate those poster scenes with our own action figures more than anything. Sure, scenes like these raised many questions... questions such as, "Why the hell are Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain literally situated right next door to each other?", "Why did nobody opt to ride on the Road Ripper?", "Who is the mysterious character piloting the Wind Raider", "Was Stratos accidentally knocked off the path by the Dragon Walker?" and "Where the hell is Mekaneck going?" And the only way we were going to get answers to those questions was to recreate the scenes using the toys and act them out with our own imaginations.

But a new question has risen from this old poster... a question far more important than all the other ones combined. The question is simple: Are He-Man and Prince Adam the same person or not? Well my friends, this particular poster shows us beyond the shadow of a doubt that He-Man and Prince Adam are two completely different people. Take a closer look:

Undeniable proof that He-Man and Prince Adam are NOT the same person!

See??? We've been lied to, folks. All these years, I thought they were the same person, but it turns out Prince Adam and He-Man are two totally different beings. At best, I'd say the two of them were twins... one of whom spends a lot of time in tanning booths. And no, this isn't the only occurrence of the two appearing in the same battle together. Here's a shot from another MOTU poster:

Thunder Punch He-Man and Prince Adam - again, not the same person.

Okay, are you ready to really have your mind blown? Not only are He-Man and Prince Adam different people, but He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man are apparently different people as well! LOOK!

Even He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man are different people!

I understand if you are unable to drop a comment below in the blog... but please try your best so I can read your thoughts on this deception. It's pretty difficult to type after your head explodes, isn't it?