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My First Article For Blumhouse!

Blumhouse - Reasons Why You Should Love Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. - by Roger Barr

So, I've just started doing some articles for Blumhouse, which is a real treat for me, as I've always been a fan of their work. My first piece just went live and it's all about reasons why I think everyone should love Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. I had a lot of fun writing this piece and have more on the way, so I hope you enjoy it. Lemme know what you think, and feel free to share your favorite things about Part V in the comments section below. As always, thanks for reading!


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Lostmayhem on 01/26/2016 11:59 pm

I actually love this movie the whole copy cat jason was a good spin. What a tweest! Me and my girlfriend make sure to watch it almost every friday the 13th. We always sing the "oh baby hey baby" that demon sings to anita. Nobody gets it but who cares. Time to go get some pizza or an eggroll or a taco no an enchilada

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-RoG- on 01/27/2016 2:45 pm

Lostmayhem - Yeah, Demon singing romantically on the toilet is so hilariously random. Especially since, you know... his name is DEMON.


The Sewer Den (Guest) on 01/29/2016 8:32 am


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-RoG- on 01/31/2016 10:40 pm

The Sewer Den - Thanks, chum!


Torashu (Guest) on 02/04/2016 12:53 pm

Fantastic article. :)


Meat Grinder Mike (Guest) on 02/17/2016 2:31 pm

You low lighted hill billy!

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