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Friday The 13th Strikes Thanksgiving!

Friday the 13th in November means Jason Voorhees calls dibs on carving the turkey!
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I mean, come on... like there was any way I wasn't going to make a drawing of Jason Voorhees about to carve a Thanksgiving turkey with his machete? We're being treated to a Friday the 13th that takes place in November, so I'm not gonna pass up a perfect opportunity like that, and neither should you. Halloween may be over, but this is a great excuse to watch some of the classic Friday the 13th horror flicks before Thanksgiving and Christmas truly take over everything on TV. And speaking of which, here's a handful of my Friday the 13th articles from over the years for you to read as part of your celebrations today:

-Camp Crystal Lake Young Adult Novels: The Carnival
-The Friday the 13th movie debate: Which is the best?
-Jason's 10 Best Kills
-The Cheap Ass Jason X Costume
-8-bit NES Jason's Disco Dance
-An in-depth look at Jason Takes Manhattan
-Friday the 13th: The Series
-Horror Movie Paperback Covers
-Horror Movie Moments: Friday the 13th Part VII

While we're on the subject, if Jason Voorhees could be in new holiday-themed F13th horror movie, which holiday would you choose? Killing Christmas carolers? Attacking the Easter Bunny? Share your dream holiday massacre movies starring Jason in the comments below!

Happy Friday the 13th!


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Starkzilla on 11/14/2015 12:56 am

I'd love to see Jason celebrating Leif Erikson Day. Can you imagine him going up against Norse reenactors or something the way he went boat crazy in part 8?


ChamCrowder (Guest) on 11/14/2015 4:29 pm

Friday the 13th: Hanukkah Homicide. Three words: Flaming Menorah Death!


HowardC (Guest) on 11/15/2015 1:50 am

Arbor Day... because nobody suspects Arbor Day.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 11/16/2015 5:52 pm

Guy Fawkes day. Jason paints a Guy Fawkes mask over his regular mask and goes around murdering royalty.
Then he shows up at Diwali and murders people with fireworks, while still wearing his Guy Fawkes mask.

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Thanos on 11/19/2015 7:31 pm

Jason Takes Presidents' Day!

An evil fascist from the future casts a spell on Jason Voorhees, hoping to destroy America. Sending Jason back in time, he systematically begins to eliminate each and every American President. Can a rag-tag band of patriots yanked from multiple eras stop the monstrous killing machine before it's too late?

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Joel3K on 11/26/2015 11:56 pm


Starts off like the fake trailer in Grindhouse, then Jason sets his sights on a dysfunctional family get-together of a seemingly ordinary suburban denizen (an autobiographical Jodie Foster). Little does he know that she is actually in the witness protection program after a botched FBI job, and that she has an old therapist she can call for a favor...


Magitek111 (Guest) on 11/30/2015 6:32 pm

By the way, did you hear about the Friday the 13th video game that got crowdfunded? It seems neat.

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