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The Return Of I-Mockery’s Halloween Club Pack! Our Best One Ever!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaack. I'm happy to announce that just as we recently saw the glorious return of the Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy monster cereals, October 1st marks the return of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! Those of you who've been with I-Mockery for years probably recall some of the extremely limited club packs that were up for sale on the site. Well, this new pack is better than ever, because I'm loading it up with so many goodies that the mere sight of it is sure to kick your Halloween season directly in the nards. Behold!

The Return of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

As you can see, I've filled this special Halloween pack with a little something for everyone. For starters, you all know I'm a big fan of bootleg and oddball novelty items, and I recently struck gold... er... black. Yes indeed, I found some jet-black Freddy Krueger gloves!

Straight out of A Nightmare on Elm Street, it's the blackest black Freddy Krueger glove you'll ever find!

Freddy's glove is normally a variety of brown colors combined with the silver blades on his fingers. That's not the case with this rip-off "Nightmare Glove". These are completely black; the glove, the hinges, the razors... everything is black. It's the kind of blackest black that would even impress the likes of Spinal Tap. Needless to say, I bought up every single one I could find so I could get them to you this Halloween season. But that's only the beginning.

Classic Topps trading card wax packs! Gremlins II, Ghostbusters II, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Dinosaurs Attack! Just don't eat the gum.

Each order also contains not one but FOUR vintage trading card / sticker wax packs! You'll get one pack of Nightmare on Elm Street stickers, one pack of Gremlins II cards and stickers, one pack of Ghostbusters II cards and stickers, and one pack of my all-time favorite Dinosaurs Attack cards. That's a hefty handful of horror-themed cards and stickers for you to collect... just do yourself a favor and don't eat the gum since it's over 20 years old! As an added bonus, I'll even be throwing in the original Elm Street sticker book into five random club packs for some lucky people to snag!

Signed Witch Illustrations by Marie Barr of!

I'm also including a brand new Count Pop vinyl sticker made exclusively for this Halloween Club Pack. Now you'll be able to show the world that you are one of the Popster's pals! You'll find one of the classic I-Mockery shiny stickers in each pack as well. It'll make you happy and it also works as a makeshift portable funhouse mirror.

Signed Witch Illustrations by Marie Barr of!

Marie Barr (Re) also printed a set of four custom witch illustrations that you're gonna love. One witch has a skeleton friend, one has a frog and fall leaves, one has a black cat and a pumpkin, and one has a cauldron filled with bubbling purple potions. You'll get one of her signed full-color witch print cards with every club pack order.

I'm also including a variety of random Halloween trinkets, toys, and treats in every pack. You'll find everything from vampire Fruit Roll-Ups, Juicy Oozers werewolves, and bleeding eyeball marshmallow treats to sticky jack-o-lanterns, wacky wall-walker skeletons, and little Cousin It toys. One of our readers, Devin Connors, even pitched in by making some truly awesome Tales from the Crypt magnets from the old 1993 trading card set (pictured in the first photo of this post), so you can expect to find one in each pack too. There will be other little surprises included with every order too, so as you can see, you're really getting a whole bunch o' Halloween fun mailed to your doorstep this season.

Introducing the Ultimate Retro Halloween Party Pixel Poster! Now available on!
[click here to see the full-sized photo!]

To top it all off, I'm including our 8-bit Halloween pixel poster with every pack. This is a full-color 34" x 13.5" poster with over 150 hand-drawn horror characters on it! Trust me when I say you'll find yourself staring at this print for ages, always discovering new characters hidden on it. If you don't have the poster already, this is a great way to pick it up along with a bunch of other seasonal goodies in time for Halloween. If you do have it, well you can always spread the Halloween fun around by giving it to a chum. And as always, I'm happy to sign the poster (or anything) for you, so just include a note with your payment if you'd like me to do so.

I spent a lot of time running around putting together all the supplies for these Halloween packs, and I'm really excited for you to get 'em in your hands. Note that the packs are limited in quantity. Once they sell out, I won't be reproducing them again, so get 'em while you can!

Please keep in mind, you're not only getting a club pack filled with loads of Halloween fun, you're also helping support all the time and work put into I-Mockery. Halloween season is easily the most important time of the year for me. It's also the most expensive time of the year for me, what with all the traveling and purchases I make for reviews on this site, so your support really helps offset those costs.

The Halloween club packs are $25 a pop for anybody in the continental United States, and yes, that price does include shipping. If you're ready to order, click the button below:

Sorry! The Halloween Club Pack sold out in less than 5 hours! Better luck next time!

If you live outside of the U.S., I still want to make these packs available to you since everybody should get to enjoy Halloween. That said, it costs a lot more to ship packages like this out of the country and shipping times can be a bit unpredictable, so if you want one, drop me an email with your request and address and I'll try to find out how much the extra shipping charges would cost.

Alrighty, that about does it. I hope you have as much fun with these club packs as I had putting them together, because I really wanted to give you Halloween in a box. Thanks in advance to all of you who help support I-Mockery and all the work I do every Halloween season by ordering one!

