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Freddy’s Bubble Gum! A Topps Nightmare On Elm Street Candy Circa 1988!

Freddy's Bubble Gum! Topps 'A Nightmare on Elm Street
[click for larger photo]

How sweet... fresh meat stale bubble gum! I recently stumbled on these three containers of "Freddy's Bubble Gum", produced by the Topps company in 1988, and simply had to have 'em. First off, I have no idea how these things went under my radar during the height of my A Nightmare on Elm Street fanaticism back in the late eighties. Who wouldn't want bubble gum that's officially endorsed by the Springwood Slasher himself?

There were six different containers, each with a new photo of Freddy and some quote related to him. Here are the random quotes that could be found on the pictures:


Those are some quality quips right there, folks. Bazooka Joe would be totally jealous of those one-liners. But what about the gum? What horrors would lurk within?

Freddy's Bubble Gum sure doesn't look like anything made out of nightmares.

While they came in push-up pop shaped containers, the gum itself is more akin to tiny size Chiclets, though they're slightly larger. It's a bit disappointing that the gum pieces aren't shaped like Freddy's infamous glove or anything remotely cool like that. I'd even settle for pieces shaped after his sweater or fedora hat. These aren't even remotely scary and the pastel colors make me think of Easter, not some of my favorite horror movies. Bubble gum aside, these are still fun little collector cases and hopefully I can track down the remaining ones to complete my collection some day. I'm sure it'll happen... it's not like there's a huge market out there for obscure Freddy Krueger bubble gum containers, so they're never gonna cost that much.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the display box for Freddy's Bubble Gum looked like, I tracked down one avid Elm Street collector who took a photo of it complete with all the containers:

Freddy's Bubble Gum display box. Welcome to Wonderland, Alice!

Gotta love how Freddy's pictured on the box, just chowing down on the tiny pieces of gum as if each one was a tortured soul from his many teenage victims. The gum itself may not be amazing, but I think we can all agree that more horror icons deserve their own lines of bubble gum. Come on candy companies... pay the licensing fees and make it happen!

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User avatar

Ex Leper on 10/27/2012 2:42 pm

All I have Freddy wise is the Matchbox talking doll. I need to improve my collection.

User avatar

HowardC on 10/27/2012 6:13 pm

I still say that they need to open up a chain of
"Leatherface's old-fashioned Texas BBQ" restaurants.

(NOTE: May contain up to 10% human)

User avatar

-RoG- on 10/27/2012 6:57 pm

Sounds good to me, HowardC, but only if they agree to also serve Jason Voorhees hockey mask burgers like this one Grislygus made for me:


ColdFusion (Guest) on 10/27/2012 7:44 pm

I would chew the hell out of some Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock gum.. something in a real classy tin with some darkly humorous premise under each lid.
some dark green Big League Chew would do well as "Black Lagoon Moss" or something too, we're well past due for a new version of that.
Alien Licorice seems like a more than obvious choice, but I guess people don't like black licorice much. Maybe reflavor it blackberry and fill the hollow inside with 'acid blood' sour goo.

User avatar

HowardC on 10/28/2012 3:25 am

BAH! Forum ate my post!

Coldfusion: Great ideas, big league chew actually used to do that! They still do only with different characters.

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