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Yeah, That Exists - Episode 4: The Angels Flight Railway!

The latest episode in my "Yeah, That Exists" video series is now online. In this episode, I take a trip on Angels Flight - the shortest railway in the world - and then challenge it to a man vs. machine contest. Please check it out and drop a comment on Youtube to let me know whatcha think:

[click here for high quality video]

As always, thanks to all of you who continue to check out and help spread the word about my new Youtube channel. Every bit helps, so please keep telling your friends about it and be sure to subscribe so you can be notified of all future updates.


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nirvana_infinity on 08/09/2012 7:16 pm

Ok, the car doesn't even look like it's wheelchair-friendly. So the only point of its existence is... 100% pure American laziness? USA! USA! USA!

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That Other Guy on 08/11/2012 3:06 pm

You learned how to beat a train from that Bruce Campbell book, didn't you?

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