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Yeah, That Exists - Episode 1: Lazer Blazers Holographic Stickers!

I've been working for a while trying to get this new lil' Youtube series off the ground, and I've finally finished the first episode. The show is called "Yeah, That Exists" and the premise is simple - in each episode I'll showcase something odd and/or interesting I've found in my many rummages through yard sales, flea markets, and online auctions. Sometimes it'll be about things you completely forgot about, other times it'll be about things you never even knew existed. Either way, I hope you like what you see as I've put a lot of work into it and I'm fairly new to the whole Youtube thing. Here's the premiere episode in which I take a look at some awesome Lazer Blazers 3-D holographic stickers:

[click here for high quality video]

I highly recommend watching it on Youtube in higher quality rather than scrunched down here in the blog. So what'd ya think? Hope you enjoyed it, cuz I'm looking forward to filming more of these in the near future. Don't forget to drop a comment on the actual Youtube video page if you'd like to be entered for a chance to win a vintage set of Gremlins Lazer Blazers stickers from the 80s.

Thanks for watching, chums!



joeyferris (Guest) on 06/04/2012 4:43 pm

Totally Had the Skeletor ones as a kid. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to more.


J (Guest) on 06/04/2012 6:26 pm


the best stickers were, hands down, any of the Garbage Pail Kids. keep up the great work! Yeah That Exists is awesome!


ColdFusion (Guest) on 06/04/2012 8:01 pm

Glad to see a great new feature. Sure to become an I-Mockery staple.
I had no idea people were collecting stickers in books, that's totally cool. I collected random strange things inside old cigar boxes or whatever I could find that seemed cool to hold things.. and I'd always adorn those with stickers. The best ones were weird ones I just found lying around, stuck to walls (but not so strongly that I couldn't peel em and take em home, stuck to the underside of my watch for safekeeping)
Or stickers meant to go on toys where there's no way they're gonna stay stuck..

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Tacobot on 06/05/2012 12:56 am

Great job -RoG- i think i've said this before but your vast knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for retro stuff is fantastic and i cant wait see whats next!

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Kenji on 06/05/2012 8:45 am

So nice to finally see you back!
Insta-subscribed to your YouTube channel.


Jeffa (Guest) on 06/05/2012 1:57 pm

Fun clip! I'm old school; Wacky Packages from the early 1970's were my thing.

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Thanos on 06/06/2012 9:29 am

I wonder if you can use Lazer Blazers as shields against the Laser Cats.


Prissilla1984 (Guest) on 06/07/2012 5:05 pm

I always liked the scratch and sniff and the poofy stickers.


RADIX (Guest) on 06/08/2012 5:49 am

Entertaining first episode, sir; I wonder what else'll be showcased down the line. :)

While I had come across many sticker sets as a little kid, I don't think any of them were holographic. Kinda wish they'd bring that back, if holograms did indeed fall to the wayside like I'm assuming.

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saturnknight on 06/10/2012 10:01 pm

for me it was the old school Garbage Pail Kids, and Wacky Packages cards.... my brother and I spent so much allowance on those cards, and on occasion I still pick up a pack for the nostalgia

(gotta love a store called the freak lunchbox)


dr.bombay (Guest) on 06/12/2012 2:49 am

Hey Rog, how about that downloadable version of Abobo?

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