UPDATE: Egads! ALL of the Halloween Club Packs sold out in less than a day! Thanks so much for the support everyone, it really means a lot to me and I hope the packs make this awesome Halloween season even better for those of you who snagged one in time!


User avatar

Ex Leper on 10/01/2013 12:52 pm

Glad I could help donate to the packs. - Devin

User avatar

The Ice King on 10/01/2013 12:54 pm

Just orders one. I'm hell bent on supporting the Halloween cause this year. Plus I love random candies.


Zombie (Guest) on 10/01/2013 12:58 pm



ColdFusion (Guest) on 10/01/2013 2:00 pm

That's a heck of a deal!


blood_panther (Guest) on 10/01/2013 2:02 pm

just ordered mine.....Have you ordered yours?

User avatar

Mister Tea on 10/01/2013 3:59 pm

Rog, I gotta give it to ya; you're a better salesman than Ron Popeil. I just ordered one for myself.

User avatar

dextire on 10/01/2013 6:30 pm

"...don't eat the gum since it's over 20 years old!"
Everyone should heed this warning, but no one ever will.

Man, that's a lot of Halloween goodness for quite an amazing price. Uh, you are making some sort of profit on these right, Rog? :)

User avatar

-RoG- on 10/01/2013 7:17 pm

Thanks so much everybody! I can't believe how quickly these packs are selling out. Really nice of everybody to show their support!

Ex Leper - You certainly did. Awesome job on the Tales From The Crypt magnets. Thanks again!

Mister Tea - I'd buy that for a dollar! (or twenty)

dextire - Haha, I honestly thought about charging $25 for them since it would make more sense to do so, but I wanted to keep the costs really low. I'll still make some profit on them, even after PayPal's high fees, which will help offset all the money I spend during our Two Months of Halloween. But yeah... it's more about just giving people some extra hand-picked Halloween fun from yours truly.

User avatar

dangrr on 10/01/2013 7:52 pm

Much appreciated Rog, can't wait for Halloween


The Dragon (Guest) on 10/02/2013 7:18 am

Dang it, I was at work. Would of loved one of these.

User avatar

Mister Tea on 10/02/2013 10:49 am

And a Robocop reference as lagniappe? Rog, you're spoilin' me!

Question, though: Do you receive our shipping info from Paypal, or will I need to contact you personally with that?

User avatar

-RoG- on 10/02/2013 12:27 pm

dangrr - It's Halloween all month on here, for October has only just begun!

The Dragon - Sorry you couldn't get in on it. I made a lot of these Halloween ones to give everybody a fair chance. I'll try to make more packs in the future.

Mister Tea - I should have the shipping info from PayPal. If there's a question, I'll contact you at your PayPal email address, so no need to worry. Thanks for ordering one!

User avatar

Mister Tea on 10/02/2013 1:18 pm

Actually, there might be. PayPal listed my Connecticut address as my "home," but I haven't lived there since 2009. I just updated it, but I'll go ahead and contact you personally with the correct address just in case you already got the wrong one from them.


Caffeinated Joe (Guest) on 10/02/2013 4:52 pm

Congrats on selling them all out!


Chainerman (Guest) on 10/03/2013 7:18 am

I felt a terrible hollow sensation in my chest as I scrolled down to see that they were already sold out. A terrible emptiness that will likely need unreasonable amounts of candy to fill. Ah well.

Congrats to all who managed to get one, you lucky so-and-sos!

User avatar

TheDiddler on 10/03/2013 8:42 am

I'm always late on everything.

This is the worst feeling.


Travis (Guest) on 10/05/2013 2:31 am

Er it would nice if EVERYONE got one :/

User avatar

captain516 on 10/05/2013 5:18 pm

Those witch stickers or whatever looked cute :/


rob (Guest) on 10/08/2013 3:16 am

I'll give you a dollar if you do a second run of these. I wanted one so bad when i was reading everything that was in it. but they were already sold out.

User avatar

-RoG- on 10/08/2013 2:25 pm

Again, I made a lot of these sets and told people about them in advance, so I'm sorry if any of you still missed out on them. If I can get more made, I'll definitely post about them here, but it's very unlikely given how late it is during the season now and I still have to finish shipping out all the sets that already sold. I'll do my best to get some mini-versions of the packs together.

captain516 - Well you're in luck, because the full set of all four witch illustration prints are actually still available online here:

User avatar

spookyboots on 10/19/2013 3:51 am

I got my Halloween Club Pack in the mail today and I could not be more happy! It was so much fun going through and finding all of the fun little treats in the box. It really did bolster my holiday spirit. I started the month with a ton, buying way more Halloween decorations than I have in the past, eating candy corn oreos/pumpkin cookies/little Debbie pumpkin shaped brownies and drinking Halloween Jones Soday/Ghoul Aid almost daily. But work and school have been kicking my ass and the spirit has been taking a beating with that. It was a great way to finish a terrible week and I know it will only get better! I have been wanting one of the Halloween pixel posters since release. It's so much fun to see so many things that I love together on one item. There are only a few items I cannot identify, will have to show it off and see if any friends can identify them.
Thank you -RoG- I hope you have a terrific Halloween!

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