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The Artwork For “Halloween III: Season Of The Witch” Collector’s Edition Is Awesome.

I'm sure you know that Halloween III: Season of the Witch is one of my all-time favorite horror films for a variety of reasons, but up until now, it has never received a release that would make you think they cared about it. That all changed when I saw Shout Factory's (or as they call themselves on Halloween, "Scream Factory") artwork for the new "Collector's Edition" Blu-ray & DVD coming out this month. Check this out:

The Halloween III: Season of the Witch Collector's Edition Blu-ray poster art!
[click to view larger pic]

Does that not absolutely embrace everything that's awesome about the movie? Look how Conal Cochran is hovering above everyone, acting like the evil puppet master that he is, preparing to play the ultimate trick on the children of Halloween while his robots wait silently below. Fantastic. I also love how they made it looked like an aged, folded promo poster, as if it came straight out of an old VHS rental store back in the eighties. I'm sure they still have to go through some "final processing" before they can release these Silver Shamrock approved discs, but I simply can't wait to get my hands on 'em. I'm sure they'll have a time getting it here.

They have some other great looking releases too, including Halloween II, The Funhouse, They Live, and The Island among others. Take a look:

Scream Factory's 2012 Halloween season horror movie releases!

It's nice to see these seemingly unappreciated movies getting the love that's been due for decades, so kudos to Scream Factory for making it happen and to Nathan Thomas Milliner for a job well done on the artwork. I've also heard that they're working on releasing a collector's edition of Phantasm II, so let's hope it happens, cuz we can all agree that one is loooooong overdue. Boyyyy!

Are there any horror flicks finally coming out on DVD that you're excited about or any that you're still waiting to see get a proper release? If so, lemme know!


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Ex Leper on 09/14/2012 1:26 pm

It's a good thing I started my horror collection recently, everything is getting new and great blu-ray releases.

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ryot on 09/14/2012 3:24 pm

Zombie would be cool. Gotta see the shark vs. zombie in blu ray!!!! BEST FIGHT SEEN EVA!

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daff3w on 09/14/2012 5:53 pm

to bad i don't have a blue ray dvd player or i would pick that up

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-RoG- on 09/14/2012 6:29 pm

Ex Leper - Yeah, all kinds of good stuff being released, with more on the way. Definitely a good time to build up a nice collection.

ryot - I'm surprised to hear Zombie isn't out yet, but it's bound to happen sooner or later. And yeah, you just can't go wrong with Zombie vs. Shark!

daff3w - As I said in the post, it's coming out on DVD as well with the exact same awesome cover art, so no worries if you don't have Blu-ray.

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Ex Leper on 09/14/2012 8:37 pm

ryot- Zombie is in Blu-ray

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daff3w on 09/14/2012 8:56 pm

sorry about that rog i must of skip over that part

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ryot on 09/15/2012 12:57 am

ex leper - well it is. damn. I'm losin focus. But another classic would be..."Prince of Darkness".

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nirvana_infinity on 09/15/2012 3:08 am

I love/hate Halloween III in so many ways. It's been a mandatory Halloween must-watch ritual for me for over a decade now. I'm glad the new cover art finally captures Tom Atkins in all his glory. I only wish my beat-up pawn shop PS3 hadn't pissed out on it's ability to play blu-ray again. But I may pick this up anyway, just in case. 46 more days 'til Halloween, Silver Shamrock....

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Ex Leper on 09/15/2012 5:23 pm

Just ordered II & III plus a DVD of all of Roseanne's Halloween episodes


Daniel (Guest) on 09/16/2012 12:33 am

Got my pre-order in.

Not only are the covers cool but they are also reversible to you can have the equally cool old VHS box art as well.

Everyone should support Shout Factory. These guys are putting a ton of effort into little cult films that very few people care about. They are the anti-Echo Bridge.

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dextire on 09/16/2012 4:01 pm

Really excellent artwork!
Now if we can just get Ghost Town and Demon Wind at least released on DVD I'll be happy.

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MarioRPG on 09/16/2012 9:04 pm

This really makes the movie look pretty badass. If only they had the Silver Shamrock song play when you opened the case...

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sewnupsmile on 09/17/2012 9:50 am

This movie rules, & deserves the Awesome cover that has so graciously been bestowed upon it. I've never gotten how anyone can hate on it just because it doesn't have Mr. Myers in it? Personally, I'd like to see Nightbreed The Cabal Cut released this way..but I think that's in the works?

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Ex Leper on 09/20/2012 12:01 am

I heard Terrorvision is a future title.


James (Guest) on 09/20/2012 5:51 pm

I liked HIII, despite the "Waaaah, it's not Michael Myers!" group. Once you understand what the Halloween series was supposed to be, you might like it a little more too. (And though it was unpopular in the movies, I wonder if a Halloween TV series with the same original idea for the movies would have worked?)


James (Guest) on 09/20/2012 5:52 pm

Plus you gotta love the Silver Shamrock jingle.

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nirvana_infinity on 09/21/2012 12:36 am

I really liked the idea of a different movie every year, but I guess with Halloween II being a continuation of the first, people were expecting III to be a part of the same storyline. It did have that tiny reference to the original, which makes me wonder if the intended outcome might have been like a multi-film version of Trick R Treat, where stories intertwine a bit. That would have been cool.


Justine Headley (Guest) on 09/22/2012 1:48 am

Great movie though I did feel the absence of Michael Myers at places.

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SPINAL on 09/28/2012 8:29 am

Terror Train! T'was the first horror movie I ever saw. Watched it when I was a youngster and it scarred me for life. That's why Im on IM now.

Staff should do a mock of it!

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