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Yeah, That Exists - Episode 6: Revealing The Face Of Dr. Claw!

It's been a while since I shot a new episode of Yeah, That Exists, so I figured it was high time I do a new one, and I think I found the perfect subject matter. If you were ever a fan of the classic Inspector Gadget cartoons on Nickelodeon, you're well aware that they kept the face of Dr. Claw hidden for the entire run of the series. Years later, Tiger Toys produced a line of Inspector Gadget toys, including a surprise action figure that actually revealed the face of Dr. Claw! Check out my newest video to learn all about it, and listen to my impersonation of Dr. Claw himself:

[click here for the high quality video]

Hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for watching! Also, if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can receive notifications for any other new videos I publish. Go-go-gadget channel subscription!

Inspector Gadget action figure! Reveal the face of the mysterious Dr. Claw!



ColdFusion (Guest) on 03/08/2016 4:03 pm

Very nice Frank Welker impression.

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-RoG- on 03/08/2016 5:45 pm

ColdFusion - Haha, thanks man... I love impersonating different character voices, and Dr. Claw was always one of my favorites.


Cody Magnuson (Guest) on 03/09/2016 9:11 am

Hey, Rog just writing to let you know that I used to have all the Inspecor Gadget toys: His "full sized" patrol/police car, Himself, Penny, Brain, and Dr. Claw, really cheap but fun stuff, by the way don't forget how we hit the ground with it. HA! Can't wait to see what other things you will talk about next time! I love it.

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-RoG- on 03/10/2016 11:54 am

Cody - Yeah, they had some really fun Inspector Gadget toys. Inspector Gadget's Gadgetmobile was great, and I always wanted a M.A.D. Mobile too. Thanks for watching the video!

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MarioRPG on 03/12/2016 9:19 am

Very cool of them to release a figure to show his face. Definitely was not what I was expecting either! I sort of had the same idea of you, I always imagined him wearing a mask similar to the logo... Definitely not such an old face though.

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