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I-Mockery At The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con July 11th - 15th! Come See Us At Booth #E10!

This could be you! Dinosaurs Attack Comic-Con!
You too could be mauled by a dinosaur at Comic-Con!

It's time once again to unleash Abobo (and I-Mockery) upon hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting attendees at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. This will be I-Mockery's fourth time as an exhibitor and we're gonna have more new stuff at our booth than ever before! Be sure to pay us a visit if you're coming to Comic-Con as we'll be at (Booth #E10 - near Aisles 600 & 700 on the West side of the convention center - here's a map). This year we'll have the following goodies on hand:

-For the first time ever, the completed, full version of our Abobo's Big Adventure game (including a special 2-player battle mode) will be available to play for free on a custom Abobo arcade cabinet! We'll have all the levels unlocked, so you can use the level-select screen and play any one you like!

-Exclusive, limited edition "brutal blue" and "ragey red" Abobo's Big Adventure t-shirts with all original artwork. (Big thanks to Jeff Bandelin for the awesome design!)

-Free Abobo masks for anybody who purchases a t-shirt! (while supplies last)

-A giant Abobo waiting to pose with you for a very special photo opportunity (aka: your face getting caved in by his angry fist).

-A brand new surprise "glow-in-the-dark" I-Mockery t-shirt that will be unveiled for the first time ever at Comic-Con!

-The unveiling of our new 8-bit spring-themed pixel poster which will soon be appearing in the Crazy4Cult art show. This will be the first time anybody will see the completed pox-tastic "Four Seasons of Pixels" series together! These four posters will make your eyes bleed pixelated rainbows of joy.

-I-Mockery Button Packs!

-I-Mockery Magnets & Stickers!

-PickleMan comic books! Protoclown's comic books! Strangepuppets comic books!

-Free ultra-gory "Dinosaur's Attack" vintage trading card packs from the eighties with every purchase! (this site is old as a dinosaur, so why not?)

-Free stickers for people who manage to defeat one of the big bosses in our Abobo game!

-All new videos from my Youtube channel and more!

Come see me perform in a special LIVE performance of the Tournament of Nerds at Comic-Con!

In addition to all the Comic-Con booth fun, I'll be performing in a free, LIVE Tournament of Nerds show that the Nerdist is putting on. The show will be Saturday, July 14th at 7:30PM, located at the YouTube Fan Lounge, 315 7th Avenue San Diego 92101. Myself, Maddox, and other funny nerds will all be in the show along with some special guest judges, so don't miss out on it. Speaking of which, if you haven't seen Tournament of Nerds online already, be sure to watch and Vote for The Goonies in my first debate! The Goonies need your votes to save the goondocks!

I-Mockery will be landing at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con this July! Hope you'll be showing up too!

As always, we had an absolute blast last year, so I can't wait to head on down to the convention and get started. It's too much fun meeting longtime fans of the site along with all the new ones. We've put a ton of work and cash into making this happen once again this year, and it's all because want to celebrate the 14+ years this site has been online with the fans that have kept us going! So, if you're going to be at the Comic-Con, be sure to stop by I-Mockery Productions Booth #E10 - near Aisles 600 & 700! (here's a map to our booth)

Myself, Re, and Nick (programmer of the Abobo game) will all be there at the table again this year. And yes, to those of you who've asked, we'll be more than happy to sign anything you buy (or any other weird things you bring to the convention for us to sign). We'll even sign your face if you remember to bring it with you.

For those of you who can't come, we're sorry you're gonna miss it, but rest assured we'll still do our best to take as many photos of the convention as possible like we do for you every year. Obviously, we're gonna be super-busy with the booth, so getting time away from it to take pictures is always tricky. Once I'm back in town from Comic-Con, I'll try to post up all those photos as quickly as possible. I'll also try to update the I-Mockery blog and Facebook page with some photos each day if time permits.

Again, for those of you who've never been, I feel I need to once again remind you of a very important fact: despite the misleading name, the Comic-Con has MUCH more than just comic books. True, if you're a fan of comic books, you'll be in heaven, but if you're not that into 'em, there's still PLENTY for you to do. Over the years, the convention has basically become a mega-media event. The convention center is chock full o' the latest video games for you to test out, tons of movie promotions, toys galore, incredible costumes, and some truly amazing artists as well. If anything, comics have taken a backseat to all the other crazy things going on at the convention. So yeah, the name is really misleading to some people, and that's unfortunate because they have no idea what they're missing out on.

Can you handle the awesome power of Abobo? You'll have your chance to prove it at I-Mockery's Comic-Con booth!

Be sure to keep an eye on the I-Mockery Facebook and I-Mockery Twitter pages throughout the week. I'm gonna be super busy, but I'll do my best to update them from Comic-Con whenever I have a chance.

Alright, that's all for now. Wish us luck, cuz this is gonna be one hell of an insane week... again!

If you want to relive the Comic-Cons of yesteryear, here's a look at just some of our huge photo galleries: [2011] [2010] [2009] [2008] [2007] [2006] [2005]


User avatar

Max Fightmaster on 07/11/2012 3:30 pm

Shame I don't live in CA, otherwise I'd totally show up at your booth and stay there for hours.

Also sad I'll miss out on the chance to beat an Abobo boss. Give me the spread gun against Kirby and I'll mow his ass down in no time flat.

User avatar

Tacobot on 07/11/2012 4:57 pm

I cant wait to come and bug you and buy stuff and WooHoo and comic con and and and see ya soon :)

User avatar

blood_panther on 07/13/2012 9:25 pm

cant wait to see that last pixel poster. any idea when they'll be for sale online?

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